24 seconds out my front door

I waited a little longer this morning.

So there was more light. And much to my delight there was WaiWai out on a morning stroll!

It is warm this morning – 45F and going up to 52F with a little breeze today so I am hanging sheets on the clothesline.

Dough is rising for this weeks bread.

Experimenting with flour for biscuits ( that we call scones in New Zealand).

It was a tie! The JM Italian Style flour made lighter fluffier biscuits but the JM Silky Smooth Pastry/ All Purpose held together better.

So much fun.

Good morning!


22 Comments on “24 seconds out my front door

  1. Good morning WaiWai!! how are you? looks like you’re out there with the ducks!! you gonna swim with them?!!! Bread looks good!! Enjoy!! Great to see the sun out!!! Have a good day Celi!! Hugs to Boo and Ton!!!

  2. And a Happy Good Morning to you and your busy ducks plus WaiWai ! I think this once week glimpse is very fun! I might have to do out my back door next week! There is more to see and hear there! Cheers!

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