Judey Poodey is back

And he is HUGE!

He literally saunters to and fro.

FreeBee is equally well fed.

They are calm and gentle giants. Super relaxed. They have obviously been really well treated and well looked after.

They are in their first pen – then I will train them to the electric fence so they can start turning over next years garden. And I bet they are going to be machines in the gardening business!

The chook house is not always pretty! 😂

That is all for today.

Its a school day!

Care to caption this one?

More pictures to come!

Lovely day today!


16 Comments on “Judey Poodey is back

  1. Lovely, contended pigs. Good for you to know the best place for them to go to live. What a life they have had and will continue to have back with you. The good news is that they will be earning their keep turning over the garden for you! Then John will be happy because they won’t be pets.🤭🤫

  2. What beautiful, happy, relaxed pigs! I must have missed something but why are they back with you?
    Did their shelter home close?

  3. Jude has epic eyelashes, a real heartbreaker. That soundtrack was perfect for his slightly swaggering entrance, centre stage!

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