Good morning everybody!

It is not Sunday it is Saturday but I have been having day naming issues all week. And I started this post last Sunday so that is why this post begins with: it is Sunday again and cool and overcast and a little breezy. The leaves are beginning to turn. Slightly on the South Side.

Confused yet? Me too!!

More fully on the West Side.

Tima is already at the gate – she knows that on the weekend she gets the gate opened so she can wander out into the field. Even BooBoo seems to know what day it is. The sixth day is a half day and today is the seventh day – on this day we walk together so he is sticking close as a reminder.

It is back to leaving in the dark and returning in the dark.

But I am holding tight to my job at a time when many many people have no job at all

I just got distracted there for a while. I need to set up reminders of people’s birthdays on my phone. – I have a big family, and being so far away from them means I miss the natural dialogue around birthdays. Another downside of living away from family. And I have never been able to successfully load everyone’s birthdays into my phone so it sets up reminders! . My memory appears to be failing me lately. And posting presents from here is crazy because mail so incredibly expensive and really, really slow. And – anyway –

And there are more yellow leaves on the ground. Autumn this year is being nice and slow. Allowing the trees to turn in their own time. It is cold but not too cold yet.

And now it is the following weekend. And Saturday. I am off to work shortly. Time goes shooting past. And once again Tima is waiting at her gate ready to spend the weekend in the field. And Boo is at my feet.

I am determined to have a very well managed weekend. I will make a list. I will make a weeks worth of lunches. I might shop( online). I need to take my new phone in because the WiFi is being weird. I will wash all my masks and socks and work clothes and hang them out to dry. I will shift the pigs into their winter quarters. Vegetables – I need lots of vegetables. I will sauté a weeks worth of vegetables: zucchini and broccoli and any kind of pumpkin I can get my hands on, then fresh kale and greens cut like confetti. Then layer these into five jars and store them in the fridge. On a work-day morning I open a container, top the vegetables with a boiled egg or some goats cheese or left-overs from last night’s dinner and out the door lunch in hand. No more bread!

I am not baking bread for two weeks.

I am going to make a T-shirt that says:

Janie’s Mill – our Gluten is Maximus.

No-one but me thinks that is funny!! But I do need a break from bread.

Have a lovely day.


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  1. May I point out it’s Saturday today? 😆😆😆 Your job has discombobulated you, I fear. I send hugs. Ps. We made loads of bread too during lockdown, and then… we had to stop!

  2. I was a bit confused but I see you rolled one weekend into the other. A very appropriate way of doing things, since life just keeps rolling along! I’m going to try your jar salad idea. And I have to agree. Glutin is Maximus is and I need a break. Cheers Celi. I hope you have a productive weekend and it just keeps on rolling.

      • Ah. I also hate tight clothing! Our animal cycles wish to slow in the winter months (and our metabolism follow suit) but our modern life doesn’t often allow for a seasonal rest and here we are.
        I am still trying to find a way to make bread that doesn’t light up inflammation in my body. I may never find it but I haven’t stopped thinking I will.

  3. I had a good belly laugh at your pun on ‘gluten maximus! I’ve been in your shoes for a month – thought it was Hallowe’en last month, can’t remember the day or date, and folks have to send me reminder mail on the puter to make certain I keep appointments! Has anyone here figured out a foolproof system in managing this dilemma? Ceci, I loved seeing the colors in your leaves – they are glorious this year! The majority of ours have fallen, even our indoor trees. What a mess, but it is ‘Fall’. Do they change clocks back tonight in your State? That’s always good for more confusion!

  4. Great to see the cows n Tima n the ducks!! I miss BooBoo!!! Give him hugs for me!! Nature’s colors are beautiful at this time of the year!!! Take care Celi ~~~

  5. Your leaves have not turned as mush as ours in the Blue Ridge. Ours were glorious this past week & then Zeta blew through & they are nearly gone, alas. All but the reddish brown oak leaves which hang on all winter. I believe our pets especially who live with our timetables know the routine & what day it is. But barn yard creatures have calendars too I think. I was never much of a bread eater, & have only baked one loaf in my life. I do love a baguette now & then & a fresh good seeded rye for marmalade toast & great sandwiches. And olive rosemary or walnut loaves too when I spy them. But I could eat biscuits, little thin buttermilk or beaten biscuits with country ham every day of my life. Then my gluten would be very maximus too. But since the biscuits are only a dream from childhood that will never come true, I can stay fairly average sized.

      • They are a Kentucky specialties & you can buy a package of authentic ones at A Taste of Kentucky (dot com), which has ham for sale too. I have seen the biscuit “brakes” that were used to make them which looked like torture machines – boards with sharp spines or points which the biscuit dough was smacked against on the sharp points& repeated till it blistered. There is an accurate sounding recipe at “allrecipes” which says the food processor can do it. I wouldn’t add as much sugar as they call for though. They are the very faintest sweet & very dense but not tooth breakers. But they are very best with thin thin little slice of true Ky. country ham, salt cured, aged 2 yrs. Or finely ground Ky. ham. Those pair perfectly with each other. I think they can also be ordered from Berea College Bakeries. They are a rare culinary treat. I like your curious mind, Celi. Thanks for inquiring.

  6. Hi Cecilia! Good to hear from you and the “Lounge”. Yes I’d love to see Boo and Ton and Wai and Mr. Flowers –and love seeing the ducks.I can hear them quacking. And the cows look great. Plus, of course, Tima.

  7. If no one else there thinks that’s funny, then I would probably have to find some new friends! :))

    • Hmm, if they didn’t get it, perhaps they’re just not up on the Latin nomenclature for Body Parts, C? Punning’s been a part of life all along – a true lifeline, if you get right down to it – and sharp wits are important pieces of cutlery; ) So you keep right on pitching and we’ll keep catchin’ em, ‘kay?; )

  8. Simply lovely and calm photos! Could you order things online from New Zealand stores and save $$ on shipping? Take care we love you!
    ps I have to use another email logon to post as I can no longer use my gmail on your site. Rats.

  9. Ah, someone else who can’t work out what day it is. My activities rotate around someone on a 12-day cycle, 4 day shifts, 4 night shifts, 4 off shifts. How am I supposed to remember what day of the week it is? We don’t have weekends like everyone else, and it’s as much as I can do to remember how many days I have left in each shift! I hope your Gluten Maximus famine won’t last too long – having reunited with good bread after years of awful gluten free stuff, it’s still a miracle, and I feel your pain. And those tight clothes? Don’t forget you’re asking your body to do different work these days: no more carrying heavy buckets, somehow staying warm in ridiculously cold temperatures, hauling bales of hay, walking tens of thousands of steps a day….

    • ‘Zactly what I was thinking about ‘inside work’ and the Glutinous Maximus (Oops, LOL! Did I actually say that out loud?) Suppose that’s really not a good one to boost sales, is it C? ; ) But oh, my heart bleeds for you Kate! Is that what’s called a ‘Continental Shift’?? :/) Bloody brutal at the best of times, never mind in the time of Covid when all normal markers have been obliterated and emotional eating seems to be a natural fallback for most everyone you talk to these days. Hang in there Girls. Big Hugs across the globe!

  10. Hi Celi! I can SO relate to you saying your memory is failing! But I’m convinced it is partially these “trying times” as a friend says. There is so much bombarding us and so much to remember right now – I feel like I have to jettison info just to stay calm and maybe clear. I feel like I’m turning in circles all the time. This is not how I’m trying to live. I want to get back to slowing down a little. I hope you managed your calmer, list-based weekend. Your photos are lovely and the last pic of the ducks in their pond is just glorious. Thank you for sharing!

  11. I’m hearing you… I still run a paper diary with birthdays, and Google reminders which roll over from year to year but in practice only works so-so. As for sending gifts, when I see or make something I send it whenever. These days I bake and freeze, or bake for visitors. Focaccia is always popular. I did the same with work breakfasts and lunches… so nice to have a bit of home with you to get you through the day. I love all the farmy photo insights but at the moment I’m really enjoying seeing the ducks and their pond ♡

  12. Oh Lord, Celie. The first thing I ask myself on waking is, what day is it? The second is, what do I have to do today? I have my bday reminders in my phone but I always list them on the wall calendar too and have made a habit to look at it regularly. This getting old stuff is truly for the birds. Is there nothing happier than ducks with fresh water? We had a beautiful slow fall, really got a chance to enjoy the changing colors but this past week has been windy so most of the leaves are down.

  13. Lovely post, so good to hear from you. I am ALWAYS one day ahead now, very weird. Think l should go without bread for a bit, but just can’t imagine it! Love autumn but not so winter, as we return to lock down in England l will be having to make sure l get out everyday whatever the weather for fresh air and exercise!

  14. Love the pond! I have two ducks, one lays eggs. I thought I would love the eggs but the white is so thick for frying.

  15. I love good bread and I’m lucky enough to live near a small bakery which delivers fresh organic sourdough. But sometimes even I need a break from bread too! Instead of eating it for lunch, I sometimes make a quick noodle salad (it keeps cold in the fridge for the next day), using soba or udon rice noodles, finely chopped raw veg (usually a pointed cabbage or broccoli, carrots and peppers) and a dressing of sesame oil, soy sauce and ginger.

    I enjoyed your Gluten Maximus pun! 😀

    I hope you have a lovely Sunday. We’re in lockdown again in the UK but at least I can get out for fresh air and a walk — the sun is shining and the remnants of ex-Hurricane Zeta have whipped up the wind. Beautifully autumnal!

  16. I think the Gluten Maximus is hilarious! I love your humor……

  17. I wish I could eat bread all day, but unfortunately it seems the closer I get to the age of 50 the harder it is to keep the weight off. So mostly I just give away what I bake. Half the joy at least – right? LOL

  18. Love the sight(and sound!) of ducks bathing♥️ and your photo is so incredibly joyful!! A spectacular shot and just what I/ what we ALL need right now. Thank you Celi, thinking of you all to the south these many days… Be well, take care, good luck♥️

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