It has been days since I popped into the lounge. I am a co-worker down and full time farming and full time milling is making my brain melt.

I get up two hours earlier and literally RUN through three hours of farm chores before work – then do it all over again after work. One more week to go and then I will fall in a heap.

However, even with my extended hours things are going really well. The Airbnb has a long term guest so this makes life a lot easier.

The meat chickens are growing – the six piglets are growing much too fast and I have begun to slow the five hogs down the back. They are fed sprouts and vegetables with only a little corn candy now that they are approaching their selling weight.

The new ducks have started to lay which is pretty exciting. I picked up three small duck eggs this morning! So far so good!

The pullets are laying more each day and the Rainbow chickens ( Easter eggers) are showing no sign of wanting to leave their bohemian lifestyle and join the big flock.

I am at The Mill now, so I will get to work and drop in with you later in the day!

I am baking four loaves of bread this afternoon for various people – plenty of time to chat I hope!

Take care

Talk soon



29 Comments on “I KNOW!

  1. We’ve had only one or two eggs a day for months now. I’m ready for my chicks and teenagers to start laying (probably October and November). I love your term “Bohemian Lifestyle” because that’s EXACTLY how my teenagers are! ha ha! I get sidetracked watching them most every day!

  2. You have a rich, full life. I hope you get a few slower days to sit on the porch and eat bread and enjoy the fall weather before you know…
    Do you have any honey bees on the Farm? Fresh bread with butter and honey. Heaven.

  3. I feel ya. I had been working like that too…for 18 months, non stop, no weekends, no nuthin’ but work. Work work work work. I had to put a stop to some of it. But now I have a new problem! 😉 Not enough work! Can’t win, can you?

    • LOL I’m self employed and that is the story of my life. 90 hour weeks or twiddling my thumbs… though I did hate the standard 40 hour week. So, feast or famine it is.

  4. Of the 3 black beauties I am embarrassed to admit I can only remember Tia’s name. Could you refresh the old memory please?

  5. There you are! Hope you catch 10 mins to cross your arms on a gate and just watch this weekend. Laura

  6. Thanks for the flying catch-up! And breathe….. We know when there’s air silence from the Farmy you’re just flat-out busy. And right now, you’re flatter and busier than usual. See you on the other side!

  7. Celi ~ I haven’t forgotten you and the Farm!! but when we’re gone and I read the Farmy news on my cell fone ~ I don’t think my response is going thru cause it wants my sign in, password and other stuff!! Anyway ~ I’m loving the cow pictures this morning ~~ they looked much more relaxed than You are ~ you are keeping ultra busy ~ we will be glad to hear you slowing down in a week!!

  8. Roll on the return of your co worker then thankfully things may slow down a little for you.
    Auntie Del’s ?brown nose, beautiful. Take care.

  9. Plenty of time to chat later???? I’m surprised you have time to breathe! It’s so hard when the second pair of hands goes away for a bit. You are like a whirling dervish. Love seeing all your photos and knowing are haven’t yet collapsed. 😉

  10. Hope your co-worker is enjoying himself in California and not disabled with his hand. Hope that account is getting fairly solved also !! The only way I can get thru’ days and weeks like yours is to make lists, divide the day into manageable segments, work them one at a time, not even thinking of what else there has to be . . . great feeling when that last tick is made ! Best . . . the days move awfully quickly . . .

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