Plenty of farmers bake! But yesterday I was tired ( the mill has exploded with orders what with the holiday season AND the new website). So I was feeling a little weary.

Plus I am writing a blog on the website too. So that needed to be done yesterday. Pop in if you would like – learning a new system means I am slower at compiling that blog plus the readers are not my friends like you all are.

Anyway I was tired and not wanting to talk to anyone so I baked like a crazy person all day made notes and wrote out the recipes. I hauled out all my flours and just baked.

Writing over here too.

While all the dough was rising I visited all my animals.

Tidied some of the back yards.

Admired the big girls …

And put a big round of straw in with the little not-so-little pigs so they could play in it.

Mr Flowers and his growing tail.

I was doing a lot of experimenting do not all the baking was successful in a conventional sense but every loaf taught me something so I call each failure a success in this way.

This loaf ( above) I rolled cheese and Spanish paprika into. It did not work really but was incredibly tasty. Next time I will use less cheese and roll the dough out thinner.

This loaf ( below) was made with a soft low gluten wheat called Frederick – a cake flour usually – it is a low profile loaf but quite good for an experiment. Not technically a bread flour though. But with care I think I can get a better loaf.

There were four more ordinary loaves that did not even get in front of the camera.

It is very relaxing – baking.

I think my retail department ( I have employed another person) will have one more fast week then things should calm down.

It snowed in the night. That secretive silent type of snow. Everything is white and cold but not too cold.

Time to get moving! If I am not out that door by 5.50 I am behind.


43 Comments on “THE FARMER WHO BAKED

  1. The cheese bread sounds fabulous.
    I’m glad the mill is thriving.
    Also, poor Mr. Flowers. Taking his picture before he’s gotten himself pimped up nicely. I’m sure he’s feeling humiliated. 🤣
    How long does it take him to grow a new tail? Seems like such an energy intensive process for winter. But nature knows best, I guess.

  2. It is so wonderful that a small company producing those great varieties is so busy! Hope you get a little rest but it does sound like you are enjoying the work.

  3. I like the sound of a cheese and paprika loaf – the top looks amazing!
    Sheila looks fabulous (Poppy too) – her coat’s so thick.

      • I’m using sourdough and a mix of flours — locally milled flour, a bit of rye and about 1/2 to 3/4 regular or bread flour (depending on what I have on hand). I proof initially about 4 hrs in a 68F house and then overnight in the fridge in their proofing baskets — and then up to room temperature before baking the next morning. I think that is the one I might be overdoing…. Making bread is so much trial and error. Your loaves are gorgeous inside and out. I get a beautiful, shattering crust and rise, but no nice big holes.

        • I too lose loaves right in the last hour to over proofing- often as the oven is heating up! But like Baker Pete says – maybe we need better ovens too. Fat chance!!

  4. I got my package from the Mill….wonderful flours….I think I need some recipes….any suggestions where to find some? Thanks again for the splendid packaging! and the extra bag too! xoxoxo

  5. Baking bread when you’re tired sounds good… just running along on experience and instinct and letting your subconscious suggest new ideas. Cheese and paprika – was it smoked paprika, my favourite seasoning after sage? The Mill is very good for you, I think, it opens out your circle of interest in a different way from the Farmy and Friends.

  6. Sometimes words of any kind seem too much… but Farmy pics are lovely and bread baking or any kind of non-rushed chopping, stirring kind of food creation is soul as well as body restoring.

  7. By the time evening arrives you may be very tired, but methinks you have found an area of work in which you believe and which does fulfil you . . . many of the ideas used at the Mill seem to be yours . . . lovely to see from the sidelines . . .

  8. Good evening, c. I like the sound of the cheese loaf. I have an old standby recipe, that’s not really a recipe at all, which calls for grated cheese. I knead it straight into the dough. Sometimes adding walnuts. Happy Christmas, c. xx

  9. I just put out straw for the duckies to lay on since it’s cold and snowy. I learned this from you of course so we all thank you. 🙂 They were SUPER excited when I put it out for them.

    I woke up thinking about your blog and wondering what you were up to. I also think a new oven is in order, and I would donate for that cause.

    I will check out the website. I’m out of flour and had been waiting to order from the mill.

  10. Such a beautiful photo with the tea cup and laptop but it takes my breath away. I am in the business of Apple sales and service. We see liquid spills almost every day at the service counter. Our # 1 rule to customers is to never have open liquids around your laptop. Accidents happen and are so sudden and even a small amount will start corrosion on the logic board. We have seen many tears. Don’t want you crying over spilled tea.

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