Everyone loved the bread! My oven kept turning itself off in the last few bakes which made for some tough crusts.

But I cut all the breads up into cubes for tasting and brought the crusts back for baking. Plus I had little bowls of Californian olive oil for dipping which went down a treat.

With only me manning the booth I was run off my feet so no photos. Except this dreadful one taken by the lady showcasing her beer next to me.

I had to make it black and white as our booth ended up under a red light! This was a murderous color for bread.

This was my first event with my bread and I learnt a lot! There was a line the length of the big auditorium stage in the television studios where the event was held and I got to talk bread with piles of people for hours.

I forgot some pretty important things – like collecting email addresses for my list but never mind – next time.

Here is one of my boss Harold talking to Cat Neville from TasteMakers. The event was all about showcasing local foods and using the cycle of growing organic soybeans ( Janie’s Farm) making the tofu and then making cheesecake from the tofu then using the waste products to make other things ( by then I can carving bread!).

I can’t believe my ten loaves fed so many people! I love feeding people the most!

Just found this one. Here is my table while the working lights were still up!

Now, back to work. It is 6am and still dark! How did that happen?! And it is raining! Great for my fields.


40 Comments on “IT WORKED!

  1. Lovely to see that you are baking up a storm! I was just talking yesterday about how much I enjoyed my time with you on the farm. Keep feeding the people! Much love.

    • That is truly how I felt too! This was my first food event and I learned heaps. So much fun once it started. The wait was frazzling but as luck would have it there was an organic beer booth right beside me! That helped A LOT!

  2. So exciting Celi!!!! It looks like the event was a great success!!! And I just knew your bread would be a big hit!!! Well done!!! xoxo

    • There were about three hundred people and the line was around the inside of the building as they waited to get to the bread- ( being the booth in the corner) – one man came back so often I gave him a bag of off cuts and a little bowl of olive oil – he was so chuffed- later he sent his sister back for more oil! It was so lovely

  3. Fantastic and great looking bread!
    Do complain about the lighting if you think the event might happen again – coloured lights do nothing for real food. I bet they have a storeroom full of HDMIs, which make the artificial seem like sunshine.

    • Oh – yes I will – I never even thought to find the lighting guy and get it changed. There was just so much going on . They had the most amazing grid. I loved being back in a studio. Just like my film days except everyone was so NICE up there- maybe it was the food!

  4. What is especially telling is the beauty of Mr. Flowers you brought along for even further elegance.

  5. So glad the event went well. It seems you work very well under pressure. A helper would have been wonderful … maybe next year. 🙂

  6. Congratulations. It sounds like a great boost for your bread making art! It’s fun to shake things up. Good for you and continued success.

  7. You never cease to amaze me! It all looks wonderful and yummy.

  8. Hmph! Oh, the bread looks great but no mother of five grown children is expected to look that fabulous, especially when frazzled ! Bet the decorative vase was your idea too . . .

  9. Did you sell lots of flour too? I love good bread but good organic bread is hard to find here. I don’t bake anymore. Not enough hand strength. Yours looks heavenly. I would be scared to pieces to have hoards of people wanting food from me. You appear so calm. What an actress. 😉

  10. My goodness. I miss a few blogs and when I return Miss C has diversified yet again! How many more arms, legs and brains can you grow? One moment it’s pigs, the it’s guests, or hay, or ducks and chicks, and now bread. So say nothing of the teacher , the learner and the dairymaid. Wow.

  11. Love the Appearance. The OutSight makes my stomach ache for a piece, hope have a little of that bread.

  12. Did you know that from your dot on the map at Kankakee it’s only 10 minutes from Aroma Park? And you with your fresh-baked bread; it’s kismet!

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