Early in the morning I drive to work. Now that my co- worker is back on board I can be at my paid work by 7am. Though I am aiming for earlier – I do my best work in the morning.

Here is the road I drive to work on in the morning. So long and straight. I drink my coffee and let my mind drift away from mud and trouble and prickly relationships. I feel enormous relief when all the animals are fed and I am on the road.

I love working. Certainly at The Mill but all my life I have been lucky or picky or maybe easy-going enough to always have work I enjoy.

I am going to give the chickens an extra week. They are much slower growing than previously – I have created their diet myself this time: milk, corn from the mill, bread and sprouts. The grass is not as good as usual either – I did not get them as far as the hay field. I was going to send the men out to do one more cut but at this time of year it will need longer to dry and I cannot find a break in the rain.

If we get stuck I can always fence it and put the cows out there. I will only have five cows this winter but they still eat a lot. A ton a winter really.

If this went out last night by mistake I do apologize. I actually have no idea how that happened. But now you have seen the unfinished and then the finished product the only difference being words – more of them – you are the first people I talk to in the morning you know.

And now I must get to work. There is bread to be baked then the pigs then off into the world! My little world.


36 Comments on “DRIVE

  1. Good morning Celi! I love that photo of the road – such beautiful colours. What do you do for your paid work? Are you teaching English? I think I remember you saying that you did a course to teach English as a second language. I’m in the middle of applying for one and feeling quite excited.

    • I loved that course. But no, I am working at the organic flour mill that will stone mill the wheat I hope to harvest next year. It is really great work – I talk bread and sell flour and test bake bread and feed people good food! It is great!

  2. Long straight empty roads are very good for switching brain modes, especially if there’s a dose of coffee involved. When I was still working full time, I had an hour and a quarter’s drive to work, down a hairpin bend mountain on the way out, and up the same hairpin bends on the way home. It sure did make me concentrate on something other than what had gone wrong at work that day…

      • They were, and after storms, when leaves were ripped off the trees and then ground to a slippery pulp on the road surface. More scary than frost, because you weren’t expecting it. Thank goodness for 4WD… but it did get the blood pumping and the brain sharpened.

  3. I’m envious of your temperatures. We are already down to the 50’s and the feeling of cold is evident. Septembers here are usually sunny and a lovely welcome to autumn. We may have skipped that altogether and gone straight to early winter rain.

  4. Somewhere in my late 20s I discovered that no matter what the work, if I invested myself in it, I enjoyed it. My current job is one that I’m often aggravated at, but because I care about it, it’s still a job I like. I think you thoroughly invest yourself in whatever endeavor you take on. So you enjoy it.

  5. I love the early morning road drive pictures!!! I used to enjoy that driving 1.5 hrs to my folks to help Dad farm!! But I only drove on Monday morning ~ stayed all week and back to Chatsworth on Friday or Sat nite. And yes the mind enjoys the landscape and thinks much about lots of stuff!! Have a good day ~~

  6. Has anyone been watching the Ken Burns Country Music series? The roads you drive made me think of Hank Williams.

  7. Possibly counter-intuitive but daily or regular drives are where the brain can switch off. When doing them, it’s been entirely possible for me to arrive at my destination with bare but necessarily sufficient recollection of the trip. Sort of a driving meditation. I like to say, after all these years… 19 to-date… that my car quite often navigates its own way.

  8. Yes, I used to drive 45 min. to an hour to work. On the way in I organized my day, on the way out I let it all go. I also spent a great deal of the day driving and often startled myself on the freeway, wondering if I had passed my exit – kind of zoning out! Probably not a really good thing but it did tend to get pretty automatic.

  9. Methinks that beautiful straight road widens every kilometre every morning en route from troubles and prickly relationships . . .to spend your hours being useful, remunerative and satisfied . . . may these roads remain free of hindrance all winter until January dictates home . . . . . .

  10. I always have unbounded admiration for your courage and zest for life, for your uncomplaining determination to put your whole self into everything you do – you are an inspiration… with love, Valerie

  11. Your photo of early morning drive shows reflects your love for work. Nice article 🙂

    Cecilia, If you have time, please visit my blog and have a look at my aricles…. 🙂

  12. The longer I study this photo, the more I see; it is so wonder-filled Celi! There is such an amazing change from the glowering intensity of that first shot to the glowingly hopeful golden sunrise a few moments later. In the closeup the golden corner appears to hold a screeching bird(T-rex?) but in the larger version, it’s magically transformed into a swooping golden Phoenix… Ahh… such Flights of Fancy in the clouds; )

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