Where have all the bloggers gone?

If you are still here with me. Blogging and Writing and Publishing. Then I applaud your tenacity! We are amazing! We have beaten off the naysayers and we are stars!

roosters in front of old american barn

Lately I have had a hankering to find all our old blogger friends from the old days on the Farmy. Yes, there is housekeeping going on but this farm blog has been in existence since July 2011 and has plenty of life in it yet!

large berkshire boar walking out of old black rusty stock trailer without wheels

The Kitchens Garden has had almost 3 million views now. (Oh how I wish everyone had left a dollar). 2,784 posts. And when I look back the colour looks brighter back then. What is that about? It must have been my editing. Or everything looks better in the OLDEN DAYS. OR possibly because we are in the sepia season out here on the prairies right now?.

Blue peacock with long tail standing on hood on Red Dodge truck

Here is my very first post on July 4 2011.

For years I blogged every day, then I got a full time (12 hour day) job then I lost the plot and went on sabbatical. (After coming close to burning right out during the pandemic). All over the last decade. And now I am up-scaling and re-vamping and monetizing (without ads so do not be afraid) but in the end this will still be a farm blog and sometimes a travel blog. It will still be me.

So where are they all? The other bloggers – our old friends.

grey rooster with white tail in light of door of old barn, amidst junk and water barrel
old dog walking in barn door, light from behind, partially in light, surrounded in junk

Mad continues to post the most amazing food by the way.

And thank you SO MUCH for hanging with me through the Rough Time. You are my stars!

Do you know where some of the others have gone? Have they all gone to (horror) Instagram? I follow their names and get: Not Found. Private Blog. Nothing since years ago.

This has become a very odd post but I am genuinely wanting to get back in touch.

Is blogging still a thing?

I had better get to work. It is Sunday and sunny and I am reorganising the feed shed. I’ll show you next time.

Very soon I am going to quit the online teaching and be back farming full time – then I will be blogging much more often and managing The Sustainable Home that we are building next door.

Love Celi

Love Love Celi!!

79 Comments on “Where have all the bloggers gone?

  1. What if I got into trouble some way’s and don’t have any technical support even I have in a family like you and I’m not stopping by blog’s

  2. Love your blog! I can stay in touch with nature and gardening by reading and commenting on your posts! We used to live on 7.5 acres on top of a hill surrounded by mountains and all sorts of animals. I miss that a lot! We now live in a city, BUT we have a protected greenspace behind our home and we can watch the animals go by and hear the seasonal creek at night in the winter! Thanks for following my blog- appreciate that!

  3. I still have my blog but haven’t put anything on it in a very long time. I keep saying I want to get back at it but not sure how to go about it. I have ideas but never get them into words. The original theme has changed for me since I am in a different stage of life. The daughter that I was teaching, cooking, creating and adventuring with is now a busy teen. It worked its purpose then but I need to change it. I need to revamp and think I want to move into more of sustainable waste free type of theme to share idea, tips and support others blogs. I just need to buckle down get a plan and start typing. Im thinking in a schedule like bi-weekly or monthly. Will anyone still read or find it? Is anyone paying attention to blogs anymore? I feel kind of useless and helpless with the state of things. What do you think?

    • I absolutely think you should start blogging again – even just a photo and a few words to keep us in touch!

      I am aiming for daily blogging again. Though that was always difficult when I was travelling. I think blogs have always maintained their piece of the internet real estate and with all the AI changes will continue to do so. Original voices will become quite the thing soon!

    • I also still have my blog but have not posted anything in a few years. I wrote about my farm animals, mostly my goats, and now that i no longer have them, I haven’t felt that I have enough of interest to share with everyone. Who knows! Maybe I can start sharing my sewing and fiber adventures, but especially since the pandemic, I don’t feel that my life is that interesting!

      • How are you!?I remember your blog and the goats, I loved it. I think you have plenty to share people love swing and fibre crafts, especially if you are into mending or showing people how to fix things. We need to mend more and buy less. Show us what you are up to, it might inspire someone!

  4. Thank you for the shout!
    There are so many lost bloggers that I really miss – Tanya and Roger in particular! I’m so glad you are back on the farmy and posting pictures of the animals again, especially the pigs.
    The colours looking brighter in the old days could be down to the camera – they are all different, even two of the same model can have slightly different colour or contrast!

    • Mad posts faithfully every Saturday the most tantalizing food you can imagine. I miss Roger too, Mad, & Rosemary. There are many other arts, fiber, food blogs I loved which have vanished. Some delightful gardening, nature, fiber & lit blogs do still drop in my inbox regularly. I am so glad you returned, Celi, & the Farmy’s wonderful characters have returned too or never ever left it in the first place. It is a most special place in the middle of Middle America. We are very happy you are all there now, re-inspired, energized & sharing with us again.

  5. Hi Cecelia, I’m new to this blog. I’m a baker and I missed you from the other place, so I found you here. I always meant to write you there, but I didn’t.

  6. I have been blogging every day for 15 years and have had over 1,516,000 hits and thousands of comments that tend to come from the same small group of readers. Your posts show up in my email so I have been able to tune in. My posts to others have been more of an ongoing conversation between us…. So many other bloggers post and seldom respond, causing a loss in interest. We still have a farm in western New York, have horses, a dog and cats and continue to grow organic veggies which (except for garlic) we share with family and friends. The seed garlic is easily sold to other growers. We are both about to turn 80 and working outside year round has kept us in pretty good shape. My blog is a journal of what I do everyday and I can’t believe that anyone cares what I am doing.

    • I think responding to ones comments is absolutely paramount. It is just good manners really. Having a big garden is a great way to stay fit!! I will be away part of this summer again so even though i will get the garden IN I bet it is a weedy mess by the time I get back.

      Seed garlic sounds like a great little sideline!

      I love that people are still reading about our farms it is so rewarding to be able to share. Now I need to make sure I am following you – so many of my connections fell off over the years!

  7. I think I came onboard somewhere around 2012 or 13? It was connected to the time my first granddaughter was born. I did change the blog title, but I see you found that C from a notification earlier so YAY! I did jump with you to IG for some time but then found nothing I really cared for on IG at all. I like the words, and the more personal connections of blogging and I knew you would check in as you were able. I will likely be hanging around blogging until my fingers give out and of course I am humming along with the Sustainable Home so don’t plan to go anywhere. The early farmy days were so fun but life does move on in ways we often can’t control. I have seen many bloggers over the years just fade away sadly.

  8. I’m still blogging, and I appreciate you popping into my blog to comment. I began in December 2010 slowly, eventually posting frequently as a lifeline while I worked and lived in the city, plotted and planned towards our shift to the country which happened in late 2015. I now aim for a steady monthly blog post but I’m on Instagram most days posting or commenting… its brevity suits the mixed-bag that is now my day-to-day. Not too long after I started my blog I found The Farmy, a few others via the comments, who connected me with yet others and so began a blogging community that continues to this day albeit with gaps, changes and supplements via Insta community. The connections continue to inform, inspire and sustain me.

      • It is thanks to you and the other bloggers I met way back when that I was able to flesh out my dreams and believe I would make them happen. I love that so many of us are still in it together trying to make the world a better place through our own small but mighty efforts. And a couple of close blogger friends have passed on… who I miss still, think of often and do it for them also.

  9. I miss the woman who had a tiny creature in a tiny teacup. I always wanted to know what kind of creatures it was, but never found out.

  10. it’s so easy to get caught up in the chores and projects to forget to document them! I take pictures of all our projects but rarely can I get all my neurons on the same wavelength long enough to finish a blog post. However! Hope springs eternal and I have finished a post just this morning and have a new goal of one per month(ish). Would love more visitors! SourwoodHill.com.

  11. I’m still with you and continue to love your blog . I hope blogging is still a thing because I’m still doing it too)

  12. I started blogging in 2010 so close to the same time as you. The blog was mostly about the ranch, training the horses, and the other animals. When we moved to Northern California my new job kept me so busy that I had no time or energy for posting. Heck, I didn’t even have time to train my horses. And, now, we’ve sold the ranch and moved to Oregon. I don’t ride anymore (stupid getting older health issues) so it doesn’t feel the same. I’ve thought about blogging about the gardening I’m doing here — new focus in life on being a Master Gardener — but really would need to start a new blog for that. …and don’t have the energy. Creating a new blog is a lot of work. So, there you are. I do enjoy reading about your adventures.

  13. Oh Celi ~ I have been so very sick for over a week with this terrible really swelled red sore throat, nonstop hard coughing and choking, nonstop running nose, awful tight chest, stomach muscles and ribs feel like they’re torn and broken, super achy ~ ~ tests for strept throat and covid ~ but negative ~ thank goodness. Today is the first I’m up a bit. Dr says everybody in Central Illinois has it. So I’ve been super miserable. Of course with the stress of Jerry being gone ~ sure doesn’t help. Miss him so much. I want to send you a check for your family and friends for the flooding ~ oh that’s so terrible. So so sorry for them. I sure never saw anything on the news about it ~ and I tape all the news channels. Better take Boo with ya so he can help out!!!
    take care and love ya Celi.

    • You poor thing getting so sick! I also had that stomach bug for a day or so and it was explosive! I know how your ribs feel. No nee to send money for the flooding – our truck has already delivered our donations. The next donations I will hand deliver in June. You get better and get back out into your garden – hopefully that will help with your grief.

  14. As you know, I’m still here — and was happy as could be to see the email for this post pop up. I’m still no farmer or gardener, but I have found a source for the bestest eggs ever — a local guy with a real flock, and the business name of Kenz Henz! I’ve read some interesting articles recently about revivified blogging; it seems some people are getting tired of twitter/insta/facebook etc. As the saying has it, what goes around, comes around!

  15. Still here and writing much less these days. But I’m hoping to get back into posting more often this year! Love reading your adventures on and off the Farmy!

  16. I miss blogging but I have very little time to devout to it lately. I have been trying to post my adventures via photos on Facebook for now until I can figure out my next steps. I so need an update in technology too – laptop, photo storage, etc. I continue to read what the other bloggers are up to though. Happy Day – Enjoy 🙂

  17. I am still here! I’ve been blogging for years and years I started in 2007 and came on board your blog just about the time you started in 2011.
    Blogging is my outlet for my thoughts, my love of our farm, writing, and taking photos. Like you I’ve lots of people along the way, but I have gained many close friends who are still reading my blog today.

    I have not gone over to Instagram. Too much work for me. I do post to FaceBook as so many of my readers only do FaceBook.

    I’m glad you are back.

    • I have only been posting every week or so lately before that we went a while with once a month!! But I am back in the hot seat now and raring to go.

      I do pop over every now and then to see how you are doing. It looks cold there still!

  18. Still following your wonderful stories! Though I have not done much of my own blogging lately. The past few years have a taken a mental toll on many of us it seems, including myself. Keep the blog going!

  19. I am still a blogger–have been for about 14-15 years now–and have been reading you for a long time–I am a senior who lives in HUD Senior apt complex in the south–so I have done my farming through you–I do do alot of hand crafted items–I do cross stitching, quilting with only hand quilted quilts when finished–I applique, and do embroidery and I knit baby sweaters for charity–I am a simple gal and love the sunshine and warmth and nature (do some photography too) But I can’t garden or have animals–so I live on your farm with you–and I hate all the advertising on the blog sites it’s way too much and have deleted some of them cause of it–so thankyou that you aren’t going to be doing that here–
    hugs, diane

  20. I’m still here… I actually have three blogs, but am only active on two. I don’t have IG or FB or Twitter or TikTok, so I’m just a blogger. And I’ve followed you for all the years I’ve been blogging. Sometimes your blog booted me off, but I came back. Sometimes WP lost you and I went and found you again. Keep blogging. We need our senior (in experience, not years) bloggers, our community. Yours is a particularly enduring and lovable format.

      • Only one really takes up much time, but it would feel very weird not to blog at all, after all these years. We do it for community, don’t we? To share ideas, achievements, information, opinions. It’s become almost a form of journaling, but with friends.

  21. I’m still blogging, but there were a couple of years that I barely kept it going. I hate that as it’s a great journal and I am missing so much. It all got posted on IG, but it’s so hard to look back to find something old over there. Sigh…

    Have a bread question. How do you keep your fresh bread? I don’t like mine to dry out, but hate using plastic bags.

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