A typical small town in New Zealand.

Absolutely all New Zealand towns, no matter how small, have a playground. Playgrounds are a global experience.

A line of shops down the main road with a chemist, a butcher, a cafe, the post office and a pub and a bakery. We bought pies: potato top mince and vegetable pies to be exact and ate them by the playground.

An artifact.

Outside of Lumsden I found my first field of golden wheat.

The next town had a little museum house.

There is usually some kind of recycling station somewhere close by.

More wheat because wheat on the cusp of harvest is so beautiful.

It is raining on this morning’s camp site so we are moving on.

Down the road.

Have a great day!


14 Comments on “LUMSDEN

  1. Those beautiful wheat fields. I can remember the smell vividly. And all that beautiful lush green grass. Ours is just beginning to come back after the recent rain, with more on the way.

  2. That museum is fascinating with all the “stuff” hanging above- and the wheat fields are sublime! Look at all the future loaves of bread!

  3. Beautiful Town nice pictures.. Enjoy your visit with your family

  4. Awesome pictures. A little warmer here today and we had a full day of sunshine. It was great.

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