Last night as I was working on the dark getting the last of the night chores finished I walked past Tane – he swung his big head up and round opening up a perfect long gash in my jeans.

See his tusks? They are sharp and filthy. There is a bit of blood but not too much. Poor old Tane did not mean it. No stitches needed – not that I would go near the doctor again here – the one stitch and antibiotics after that bite from Molly cost $480. Denied by insurance.

This little fellow was in my bedroom last night.

The restaurant where I collect the scraps – I was a little late getting there last night.

It is raining again this morning. Now, we are due to till the cover crop in and plant the organic wheat. The cover crop looks great.

I am weary. I have another fast change this morning in the Airbnb then the next guest stays for three weeks. That will make a nice change.

Have a great day.


Weather: High of 66f. Low tonight of 56f. Rain on and off all day.

42 Comments on “TANE’S TUSKS

  1. Well at least your Anti-tetanus jab should be up to date. Hopefully the rain will move away from you in the next couple of weeks and give us a chance. Laura

      • As I read today’s visit (post) I was getting a feeling of deja vu! Just last week I swatted at one of our little goats – to move her off a pile of hay – still wondering why I was in such a ‘hurry’? – ended up with two stitches in the palm of my hand and a week of antibiotics. She didn’t even move to butt me – I swatted that sharp little weapon! Those little horns and tusks really can get sharp! Our MayMay is now sporting tennis balls on the end of her horns. Made me connect the dots and realize our little donkeys were NOT cutting themselves running in the woods. They were sporting goatie gashes too! Feeling very lucky to be in Canada where the treatment was free – well … apart from our taxes – and buying the tennis balls. 😉

  2. Yes, must be careful around those tusks, that’s for sure! Jethro, our giant hog has some mighty big ones, and I always have the feed bucket between the tusks and me. Hopefully your restaurant down the road remains open during the winter. What a great resource for the pigs!

      • Jethro and Ellie Mae (I doubt you know the names as they are from an old TV program and movie called The Beverly Hillbillies) still mate every month, but Ellie Mae has not gotten pregnant in at least three years. I think she is infertile now, as the most babies she ever had at one time was six, and another two times only four, as compared to Roxanne who always had between ten and twelve. My co-worker 🙂 thinks Jethro might be sterile, but I doubt that as he has produced with our both of our sows and also the sows of friends.

  3. Oh dear, yes keep an eye on that wound. That’s a lot of money for a stitch and antibiotics! thank goodness in the UK we have our National Health Service.

      • You remember John had an incident recently hurt his hand – the procedure which included numerous stitches and etc cost 22,000 dollars!! And that does not include the emergency room fee. He is still trying to get that one through using the insurance. So, I must be super careful!

  4. I totally get your point. People should not make health decisions based on having money available.
    Tane’s mouth is such adorable ratchet mess. But he does seem quite cheerful in that pic. I assume that breed is always in need of some orthodonture work?😋 Oh my. I was making a joke and thought – nope. I bet some has a Kunekune for a pet and spent 10,000 to get the teeth “fixed”. Humans. We are always a weird combo of good intentions and strange / bad decisions.

  5. the farm life makes folks so tough! My father-in-law was playing with Dexter a couple years ago, and unintended got a gash on his hand. Three days later he was getting all sorts of antibiotics because infection set in. Dang medical stuff – maybe cheaper to go to a veterinarian?

  6. Sure hope you drowned the wound in good old hydrogen peroxide or Bactine or something like.

  7. Dog bites, bottle caps and bare feet, just plain gravel where animals cross the drive, can give you one heck of a case of blood poisoning! Watch for streaks of red going up your leg!

  8. Those are some tusks alright, I bet that stung! I won’t start on doctors…even here in Canada where we have medicare, most of the ones I’ve been to are quacks who just whip out the prescription pad instead of getting to the root of the problem. It’s a terrible thing.

  9. I do hope you heal well though I believe us ‘farm folk’ have been exposed to so many potentially nasty germs that we have probably built up quite an arsenal of antibodies. Especially if you regularly deal with outside animals. I know I’ve often not realized I’ve bled until hours later or I’m in the middle of something and don’t take the time to go in and wash a wound. Knock wood, never an infection and I don’t remember when my last tetanus shot was. I thought I was going to have to have one of Percy’s tusks cut off as it was curving straight for his cheek. Lo & behold one day I realized he had broken the tip of it off!

  10. Celi – hydrogen peroxide and iodine are OK, but not with the ‘bad bugs’ should there be any – have you any Manuka honey from NZ, I am not joking . . . it really works ! In Australia the Government would have paid for both yours and John’s medical care and the antibiotics would have cost $A 6.20 ! Many of us from Down Under do not dare visit the States at this stage even having travel insurance ! I just don’t believe John’s costs . . .

    • It is the same in New Zealand – if I were ever to get really sick I would just go home. People are bankrupted by illness here a broken hip or even dental treatment. Totally crazy.

      • I am sorry you have to even think about that option. Truly !! Dental and optical are not really covered here either: I keep my insurance going, however difficult – that pays a hefty part . . . bur, darling C, I know you have lots of lovely antibodies, but do watch it with farmyard bugs . . . . love . .

        off topic today’s latest news from your side finally full about the ever deteriorating mental capabilities of . . . . . . . ..

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