Around the farm.

I got back early from work yesterday afternoon, or at least before it got dark, so I was able to take some pictures for you.

Of course I was constantly getting distracted by small jobs that needed doing and small ears that needed scratching.

Why is behind the ear such a popular spot for animals . Even cows and pigs love to be scratched behind the ear. Yet if someone tried to scratch behind my ears I would whack them.

The pigs are still getting thanksgiving food from the restaurant. The cooks must have ordered boxes of sweet potatoes.

I am pretty tired. Talking of ears my ears are ringing constantly now. My mother suffered from Tinitus. I find it interesting how we emulate our parents even when we come to it from different directions.

I have had a constant hum in my ears since forever, one ear has never worked so well ( probably a result of the car accident that broke my jaw when I was a child) but the hum has become more of a ring lately. If I hear a loud noise, 50% of the time I look in the wrong direction. It can be a little disorienting. And dangerous. I tell the guys to honk the forklift loudly as they drive about the mill. I terrify them because I move very fast and not always in a straight line.

However I only hear the ringing when the world is quiet. This points out how full of audio rubble my days are.

However the sound itself creates a kind of psychological bubble. The ringing/hum insulates or maybe isolates me which is interesting. It is a comfortable feeling.

Now, how did I get onto that subject!

It is Sunday – the oven is heating up for today’s bread. My latest challenge is using temperature so the dough does not overproof. Something I need to get right. Most of the house is unheated so that is just a matter of choosing a room. Today we are in the 50’s I think – let me check.

No, that will be tomorrow. 40’s today, still warm today though.

Talk soon


36 Comments on “A SWOOP

  1. I don’t think I’d appreciate an actual scratch behind the ear, but I do find it strangely pleasant to run my fingers through my hair behind my ears… But you’re quite right. Mouse goes into convulsions of joy if you fuss with his lovely soft ears and scratch behind them, to the point where he rolls on his back with all 4 legs in the air. Quite a sight for a 70 pound greyhound…

  2. It looks goofy but it works. Mostly what you are doing is helping clear the eustachian tube which connects the inner ear to the back of the nose.

  3. Believe it or not, my husband loves to have his ears rubbed. If he has had a long or stressful day, I will sometimes have him lay his head in my lap and gently rub them (kind of the same motion I use to rub butter into flour for pie crust). He closes his eyes, and it relaxes him almost immediately. 😛

  4. So good to see pictures of the farmy! Just love the first pic with Tima, the dogs, ducks and guineas! All animals look healthy and happy. Even the goats love a good scratch behind the ears. But when scratching all our animals I must always follow it up with a big hug! Except for the pigs, as 600 pounds each is a lot to hug. And Jethro has some pretty gnarly tusks!

  5. I have had tinnitus for years. None of the self help tricks has helped me. I used to tell myself that it was sleigh bells in the distance, but it’s becoming very loud and isolating to the point that I sometimes don’t hear when people are addressing me. But I do love your farmy pictures!

    • That is no good at all. Hearing damage is certainly prevalent in our ( loud music) generation. I dread to think what damage is done through headphones and ear plugs or whatever they are called.
      Though there is a thought! Have you thought of putting on headphones and music when you are home alone. Then it would drown out the sleigh bells and give us a break. I might try it!

      • The general ‘rule of thumb’ for noise affecting hearing is… If you need to raise your voice to have a conversation, your ears are being damaged :/

  6. Love the animal pictures. Feels like forever that we saw everybody last. We haven’t seen the Sun for days and are in the middle of a rain cycle, day and night. Very welcome relief from mid 30s C last week. Keep warm. Laura

  7. I have always had tinnitus, but years ago it became much worse. My original tinnitus was from an extremely high pitch they don’t even test for. I also found out i have low frequency hearing loss, which causes multiple sounds of tinnitus. I trained my brain with headphones and constant music…even while watching television. The tinnitus doesn’t go away, but the brain gets used to it. Hearing aids didn’t make any difference with my tinnitus.

  8. Wonderful Farmy pics… it’s nice to see some of the cast and I do love a ginger cat.
    Tinnitus is a terrible thing, the G.O. my husband suffers terribly, has hearing loss as well and hearing aids which help both but the plasticy material they are made from annoys his ears where they touch the skin. He was also told tiredness and stress make the tinnitus symptoms worse. There is no cure at the moment but some people find there are practices which for them lessen the ringing at times. He tried the youtube clip above… said it made his ears ring more, but it might work for others.

    • I had no idea it was so widespread. It really is tiresome. Technology being what it is you would think the hearing aids would be magical by now. They should not be cumbersome .

  9. Well – I just have to try those easy exercises and see whether they work for me. Have had a soft hum in my ears when it is quiet or when I first go to sleep forever . . . no ringing and almost perfect hearing for someone ‘my age’ ! It has never worried me. just made me think what could come next 🙂 ! Absolutely love the photos showing all the smaller menagerie having such a conformable pow-wow together 🙂 !

  10. I love Boo’s look. You can almost hear what he’s thinking there and it doesn’t sound pretty sweet. 🙂 I love all the photos. I’ve had tinnitus so long as well so it was helpful to see all the input on it. I will try the exercises. It’s only time that is spent, after all. Have a wonderfilled week ahead. Your temps are all over the map. Brrrr.

  11. the first photo made me laugh out loud…..and I immediately saw a caption above the pigs head and she is saying ” I double dog dare you to touch that carrot!” and the dog is looking askance at you and saying “I am not about to even touch that carrot….trust me!” Great photo! I see so many opportunities to write a children’s book about your farm with these photos!

  12. Another victim here of tinnitus for the past 15 years at least and hearing loss. So–hearing aids. They make things louder but certainly don’t work in restaurants. I have stepped into the shower 3 different times with them on–they are comfortable–but pretty useless, all the same.

  13. Hi Celi, just read your story for the very first time! I feel like I’ve had you as a friend forever! You have a fabulous communication gift. Have you had an MRI for your hearing loss and balance issue? Please get checked. Ask for an MRI with the contrast, my husband has the exact same symptoms and it could be something or nothing. Love your pigs and fur baby right there with them. Please continue, you have a welcoming gift. CiCi (Cecilia)

    • Good morning cici! Many people call me cici too!! I won’t be having an MRI as I don’t have a health insurance that would cover it. I have only been to a doctor once in over thirty years! But thank you for your concern and welcome to the lounge of comments!

  14. I am reviewing my studies on parasites which got me thinking about your pigs and farmyard animals. Do they have to be regularly inspected for wee-beasties both in and on them?

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