Even Sheila gets to have a bad photo day.

And here is Poppy – always excitable when the lens faces her way.

Sheila is looking a bit chubby, which is good with winter coming, but I had better watch her diet!

One would be forgiven for thinking this was a picture of Sheila’s rooster. That white rooster has been with her for years.

WaiWai camps under the paw paw tree every day – he is getting a bit chubby too! I almost never feed that pig in summer but still he will not give up his weight.

I came home yesterday to 46 fat white chickens waddling about the yard. Their door had drifted open. Thankfully they did not go too far but even more thankfully Boo did not bother them.

I called my Airbnb guest and she helped me catch each little bird and return them to safety. They are growing quite slowly but are very spry and healthy!

And slow is better

Hmm – that’s an unfortunate shot. Ah well.

Bread. This was a test bake of a flour another baker was not pleased with. Learning to do things better is why life is so sweet.

I am up late preparing more dough for tomorrow morning’s bake. Often we have visitors to the mill who want to buy flour, and eating the bread that the little red hen bakes from the flour she grinds from the grains they grow will clinch the deal.

Fun my life is!

Have a great night and morning and day.

Talk soon.


15 Comments on “EYES HALF SHUT

  1. Bake your bread and get to sleep Missie and thank you for the gorgeous grubby snouts on show . . . I really think some ‘me-time’ would suit so well . . .

  2. Lovely photos, but the one you think is a bit unfortunate seems to be missing… And oh! That bread! It makes me want to pile avocado, tomato and a slice of Swiss cheese on top…

  3. Shiela has a white rooster companion, delightful. Great that you could call on your air bnb guest for help and well done
    Boo. Gorgeous bread. Try and get some time for yourself on Sunday.

  4. Those two pigs look to be in fabulous condition, even if you did catch them without their makeup!
    I’ve just been to the St. John – they are celebrating 25 years this week and opening a new restaurant in Los Angeles! Perhaps they might be interested in your flour and maybe even pork, though Illinois to LA is a bit far.

  5. Hi, Ceci ! The “Little Red Hen” fable was always one of my favorites! and busy, busy, busy she is! Loved your photos today!! Did I miss a picture of Wai Wai or was he pretending to be a rock? smile! Stay healthy and happy!

  6. I had entered a commet the other day, but it didn’t post. so I am asking about it again. what happened with the mama duck and her eggs she was sitting on? did they hatch?

    • Hullo Jana – her eggs were not viable and all went rotten – as they went bad she pushed them out of her nest and when there were none left she scratched the nest up and went back to her flock. No ducklings I am afraid.

  7. It is encouraging when persons you meet like their work, believe in it, and go about their routine with such hopeful, creative energy. Good on you for making time to tell us about it, and to display the evidence (I look for your photos first thing– so nice. I have made friends in the barnyard, and today even that bread brings warmth and a smile.)

  8. Oh dear. I don’t see Wai Wai under the tree. Just rocks and chickens. Your bread, as always, looks and smells (yes, I think I can almost smell it) delicious.

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