Yesterday my friend and I picked old sweetcorn from a friends field.

I had dropped pears from another friends orchard.

Then old corn from The Mill.

And the kitchen scraps from the restaurant.

Combine that with free range fields and all the animals on the farm ate for free yesterday.

I Love free days. They take a bit of scavenging!! I even fed myself for free as I had homemade bread made from flour found in the purge pile at work and tomatoes from the garden, at 8pm after the last jobs were done.

Not all bread is baked pretty. Sometimes I just don’t care. I am hungry and it tastes pretty good!

5.30 am now. Time for work.


18 Comments on “FREE DAY

  1. I love free meals. They are an accomplishment money can’t buy. Scavenged free food, homemade bread and home grown tomatoes is pretty good… who cares about pretty looks.

  2. I’m off to look for sweet chestnuts in a minute, though I’m not sure if they will be ripe yet.
    I’m quite fussy about bread, but it’s the crust that counts – both those loaves look delicious!

  3. We have cookies in Italy called “Brutti ma Buoni”. Ugly-but-Good. I love that name. It doesn’t matter what your bread looks like. I think it looks hearty and delicious. x

  4. Yes the bread looks yummy and individual and not ticky -tacky like right off the production line.

  5. The bread may not be pretty, but in the case of bread, it’s not the look of it that counts. Food for free is an accomplishment, and the fact that you’ve fed ALL the creatures (yourself included) is magnificent.

  6. I love looking at your bread! And even if you think a loaf doesn’t look good it looks good… they are amazing👍 I think all homemade bread even if it doesn’t come out perfect looks so good… and I love how you take care of your animals I wish everybody did that🤗

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