Along comes Mr Cool

The cool is creeping in. The little glasshouse is beginning its slow move into winter. The house will get colder and colder ( the battle for the temperature gauge will be lost because I am seldom in the house) and it will never really warm up again until next summer. And the mill is even colder than the house. I dread these Midwest winters as you all know. I do nothing but complain. (And am starting early).

Rabbit Rabbit ( her name is actually Nelson – so named by her first person) is going to live in town where there are radiators to cuddle up to. I hope that works out for her. I would love someone with a rabbit to adopt her but she has lived alone with people for four or five years now so I hope she is happy with The Matriarch for the winter.

She is loving the grass but she will freeze out there. Though the cats live outside all winter.

I drove up the drive after work the other day to see all the ducks splashing about in the pond and the lone guinea standing on a high rock beside the water watching them. On guard. I could just hear her: No diving! Stop splashing water in your sisters eyes! Any more of that behaviour and you will all be getting out of the pool! 5 more minutes! Are you listening to me!? Come on everyone – here comes Miss C’s car- BUCKET TIME!

I am making pasta for a zoom class on Sunday. It is through a local supermarket – people buy a kit then a guest cook does a class on zoom and everyone cooks together. I am this weeks guest cook – so I am making pasta with our Italian Style Pizza Flour. It will be fun – I think!

Might be my next career! Here is my cooking show hero. Do you remember Floyd? And his cameraman? and the slow decline into delight as they consumed a shows worth of wine? I love this guy. I hope this link takes you to the right Floyd. He took a bit of finding.

I especially love Clive – who I have never seen. After I close the shop today I am going to make WaiWai his winter bed. Already both pigs have begun to build their nests.

Tima is still in the diet barn while we wait for the corn to be harvested. Wai is more than happy with this arrangement.

Such as it is. The corn will be lovely but there is not much of it left after the great flood.

Here is a flash back:

The cows have finished eating the last of the vegetable garden.

Time for me to get going! Today seems slow to begin.

Have a lovely day.


PS I will be back tomorrow with ‘24 seconds outside my front door’. Many of you joined last week! Thank you! Keep going as long as you can bear it! Many of you loaded your 24 seconds onto Instagram which is so much easier. Plus a few of you right here on WordPress – I am loving watching Autumn fall or Spring flourish – 24 seconds ( or one still) at a time! Leave the links in the comments tomorrow so we can all come over and enjoy. I am especially loving the birdsong from each location.

21 Comments on “Along comes Mr Cool

  1. ooops “Not Found. Error 404″ comes up instead of you….tried everything I know…you probably know by now

    PS Love my flour !! Thanks

    On Sat, Oct 23, 2021 at 8:04 AM thekitchensgarden wrote:

    > Cecilia Mary Gunther posted: ” The cool is creeping in. The little > glasshouse is beginning its slow move into winter. The house will get > colder and colder ( the battle for the temperature gauge will be lost > because I am seldom in the house) and it will never really warm up again > unti” >

  2. All good now, thank you. Lovely post today. Keith Floyd certainly was a character, the forerunner and best of the tv chefs l think! Gorgeous rabbit. You really do work too hard, with that zoom you are working a seven day week! Don’t know how you manage it? Love hearing about grumpy old Wai Wai. Take care.

  3. What a beautiful little rabbit so cute! We had a small black rabbit when my kids were small, he was really vicious, we tried everything to make him happier but he just didn’t like people. I had to wear heavy duty gardening gloves to handle him! He lived until he was ten though. We made sure he had a great run ect. I love Floyd too, such a character. Have a lovely weekend.

    • We had a rabbit like that once too in New Zealand when the kids were little. We called him Killer! He bit one of the kids once – horrible thing. But in NZ they live outside and eat kitchen scraps – much easier to manage.

  4. I”m confused…who does the rabbit belong to? And it’s great to see Wai Wai and know he’s doing well. Will we get to see the cooking show you are doing? I’m in the process of moving, but maybe I can take a picture of my new city backyard when I move and post it to Youtube…I don’t use Instagram right now.

  5. Oh my, I read this post much too early this morning and thought for sure you had written guinea PIG rather than just guinea (as in fowl)! All sorts of craziness was spinning around my head, most of all when/why you came across a guinea pig and why it was supervising the afternoon bath. Then I saw the picture and spotted the leader of the pack marching off to the dinner bucket. I still feel rather foolish…

  6. I think I need to find out more about Keith Floyd… I like old-style tv cooking shows… my first love was Antonio Collucio!
    You have a great ability for dialogue… I can hear the guinea fowl, as I read the words.
    My seasonsofsundaymorning #weeklyinspo from @cecilia_thekitchensgarden post is up on my Instagram Stories @daleleelife101 … not much bird song just the soundtrack of people packing up their caravans and heading home.

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