Excuse Me. Hullo? It is March!! What is with the Snow!?

Excuse Me.

I am so sorry to intrude

I know you weather gods are hopelessly busy

I don’t mean to be a bother

I know you are in meetings about the present climate situation

And there are more pressing concerns

I do understand

But If you have a few moments

I would be so grateful

I am sure you did not mean to take a weather eye off The Farmy.

Screenshot of current temperatures in Illinois 6.30 am Saturday March 18


Oh please don’t snap

I was just making sure you are paying attention

You weather gods are so hard to reach.

You see I have gardening to do

And the chickens (not to mention the pigs and I)

We need some warm and some sun

So very gently I wanted to remind you …

Footprints in the snow. Leading past a bird bath into the snow covered wheat fields with just a touch of dawn colour on the horizon.

It is March!!

I do apologise for the exclamation marks

Well, both of them actually

I apologise for both exclamation marks

Actually I changed my mind

I don’t apologise for the exclamation marks

I meant to shout

I am feeling a wee bit frustrated

Light snow covering deck edge, frozen duck pond, snow on the track and across the field  with just a touch of dawn colour on the horizon.

How can I say this without upsetting you weather gods

But in all Honesty.

What is With the Snow?

It snowed last night without warning you see

And I had plans to clear off the spring garden.

Did someone forget to turn off the snow tap?

Or change the washer?

We love what you do

We appreciate all you weather gods

But please send some sunny warm days soon .

And turn the dial up on the heat

Just a bit

We would be so grateful


The Farmy

It may not have been a cold winter (though winter seems to have arrived in March and why I am surprised I cannot say) but it was a very dark winter. Grim and gloomy. Low light and sepia.

Warm Sun would be nice right about NOW!

Just saying


Did I mention I hate March?

46 Comments on “Excuse Me. Hullo? It is March!! What is with the Snow!?

  1. Just to you know, here on the Texas coast this morning I woke up to — sleet. I am not amused, although I suspect you’re far less amused than I am. Here’s to change for us both!

  2. I love this and can so identify! after a day of 50 degree weather and sun, I was met with a freezing snowing blowing windstorm on my face as I walked out of the door

        • Here in New Zealand we have a temperate climate. So none of the wild swings that you get. Here in Wellington, we really get below 8° in the middle of the winter and we moan and complain about the cold, put on our sweaters and of course the heating. But I do know what it’s like to live in the northern hemisphere. Montréal was not much fun; the winter seem to last for ever and then suddenly we had the heat and humidity. I much prefer living on this far side of the world.

            • Yes we had wild windy weather yesterday and in the evening it was gale force blowing things around the garden. The outside table was blown over and it’s quite heavy glass topped so this morning I spent time picking up things that were blown around. Today it’s another lovely day

  3. I so understand. We just had that mess and they tell us another mess is coming in Sunday night for four days and four nights. Then on to you it goes. 🙁

  4. I think we are being conditioned to reframe our old views on what part of the year constitutes winter. We are not long for the time when we cannot remember what an actual change in season will be like. On a bright note, if there is one, the snow looks lovely.

    • It will be interesting to see which way the climate moves over the next few years. I see less sun. But more of these extreme swings in temps. The worst this year is going to be the trees. They are all budding. And it is brutally cool this morning.

  5. So sorry about the surprise snow. It looks very pretty in the pictures, but then you can make anything look beautiful in your pics!

  6. Well, I am glad to know that it could be worse. 12 degrees is really cold. Here in southern Indiana we aren’t getting out of the 20s all day and on through the night and on through tomorrow! But at 1:00 tomorrow it will be all of 31 degrees. That’s an improvement of sorts I suppose. Enough I say, Enough!

  7. I remember snow on May 31 up here one year. We had just put the canvas cover on the gazebo and the husband went to Calif with his daughter when the snow ripped the canvas right off. I expect snow here until the monsoon rains start. Weather has not been terribly thoughtful lately. We are all trapped in 500-700 sq ft all winter. People are getting cranky with cabin fever. We had rain, snow, wind and a bit of sun yesterday for St. Patrick’s day. Equal opportunity weather. ;( At least we are not as cold as you. BRRRR.

    • Equal opportunity weather!! That is awesome!

      Cabin fever! I feel that a bit too. Though I am still getting out into the farm each day I am short of time ( and weather) I need to be out there long enough to make a difference. It is so frustrating!

  8. Oh how I remember the cold cold days of Montréal and also Glasgow. As you know, We don’t have the wild swings of weather here in our docile little country on the other side of the world. I do like looking at the pictures of the snow but only for a very short time when I remember what it’s really like.

  9. Here in Alberta we get a dump of snow in March and we say out loud, well it is March. We don’t get ticked about snow until May. It is still expected here in both March and April to have more snow. We also proclaim that it will make the farmers happy too to have more moisture. We get grouch about in May when it snows. Notice I said when not if! It almost always snows on the May long weekend despite all sorts of us going out for our first camping trip of the season. So no complaint please as it could be way worse!

    • Whoever I visit my son up there I am reminded why I don’t live there!

      Your growing season is way too short!

      When do you plant your tomatoes?

      • We don’t plant anything until after May long weekend which is the 24th ish. I usually wait till late May to plant my tomatoes and I buy them already with flowers or I won’t get any fruit! We are a zone 3.5 where I live. When I lives west of Calgary it was a zone 2.5 in the foothills. We also usually have frost in mid September. Gardening here is not for the faint of heart!

          • I have raised beds as then the soil is warmer earlier and we live in urban setting. I do lots of greens like lettuces, spinach, chard and kale. I usually do two kinds of tomatoes and quite a few herbs and onions. I love all your pics of the farm and all the animals. So awesome.

              • Lots of people grow garlic here. We have an organic farm we buy veggies from every two weeks and they do a big garlic harvest in the fall where we volunteer to help with the harvest. So much fun to go help them and then get a bag of garlic at the end of the day! They do a share system where we buy a share of their garden produce and have choices of what we want and get it delivered right to our home every two weeks. There are quite a few organic farms here operation that way. You could look up steel pony farms to see how they offer and organize their farm.

  10. I love March. It is so totally unpredictable, anything can happen and probably will. But there are subtle changes, the air smells different, we can get a huge dump of snow and have to dig out. A day later everything can be thawing. It is a fun month plus I was born in March and I love birthday cake. Soon enough it will be too hot so enjoy.

  11. Usually March is my favourite month. But this year there, and here March has been sacrificed by those weather gods… who appear to be suggesting if we muck around with the planet they’ll muck around with climate.
    We were supposed to be doing some lovely southern hemisphere inland lake camping this week but just weekended through a March heatwave so abandoned that idea and now we’re at the beach…

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