The meat chickens are growing fast on their free diet of fresh milk from the cow mixed with expired cracked rye and cornmeal from the mill and good greens.

They are in their mobile home now, being moved across the field twice a day. Nice clean, well fed birds.

Though the evening light was not flattering for that little chook.

I hope your day goes well.


21 Comments on “MILK FED CHICKEN

  1. They have a chunky, sturdy build already, which bodes well for you (not so much for them!). All that calcium from the milk is going to build nice solid bones.

  2. “the evening light was not flattering for that little chook.” Well, perhaps not, but it certainly is bright-eyed and intelligent-looking (specially for a chicken; )

  3. I love chickens….they have such bright eyes spotting goodies to eat ….we used to have 4-5 Banty chickens when we lived in the suburbs outside of Portland Oregon. We had them for eggs and bug and slug control and they did a splendid job! Being Bantys they produced only small eggs, but enough for just the two of us! At one point we had 7 chickens, but that was too many for our little 1/4 acre lot. They began to roam neighbors backyards- the neighbors thought it was hysterically funny, but I would have to “round them up ” every evening with a long bamboo pole- I felt like Little Bo Peep and the neighbors thought that too was hysterically funny! Fond memories! Have a great day!

  4. I have to tell you (before I forget – that happens a lot!), the Mill at Janie’s farm was mentioned in the Sept/Oct issue of Midwest Living at the end of a interesting article about different ways to use brioche dough.

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