Full Moon Full Schmoon

Did you see this pic on my Instagram feed yesterday?

It is not a conventionally pretty shot. The internet is full of the most amazing close-ups of this other worldly out of this world moon. But the juxtaposition of scrappy industrial detritus and perfect natural beauty appeals to me. I do love balance but we do not live in a perfectly balanced sublimely curated Instagram world.

I did a whole series on decay when I was younger – but where all those images ended up I have no idea. Traveling does that to a person. Her memories get lost. No memorabilia to remind her of the memories. If we were to hang a whole decade of memories on one image what would it be.

I am waiting for the sunrise. No work today – not officially anyway. We are again at that stage in the year when I leave for work in the dark and return in the dark. I do not see daylight for five days. I see these Midwest winters as my anti-skin-cancer period! But I never see my animals in daylight, they are all tucked up in bed when I get back to the farm.

Well the light is up. So I will go visiting.

Good morning Nelson. No sun today.

A beautiful crop of roosters.

Tima and Wai ( under the pile of blankets in the background) still sleeping. It was early yet – when I layered up and went out.

Time for me to get going too!! I am working on my cheese loaf. Maybe rolls.

Oh, the book I am reading is called The Lincoln Highway – A Novel. So good!! Written by the same fellow who wrote A Gentleman in Moscow. Two extraordinary books. I have to keep reminding myself to read slowly.

I have read A Gentleman in Moscow three times.

Good morning!

Have a lovely day!


31 Comments on “Full Moon Full Schmoon

  1. Good morning Celi! So love to see your Saturday posts! I listened to ‘The Lincoln Highway’ by Amor Towles on Audible and LOVED it!!! The readers are very good! He also wrote ‘Rules of Civility’ that was very good.’ I believe he worked on The Lincoln Highway for 4 years! What an author, and what a story!
    Nelson seems to be fairing well, no doubt loving her new home. And it’s good to see that Wai and Tima are rooming together again. So happy you can enjoy daylight for the weekend! Not seeing the sun can be difficult. I lived above the Arctic Circle in Alaska for several years, and only saw the tiniest glimpse of the sun each day. That glimpse a day was certainly a treat! Wishing you and the Fellowship a fabulous weekend! 🙂

  2. Decay can be a very interesting subject. I spent some time in Detroit and the way things have fallen apart and been consumed by nature is amazing.

  3. Oh these are great pictures Celi!!! love all the farmy animals!!! looks like Tima and Wai are snoring away!!! love seeing Nelson ~~ she is so pretty!! Any cheese crumbs left over ~~ I’ll eat ’em!!! Have a nice Thanksgiving with Boo n Ton n Nelson John n the Matriach!!!

  4. Hope you enjoyed the daylight. That Nelson is gorgeous and lovely to see Tima and Wai sleeping in such close proximity.
    Those roosters are splendid. Gonna check out that author, though how you find time to read?? Hope you have a good restful Sunday.

  5. I would be happy to share some of my sunshine. This time of year it hangs low in the sky and is in my eyes all day, or reflected off my glasses or the car’s windshield.

    I do get good views of the moon, when weather is clear, but I missed the eclipse.

    Love your farmy photos.

  6. Love your photos- Nelson made me laugh! Put the recommended book on hold- thanks for telling us about it! have a great weekend!

  7. Do you pet her? Will Nelson allow you to pet her? She is adorable. Yes, the moon. To me we have nothing short of raped her. A strong opinion, but all mine. Love that the piggies are at last sleeping together. Some day when you have time, I’d love to hear the farm sounds again. My strongest sense is hearing, not seeing.

  8. Your moon shot was interesting… more contemplative than conventionally pretty. I love the complementary moon and headlights, the centre framing between two trees, the balance of sky and tarmac, the inclusion of the juxaposition of truck with the potential for movement and the static building… photography magic! It’s common and natural for a moon in an organic settings but an urban landscape gives it a contemporary stage.

    • Thank you for these words. You have put into words what I was feeling – the run down trailers in the distance – the truck with its dual moons- all of it adds up to a real moon.

  9. You’ve reminded me that I wanted to read A Gentleman in Moscow again, thank you! In fact, I’ve downloaded it from the library as an audiobook, which I will enjoy on long early morning walks with doggo before it gets too hot. Stay warm, Miss C, that landscape is looking distinctly chilly and long underwearsy.

  10. I love your photo exactly as it is. What you call “detritus” is what makes the picture SO beautiful. The composition is excellent! 😉 oh, and Nelson. He’s a beauty. I do love bunnies. We miss our Lucy very much. She lived to the ripe old age of 13, which I understand is quite old for a rabbit. x

  11. I don’t think I could manage for days without daylight. I can barely manage a room without windows for any length of time. They would probably be putting me in a padded room after a couple of days. I do like your shot of the moon. Great perspective.

  12. i had to come back here to tell you i got the book A Gentleman in Moscow and love it!! Thanks! Chris

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