In this picture Sheila is saying: come on a take that picture already – I want my bucket of vegetables! She has an interesting drool pattern. The restaurant down the road has a little field of sweet corn so the buckets are loaded with cobs. The pigs are thrilled!

They get so much good food!

They even get a chance to be picky. But nothing is wasted – the chickens make sure of that.

Speaking of chickens – the Austrolorps are starting to lay PLUS- many of the chickens are laying in the new boxes. So, we are finding less broken eggs. Because of the gentle slope to the cubicles, the eggs are gently gliding down to the short safe side of the box. Perfect.

The meat chickens are growing too. They are out in their first run already!

Well time for work!

I hope you have a lovely day.

I have two loaves of bread ready for the oven. Today I am baking with Calumet – – still the Glenn wheat -and Jill the Miller mills it at 100% whole grain – unsifted which means the freshly ground flour goes through a wider screen in the sifters so all the bran remains in the flour- of course as usual the whole kernel is used- so this loaf is, in my less than humble opinion, a really healthy choice for the weekend.

Here they are! This is why my post is a little late!

One is all wrapped up and given to TTT for helping with chores. Have a great day.


Mostly sunny – high of 77 – overnight low of 59 – I think we have officially cooled off.


  1. Lovely farm pics! Can’t wait till your ducklings hatch! We have another of our female Muscovies sitting a nest, so looks like we will get our third batch of ducklings this fall. 🙂

  2. Oh I’m sad to hear the eggs didn’t hatch. A disappointment for you and her too.
    Sheila does drool in a unique shape.

  3. The farmy pics are always my favourites. Love the spider against the sunset/sunrise, brilliant.

    Are the Easter Eggers the hens that lay blue and green coloured eggs. Looking forward to seeing those. Sad about the ducklings. Laura

  4. I give my chickens crushed oyster shells, from feed store, to make the egg shells stronger. I just throw a handful in with the feed every day

    • Yes! I actually put the whole bag in there each time and they scratch through it for a couple of weeks. The Shelly’s very important even though the chickens are free range

  5. I’m so sorry! What made her eggs spoil? Not fertilized? Loved the photos – cats must be waiting for a treat, too! Sure miss the doggies popping up on the screen from time to time! Hope you’re staying in good health! I’m sure TTT is with all that gorgeous bread!

  6. Loved that one of the black cow and calf at the trunk! I can just hear it, “Aw, Ma!!! Do you HAAAVE to do that in front of EVWEYBODY?!” Would sound just like my kids!

  7. So disappointing about the duck waiting so long for her brood then nothing.

  8. Really hard to pick a favourite photo from the choice this morning. Is the piggy parliament in the first shot, or the beautiful loaves in the last…? But I think maybe it’s the eggs; two big ones from mature hens and a small one from a girl who’s just starting out.

  9. I wonder if we are more sad about the duck eggs not being viable than the duck probably is? Probably. The bread looks fab.

  10. I love all Farmy pics and cast but cat photos get me every time. And, I love that the mill gives you so much grain to play with… edible perks of the job, and a great promo tool. Clever and yum.

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