24 Seconds out my Front Door

Week 3

46F / 7.7C

Going to rain all day long!

Looking forward to seeing what is out your Front Door!

Good morning!


35 Comments on “24 Seconds out my Front Door

  1. Can you send some of that rain down here? My post today was of something else, but that turmeric is growing just outside my front door, and you can see the grass beyond is brown and crispy… I am envious of your green grass and moderate temperatures!

  2. Ok I can send a 10 second video to Gmail or Discord but no more so that’s the only way I know to send it from my iPhone.
    And my iPhone 11 has low quality sound because there was a mockingbird singing his head off. So my apologies…here’s my 10 second video which I should’ve turned sideways. LOL

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  4. Yes, I’m with Kate, hoping you can send some rain to us. It is dry, dry, dry here in Alice Springs! I so enjoyed hearing the sound of your rain!

  5. A small bit of the garden with cosmos badly in need of staking up after a few storms. We’ll see if this works. Not tried it before.
    [video src="https://foundlines.files.wordpress.com/2021/10/img_3448.mp4" /]

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