I am now in Wellington, where I hope to get into the routine of working remotely for a few hours every morning, then in the afternoons gather my baking apprentices and get lots of baking and recipe making done.

Yesterday my son took me out in his boat to do some fishing! Now, you and I know that I ‘don’t do well’ on the water but he had been watching the weather and his special ‘wind app’ and was excited to have discovered what is almost impossible in Wellington – a calm day. Perfect for shipping.

And it was incredibly calm. We started out really early. Getting up at 4am to be at the ramp by 4.30 and we were on the water setting up lines at 5 am.

We caught a few small sharks and elephant fish and threw them all back then after a few spots and with me at the helm of our little boat we trawled a line through a school after school of Kahawai.

I discovered that if I am skipper I don’t get seasick!

No one argued with that – I grew up literally on a beach beside the sea so I know the sea but have no ‘sea legs’ – manning the bridge was perfect for me.

We stopped to fish in a few more of my son’s favourite spots but the fish were not biting. Later when we motored back to the marina we discovered that many of the other fisherman also had no luck. ( We all blamed it on the previous nights earthquake.) We did catch a few kahawai to smoke that evening – just enough for a perfect feed with a salad of garden vegetables.

My goal was to go fishing with my fourth son and that goal was achieved! Of course my Fourth Sons goal was a bit different. But never mind.

I just loved it out there!

Above is a small shag in the water. He spent a good deal of his time floating about by the boat diving every now and then to check our lines. I am fairly sure this is the little New Zealand shag. See what you think. Tig told me that when you throw a fish back into the water the shags will often collect them and swallow them whole.

We weren’t catching much so the shag soon got bored and flew off to check out some other fisher people.

It stayed beautifully, eerily calm until lunchtime and as the wind picked up so did my sea sickness.

So after packing up the boat and stowing everything away on our little tidy deck – we came about and raced for shore!

A perfect morning in Wellington Harbour.

And now to work!

Love love



  1. Next time (and I hope there will be a next time before the end of the trip) take a flask of hot ginger tea and sip it often. It is miraculous at reducing motion sickness. What a lovely, quiet together-morning you’ve had with No. 4 Son. Happy baking.

  2. I have no sea legs either and am armed with medication for our upcoming trip through the Southern Ocean! Your photos are beautiful! xx

  3. The hills around Wellington are gorgeous! Is that where you grew up? So glad to see that you were able to find some freshly ground grain for your baking. The stuff in that bakery looked amazing, and your loaf did also. Lovely way to spend time with your son and his family! Fishing and baking bread.

  4. What a wonderful day on the water! Your time away is going fabulously! So happy for you and the family!!! xo

  5. So happy the weather cooperated for your excursion fishing. At least for the greatest part of the day. That one fish looked Huge.

  6. Beautiful ! Please go back before you leave Wellington . . .ask to be the ‘Captain’ again and forget about something called ‘sea legs’ If you are busily being useful and enjoying yourself every passing ,moment clearly proves ‘of course can do’ 🙂 !! Have been on Wellington Harbour a number of times . . . never ever as calm . . .

  7. What great pictures…keep ‘em coming. Sunny and 40 back home today. It felt almost like spring. I went grocery shopping for the Cafe’ and was only in my sweatshirt. If only it would last…………

  8. What beautiful pictures. Keep ‘em coming. Sunny and 40 back home today. You only needed a sweatshirt. If only it would last……….

  9. fishing is an art and also it is difficult to catch fish unless having experience but if we have the interest to catch fish defenetly we can won

  10. Just saw this post ~ love all the pictures!!! Great ~ glad to see you’re back home and enjoying!!

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