Back in the USA. And guess what- they are still sniping and arguing with each other. Same words, same tone, different subject, same soundtrack. Radio – off.

And it snowed and the temperature plummeted just as I got off the plane.

All is well on the farm – even Mr Flowers who was not doing well after an altercation with Boo, just before I left, has improved out of sight. He is still hopping about on one foot but getting stronger and will now launch himself into the air and is back roosting in the barn alongside Mrs Pania Flowers.

Jill from the Mill looked after Godzilla my sourdough starter while I was away so I was able to bake two days after I landed. A really lovely loaf too.

BooBoo trying to speak.

While I have been away the winter weather has been unusually warm here in Illinois – staying above freezing most of the time. Kind of a NZ winter here. But today it is frozen and very cold. Back to the usual Illinois weather.

The chooks are laying more eggs and the ducks are starting up again as the days lengthen.

I added more straw already to the beds of wai and tane. Wai loves a mountain of straw so he can crawl into it. And they are both doing really well. Tane is a bit slow but now that I am back he will get hand fed again, so Tima does not steal his food. Tima is fat and happy!

The Farmer was out last night in sowing red clover into the wheat fields. Now that the wheat is established they lay in the cover crop seed so they all come up at the same time in the spring – crop and weed protection together.

The seed will lie dormant on the cold soil being moved down by the thaw and freeze and melting snow, until spring then the cover crop will germinate slightly behind the already established wheat enabling the wheat to rise up above the clover. That’s the plan anyway!

It is cold and blowing outside. I will do the rounds with extra straw. Time to get out there again.

Have a lovely day.


38 Comments on “BACK IN THE …

  1. Wow – the snow looks beautiful, but I’m sure you could do without it.
    It’s been a very mild winter here so far – up to 13ºC today with a big storm.
    Fantastic bread, as always!

  2. Welcome back! I wish things would change and FOLKS WOULD STOP complaining etc! There are so many things to be thankful for and being positive is far healthier. No radio OR TV on here! Hugs and glad you are home safely! ! Love Boos pic! xoxo

  3. Welcome back, I hope you had a nice break with your family, it looked like you did.

  4. So glad to have you on this side of the ocean, i ! It’s hard to go from carefree to the humdrum pattern of the everyday, but I know your farmy family is glad to see you back, as are we – your blog family!

  5. At breakfast this am I said to my husband I haven’t heard from Cecilia for a long long time. Hope everything is okay. And here you are! So glad you’re back in the saddle again ! Glad too the animals are in good shape. I was especially worried about Wai because he’s so fragile. His skin, I mean. And Boo and Ton I’d bet seriously feel the loss of you the most.

  6. Welcome back! Sad to say that the political wars wage on. Hopefully, only nine more months of it to endure. I am wondering about that cast iron domed piece on the wood counter. I have never seen such a piece. What is it? Say hi to Boo and Ton for me.

  7. We missed you, and we’re very glad you’re back. Generally, I zoom straight to the Farmy in my morning Reader, and it hasn’t been there 😦 It must be a relief to find everyone in good shape, the starter ready to start, and the Farmer on the job. Boo is trying to tell you all that happened, everything he smelled, and how much he missed you.

  8. Oh my goodness! Welcome home/back! We sorely missed you and you photos/comments. It’s so hard to return from carefree and dig right back in to where you left off. Hopefully, the plane ride gave you a ‘happy hour’ for transition!

  9. G;ad you came back to no dramas in the household. Had seen some of your photos on Instagram – absolutely love that one of Boo looking so in love with you on Valentine;s Day ! More your dog than just the farmy one . . . . just one question already asked on IG – why is the field crop being sown in the dark ? Oh and do hope your new and swishy-looking bread making dish is a successful future companion . . .

  10. Australia is not much different when it comes to political sniping, and I saw a recent artcile which suggests NZ is getting taste of it too. The off button for sure. Being part of it cannot do one any good. Better to focus on living well and walking our positive talk.

  11. Ugh that jetlag is horrible. Welcome back, feels like we have been away from the farm forever. Laura

  12. Boo Boo is so intense and expressive.
    (I do wish people could find the “Stop” button for making themselves and others miserable with all the telling people “do as I say, not as I do” and the mind dulling political sniping. There are other things in life worth paying attention to)
    Lovely pictures – brrrr very warm between fronts here. Spring weather patterns (and plants) are sort of on a two weeks early schedule

  13. So glad to hear again about the Flowerses, Jill from the Mill, and The Farmer”s going out to sow his seed. But as for Boo, I think that’s a question he’s about to ask. Perhaps about whether you are going to stay a while. It’s been so long.

  14. Boo’s pondering look of adoration says he’d like to ask Where do you go my Lovely? But never mind because its enough you’ve come back & all of us are glad you are back too, refreshed & renewed we hope, & that the Farmy Family has made it through. If only we can make it through this interminable godawful political season. Put on the music & audiobooks.

  15. I have been seeding Big Al’s exhibit ahead of his spring move. At the moment, it is a dreary sight – so much soggy, boggy mud. But spring has to come eventually. I need to buy a bag of red clover so that he has his favorite treat on move-in day.

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