Steak and Butternut Pie.

I love pies.

Not the American pies so much, though today I am making a lemon meringue pie like my Mum used to make, but just for the photo – my old comfort food from New Zealand is a good old steak pie which I made for dinner last night.

A beautiful Steak and Butternut pie.

Here is an old recipe from years ago in my daily blogging days. This one is Steak and Caramelised onion. I have learnt a bit more about flour since I made that crust and now I use a pastry blender – it is a hand tool. And this is my new favourite tool for pastry. And after a ton of experimentation I blend Janie’s Mill Pastry flour with the Janie’s Mill All Purpose flour for my perfect country pastry. Of course!

We shifted the cows yesterday. Now they are on the other side where the grass is long! We have five cows but with this mild weather we still have heaps of grass. We have never had this much feed in the fields and hay in the barns. John is doing a good job managing the farm.

Back to the pastry. Just the usual proportions 4/2/1 – for example – 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of good butter, 1/2 cup of water.

The sun is coming up into a warm overcast day.

I hope you all have a lovely day – wherever you are.

Take care.

Breathe now.


28 Comments on “Steak and Butternut Pie.

  1. I do my pastry exactly as you do — and so did my mother and grandmother, who taught me. Occasionally Grandma would use Crisco rather than butter, and I never complained about the results with that, either. I use the same sort of pastry blender, too, although we called it a pastry cutter.

    • Pastry cutter is better. There are a few names for this utensil – when I went looking for one I had to describe it in mime to the woman in the kitchen shop- as I had no idea what it was called – I am tempted to call it Bob.

  2. That’s a lovely pie – I particularly like the look of the pastry lid. I bet the lemon meringue pie is delicious too – I’m not big on puddings, but I’d love that!

  3. My Grandmother[French/Irish] taught me to bake when I was not yet a teen. She used butter sometimes, but her go to was hog lard. BTW she lived to be 96 yo.

  4. Oh yummy photos! So good to read your posts- wish we lived closer to you! xoxo
    I’ve had to “invent” a new email so I can still post on your blog- your blog won’t allow me to use my old gmail

  5. Oh my goodness! That looks absolutely DELICIOUS! It makes me want to crawl into the computer monitor with a big spoon in hand and dive in! I’ve printed off the recipe and will try to find time to make it soon! Maybe a good candidate for a non-traditional Thanksgiving Dinner?

  6. Lemon meringue pie, delicious. So glad to read that John is such a good farm manager, one less thing for you to worry about.

  7. I’ve never been good at pastry, I’m told my hands are too warm. Maybe a pastry blender would fix that problem. That pie photo has my stomach rumbling, even at 3.30am, after seeing the Husband off to day shift…

  8. OMG! That is one gorgeous meat pie Celi! Did you happen to get a shot of the Lemon Meringue as well? Definitely one of my childhood favourites (but how do you pick just one? lol; )

  9. My Nana and both her mother and mother-in-law used lard for their pie crusts. Love the Steak and Squash pie, it’d be a great autumn or winter dinner. I’d have to find someone to come over and help me eat it at it would be way too much for one person.

  10. Comfort food is the best cuisine… mmm… I’m so suggestible… I need to think about dinners for this week. A pastry cutter… I like that idea… my hands aren’t as as able as they used to be.

  11. Wow, Lady! That butternut squash sure adds a zing of color to your steak pie and looks so inviting to eat! Your Fall colors are gorgeous! It’s snowlowing like crazy here in Yosemite and with the wind, you feel like you’re in a snow globe that just got a good shaking! Be happy and keep up the ‘breathe’! We all need that! and Thank You!

  12. Great that you can go to your long work days knowing the farmy is well looked after . . . good to hear from you and yours. Since I hardly ever bake, hardly ever make or eat a pie . . . it is kind of funny I actually have had a pastry cutter forever ! Must have thought at the time its presence would enthuse me 🙂 ! Yours looks moreish tho’ . . . am certain it was greatly enjoyed . . .

  13. Your pastry cutter is in much better shape than mine. Mine is a series of wires and after getting caught in the drawer multiple times it’s a bit worse for wear but it still works! I used it to blend a streusel/oatmeal topping for a apple crisp pizza this morning.

    • Oh yeah, totally get that Sherry:/ Wrecked my first pastry blender by storing it in a drawer, then spent the next few decades moving it in and out of the top baking dish. Only very recently got the brainstorm of parking it inside the sifter, where it’s an absolutely perfect (safe!) fit and finally out of the way; )

  14. It’s been on my mind lately to make a meat pie. I’ve never made one, but yours looks so good that I really think it’s time I try!

  15. Oh Cecilia how I love pies. I made a cottage pie at the weekend with potato, cauliflower and broccoli topping. It’s supposed to be spring here but it’s still cold enough for pies.

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