Yesterday morning a cow and her calf broken out of a neighbors field walked across the road and broke INTO my field. John’s son reported a disturbance over there and when I arrived I was bemused to find I had an extra cow dozing under the trees.

She is an old show cow so my neighbor walked across with her halter and led the cow and calf home.

It rained again in the afternoon- bucketing down. Coming back from the North this time.

These storms are so viscous that I can’t work in them. Wherever I am I just have to hunker down and wait it out.

The cows stand with their rear ends to the wind and rain and wait with stoic patient bovine-ness. Think like a cow.

And later.

I am breaking down my kitchen in preparation for finally putting in a new floor and counter. ( this will take a long time but you have to start something before you can finish it – MY woe before I get to GO). So while I was rearranging I swapped the rubbish arrangement around. Now the big bin is for recycling and the little tiny bin is for landfill rubbish. Why I did not do this years ago I do not know. The recycling was always overflowing. But it makes me think hard about every bit of trash. I don’t trust recycling agencies though but we can only do what we can. If one drinks any kind of beer or wine – which I do – one has to deal with recycling off the property.

The piglets have scorned their fancy creep and made their own – they burrowed into the break out side and have made a little sleeping area between a wall and a big box.

Minds of their own.

I opened the gate for Poppy but she preferred to lie in a puddle close to her brood. The epitome of a hot sow.

What an awful shot.

Hopefully she will take all her babies out into the shade today.

Talk soon.


25 Comments on “MINDS OF THEIR OWN

  1. That old cow knew good grazin’ when she saw it… Poor Poppy, the image of an exhausted Mama taking a quick nap while the babies are down.

  2. That storm sky, so ominous, oh my! Catching up
    on blog visits today and wanted to say hello.

  3. Yes my kitchen could do with a revamp, but I chicken out at the thought of gutting it and the ensuing mess …. Maybe because I don’t have cute piggies to watch in my yard. I have 5 rubbish bags in two wheelie bins, recycling in 4 bags and landfill and non-recyclable in 1. Laura

  4. The clouds look like the “Old Master’s” painted them. Beautiful.
    Peace to all on the farmy.

  5. We did the same thing to our kitchen last summer. New floor and new countertop. It essentially gave us a new kitchen for a small investment. We opted for vinyl plank floors being that I am in constant motion through the kitchen to the carving shop or to the garden.

  6. Oh that is a wee little one! Not much going on here. HOT summer has come.

  7. The baby and mama cow in the boot look like they didn’t want their feet in the mud any longer if they could help it. I hate sudden storms. I watch the weather on my phone by the hour so I know when it’s going to get too hot for me to be out in it. 🙂 We have thunderstorms coming in around 3 p.m. I best get a move on too.

  8. It may not be a glamorous shot of Poppy, but she looks very comfortable. You could charge stray invaders for grazing as if it were a lemonade stand. Good luck with your kitchen renovation. Will you mainly use the bbq for cooking or just work around the chaos? Happy 1st of July for Canada and to our neighbours in the United States, Happy 4th!

  9. Speaking of cows 20 years ago “Cows on Parade” —would appear all over Chicago. All 334 of them. They gave me such a lift! And now a few of them are back on display for only the month of July at the Jane Byrne Park, 180 East Pearson St.

  10. That last shot might not be pretty, but I love it. I can totally relate. It’s hot hot hot over here. The babies on their tight little squeeze are darling.

  11. Hee hee! The piggies in their ‘squeeze box’! That’ll last for a few more pounds and inches! And nothing like a ‘chocolate’ milk bar ala mama! Happy July everyone!

  12. I don’t envy you the kitchen reno. We gutted ours about 9 years ago. I set up a make shift kitchen in the studio using an electric fry pan, microwave and kettle, as well as the barbie outside and there we were for 6 weeks. Our daughter remembers it fondly she tells me, like civilised camping! Love all the photos but that one of the cloud is very broody!

    • I am throwing all the nasty cupboards and drawers out and I hope to get in a stainless steel bench with no drawers no cupboards no bullshit. Just the bench with shelves underneath. And a floor. We have been walking on the sub floor for 10 years. But nothing is ever as easy as it sounds

  13. Oh Wow! It might be a little scary watching those huge storm clouds move in around you but you’re probably so used to them by now that they are just an annoyance when you’re trying to get some work done. Although, being able to see such a big dramatic sky all the time must also be wonderful at times! Not sure if my other comments have even gotten through but I was wondering if you will be selling Poppy along with Molly, since you won’t be breeding pigs anymore. Btw, those current and last piglets you have are pretty damn cute in their own little creep box! 🙂

  14. We have a tiny bin on the kitchen bench for landfill waste which most of our vistors don’t notice, leaving them wondering where to put their rubbish, a big tub for recycling, and a miscellany of tubs for peelings, egg shells, etc for chooks, compost, garden. Putting a stainless steel bench in our kitchen was the best.

  15. I don’t envy you the mess of a kitchen reno. We did it some years ago, ripped the floor out to the joists only to discover the kitchen drain wasn’t – it just went into the sandy soil. I guess 130+ year old houses will always surprise you. We have not had as much rain as you but the frequent rows of thunderstorms do come through with a lot of power – big wind, lots of noise. I’m truly tired of sweeping the debris off my deck.

  16. I saw all the rage about the corn estimates from USDA and kept thinking about how your new tenant was probably going to put in a cover crop because of the rain. If only weather would be directed to do as we want. I hope you get in enough hay this year.
    I hope you have before and afters of your kitchen. I love those kinds of shots. 🙂

  17. That photo of the 4 meandering down the lane is so funny. Piglets with minds of their own could spell trouble. And I love that you are going to have a no bullshit kitchen!!

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