I was out last night with my camera taking shots of fields of wheat stalks.

Poppy and her babies have the inside of the barn to mess about in now. Really this is an attempt to quieten these wild little savages!

They need to get familiar with people. I can’t let them out into the fields until they are calm around me. Or they will bolt right through the electric fences. I have never had such a wild group. It’s working. But to really tame them ( and because I am absent all day) I need to become their only source of food but as this is Poppy’s last litter I am in no hurry to wean them.

TonTon always sits under his cow at milking time. She is such a good girl – Aunty Del.

And such a loyal TonTon. One of the most important things to look for if you are buying a cow is sturdy legs. They are such big heavy animals – and on their feet all day. They need good strong legs and ankles. Aunty has lovely ankles!

Not that I am buying any more cows.

This shot is in the organic corn fields. I walked right through them and did not come out itchy and rashy. I only just realized that this morning. So I guess it is the chemicals on GM corn that caused the allergic reactions. Makes sense I suppose but I had never had the opportunity to do a trial on my skin. Imagine EATING that. Dried Corn and Wheat is not washed you know.

I am so happy to be contributing good clean food to people’s diets.

Last night’s sunset. After a perfect solitary wander about the countryside with my camera. Another fine clear day coming today too.

I will turn another field of hay this morning then John and Son should be able to bale it this evening.

This field will be immediately top sown in alfalfa. My goal is for John and his son to have enough ground in hay that they can sell some next year. Already this year small bales are stupid expensive. And I like hay because the ground stays covered which is great for both the land and the air. And if all else fails we can graze it.

Ok! Time to start a busy weekend!

Have a great day!


39 Comments on “GOOD LEGS

  1. what a lovely walk through the farm. I always learn something from you each time I read your posts.

    • I agree with Beth. Your stories are not only a warm & beguiling glimpse into a well lived life, but there is always something there I didn’t know before. Today your surmise about the GMO corn & that dried corn & wheat are not washed, & noticing a cow’s sturdy legs & ankles. Not that I will be buying any either, ever.

  2. I do like the idea that sturdy legs and ankles are a good thing. My own ankles are sturdy, a source of disappointment all my life. Aunty Del has something to teach us all… Good luck with the hay

  3. It’s good to see the GM gone. The people pushing it are the ones who brought us Agent Orange, DDT and Glyphosates!

  4. Ahh ~ I love seeing the wheat fields ~ makes me remember when my Dad used to harvest wheat ~ I loved that aroma of fresh wheat!! And then we baled straw right away! Oh those were the days!! Poppy and her wild ones ~ too funny!! Good ole TonTon ~ he’s the best ~ I always enjoy seeing pictures of him and Boo!!! Whatever happened to Wai? He’s not at the farm any more? A beautiful capture of last nite’s sunset!!! Have a good one Celi!!

  5. Especially lovely post. We pine for Wai and Ton and Boo. Always. And Tane and the pigs and ducks and chickens and mr flowers all. Tima too. Auntie and Sheila. Who have I missed?

  6. Hi Ceclia 🙂 Tonton is so cute! I love that shot!! Yeah…the GM ANYTHING is scary when you think of it. We are still reliant on some processed crap but we’re slowly going completely organic and hopefully one day self-sufficient. The piggies are adorable and that’s a beautiful sunset!

    • It does take time and a lot of extra old fashioned work but I truly think we are ahead of the game now. Endless gluts if inedible gm crops has to be a thing of the past soon. Diversity has to win out

  7. Are you still milking Tia or only Del? Love the farmy pictures. Laura

  8. As kids, we used to climb into the haystacks and just listen…listen to the straw creak, little bugs climbing around, the wind whispering over our canopy of hay – lovely, just lovely! Ceci, your photos and the serenity of your stroll took my breath away! It was like it emanated through the computer screen. Thank you so much for sharing your joy!

    • That’s such a lovely memory Sunny: )
      I used to love the scent of the hay mow and watching the dust motes moving in currents through sun and shadow…

  9. yep- your info about GMO just furthers my disgust that our government allows this poison to be grown.
    On a more positive note- Ton Ton is such a sweet dog.

  10. I guess I misunderstood your comment about the corn…I thought you were saying it is the chemicals used on the GM corn that is the problem for your skin…although GM corn itself is not desirable either, of course. I had never thought about the fact that dried corn and wheat are not washed. Like others, I am always learning something from you! Thank you.

    • I thought that too. And even on sprayed crops that are washed, chemcial spray residue is persistent. I have read that many people’s food sensitivities and allergies especially those of recent onset have been alleviated by switching to organic, so it makes sense that GM crops that are sprayed could cause a skin reaction… as well as gut. I believe it’s the case with the G.O. and me, the cleaner our food the more better we feel.

    • Sadly, the very fact that they’re GM(Genetically Modified) seed means you couldn’t “wash it off” if you tried. But the Glyphosate, yes the final time it’s sprayed on is only two weeks before harvest to ‘dessicate’ the entire crop so the entire field ‘ripens’ and is ready at the same time. And I’m fairly certain that formula is not intended to rinse away; come rain or a sink full of water. So I wonder… Is ‘Gluten Intolerance’ actually Glyphosate Intolerance? And then of course there’s also Systemic Insecticide-coated seed…

      • I have come to believe that a mild Gluten Intolerance is in fact a chemical intolerance. I can only speak for myself of course but Now that even my flour is chemical free the difference in my own gut health is noticeable. Really noticeable.

        • You are in the very unique position of being able to do these substitutions directly with all your own food. You are on the cusp of a food revolution – the return to good health with Real Food. Shine your light Celi!♥️

  11. Wow! That’s really saying something about not itching coming out of the organic crop fields. I think we have no idea how surrounded we are by GMO and chemical-laden fields and environment. I wonder when people will wake up to what we’ve caused over decades?

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