Though today it has done nothing but rain, which is kind of nice when I am out of the rain working in the cold dry mill, though the rain was falling on snow and tonight the whole slushy mess will turn to ice and though yesterday was blowing snow with a little sun chiming in: Mr Flowers came right out into the yard, to sit.

He holds his bad leg up and uses it as a crutch when he walks. Poor old fellow. He is lucky he has the barn. He would not last long in the wild. Though he appears to have a cat friend.

His wing is still wonky but I think a lot of that has to do with balance, because it does not seem to impede his ability to fly. He flies down for breakfast in the morning and flies back up into the upper reaches of the barn to sleep at night. The ability of birds to overcome adversity never ceases to amaze me.

The guinea on the left of this picture has no feet at all!

Einkorn Pancakes. Einkorn is a beautiful ancient wheat. Actually Einkorn would make great pikelets.

Even spell check does not know what pikelets are! Though the recipes are not much different. Pikelets and pancakes are pretty similar except pikelets are smaller and eaten warm or cool with butter and jam.

It is evening now – the rainy day after the slushy day after the snowy day.

I got a lot of things started today but finished nary a one. Tomorrow will be a good day too I think, as I start to finish each of my new initiatives.

You have a lovely day too.


31 Comments on “MR FLOWERS

  1. Mr Flowers is really a remarkable bird…his markings are so unique ! Welcome back!

  2. Mr Flowers is looking so pretty!! I like his Buddy ~ Mr Kitty!!! Love all of these pictures ~ the Ducks are looking great!!! Keep well ~ yumm ~ want a slice of that bread with some butter on it!!! Take care Celi.

  3. Lordie – When I read your heading I thought handsome Mt Flowers had crossed the river into his forever home !! But he looks more handsome than ever . . .Absolutely love the photo of the ducks who seem unbothered by the white stuff under their feet 🙂 ! Love cold pikelets with interesting toppings and your top loaf of bread is a work of art . . .

  4. I’ll be right over for breakfast at yours… And that beautiful loaf, can that be lunch, with maybe a nice soft cheese and a drizzle of honey and some olives and and chorizo…? I’ll bring the honey, I have some local honey on the comb and it’s delicious. That bright blue sky and the snow look wonderfully brisk and chilly as I sit here in sweaty north Queensland, at 38°C and 80% humidity.

  5. Mr. Flowers looks like he has jewels on his head the way those little iridescent feather catch the light. I’m glad he’s recovering. I enjoyed the travel photos, so many interesting places to see and things to do. Have a lovely week.

  6. There’s a lot to be said for the way animals just keep on going without getting their heads in a knot about their state-of-being. I love hearing (and seeing) their stories.

  7. Wonderful Mr Flowers, poor footless guinea and out of this world baking, welcome back, have missed you and the farmy tales.

  8. Welcome back after a wonderful time with family! No doubt the farmy is delighted to have you home!

  9. Those guinea fowl must be about 10 years old!
    I’ve had pikelets before – I believe they come from Wales, but the thickness is like American and Canadian pancakes made with baking powder to make them rise. Here pancakes are thicker than a crepe, but perhaps half the thickness of a pikelet.
    Fabulous bread!

  10. Welcome home. Yes, the birds seem like they would be so fragile but they must really know how to overcome. I wish I could be a Mr. Flowers some days and just come down for breakfast and then back to my spot. lol

  11. Your pancakes look delicious. A lot of London pigeons do not have feet, they still survive.

  12. Yes, I’m wondering the same thing! And Mr. Flowers is so, well, gorgeous.

  13. Pikelets – I think we call those silver dollar pancakes down here. And I eat jam on all my pancakes. Well Orange Marmalade is my go to, but strawberry jam is a good substitute. Glad you are back.

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