I overslept a bit but these photos are for you.

Mr Flowers is losing his tail feathers which means summer is on the wane! Sob!!

But the feathers did look rather lovely in with a vase of wheat on Sunday!

Look at these fat bottoms. These little piggies are really getting friendly now that their mother is finally down the back with Aunty Sheila. Now that I am their source of food they are VERY friendly.

Late. Late – I wish these images would load faster – it is so cool in these mornings now!

So, my ruined oven will no longer get up to 500 degrees. It just keeps turning off and drifting down to 400f. So I going to email our Longtime Fellow – Pete the Baker, and ask him about the bread he cooks at 4oo degrees. The oven held it’s heat to that temperature so I will adjust.

Adjusting to new challenges is what I do best!

I put a dough of just flour and water in the fridge to autolyse for eight hours last night – then I added the starter and soon salt this morning and hopefully I will bake the following morning. The nights being so much cooler – the long cool rises I had on the weekend were so much better.

Look at this! My latest guest created a collage of her visit!

She also left the most amazing pencil drawing of the coop – in my guest book. She is an architect originally from France and was a lovely guest in the Airbnb.

Now. I had better get going.

Time waits for no woman.



After a good day of rain yesterday, today will be clear and sunny with a high of 81 and an overnight low of 54! An incredible day!

41 Comments on “QUICK QUICK

  1. Is that Mrs Flowers I spy on the car roof? If so, glad to see she’s turned up again. Those drawings are wonderful – I particularly love the tiny landscape, it looks so soft, as if seen through rain.

  2. Good to see Wai Wai! He is looking good! Portly, but healthy and happy! 🙂

      • So sorry to hear that! Jethro, our very large boar, has had a large eruption of pustules on one ear that we have been treating for over a year! It seems to go through stages, getting worse and then better, then worse, and so on. It’s a bit better now, and we are hoping that it will someday clear up!

  3. Lovely all around. The drawings are beautiful! Your weather sounds perfect!

  4. Those pigs are getting big – fancy getting food in your nose every time you eat!
    I love the drawings – you could add those to your Coop Air BnB page and leave pencils and paper by the bed for all guests…

  5. Looks like Wai is kindly lending his muscle to enlarge the ducks driveway puddle.

    I was wondering if your bread baking experiments would be more effective being showcased directly on Janie’s Mill website. Blog readers would then be able to reference and order different grains and flours all in one place. Laura

    • Good thinking – the design people are creating a new website as we speak. And they will be using my photographs and I will have a blog. Not sure how the blog works in there but We will see.

  6. The pigs are splendid! I have a broken oven too. It’s the opposite as yours. Races up to the highest temperature no matter what it’s on and stays there. Cooks everything in abt 10 minutes. Scary.

  7. The piggy butts are adorable! 🙂 Sob I am…summer is fleeting, sigh…our 8 month winters will begin sooner than I want them too. Oh my oven sucks…if I set it to 500 it barely hits 450. And then when it wants, it will go down to 300 without my knowing. I’ve adjusted, but one shouldn’t should one? 😉

  8. Thank you for taking the time even though you were running late! Those butts are ADORABLE! The pencil drawings are beautiful. What amazing talent to be able to do that!

  9. I love Mad Dog’s comment about getting food in your nose every time you eat. Hilarious!
    And Wai Wai –is he okay? Is he sleeping there or what?
    And oh those drawings are so lovely, delicate.

  10. Piggie fannies are the best! Love the art work too. Looking forward to hearing about your bread baking with the recalcitrant oven!

  11. Love the drawings – would
    Make beautiful cards!! Piggy bottoms just make me smile!

  12. This the time of year when I’m so longing for the cool of Fall and dreading the shortening days. It’s a conflict, but I can hold two conflicting thoughts and often do. 🙂

  13. Autumn is coming a bit early I think. I don’t bake anymore because I’ve never had an oven that held the correct temp. I had some success with cookies but rarely bread. I do love good bread though. Every photo makes me wish I was there. Piggies, ducks, birds, and artists visiting. What more could one want?

  14. Oh, I forgot about Mr. Flowers.
    Many years ago, when I was growing Christmas trees, my parked car was attacked by a herd of peacocks, who were apparently offended by the blue color. They were a few males, who seemed to get along with each other, but not the car. I have heard that they will do that in response to particular shades of shiny blue. They tore bits of the vinyl roof off.

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