Got there too late – ah well!

We got to the farmers market a little too late and missed much of the produce but managed to buy enough food to make a few good local food feeds.

looking out a car window at the farmers market
eggs for 12 dollars 18

It was kind of strange wandering the farmers market with no crowds. And not much to take photos of in Visalia, California is hard on the imagination. Or maybe I need more imagination when I am in the hot dusty Visalia suburbs

I bought some fresh onions from a lovely farmer but why do they let kale grow so big and tough – it gives kale a bad name!

man standing at farmers market stall

In some city farmers markets you might find a kiosk with a groups of workers who have come to an arrangement with a grower to go through and pick the seconds off the trees; then off to the market they go to make a few extra dollars. I always buy something there. Everyone is working to try and make a buck. And even ugly fruit is tasty.

lemons seconds

The NEW The Kitchens Garden Website

Is so close! And it is looking so beautiful. All of a sudden in the last week it has begun to look like our blog. I hope you love it because I REALLY love it.

Now – there is a wee problem. (of course there is a problem) Our original blog site (which we are still on now) is just too large with too much data to migrate safely across to the next platform. So we cannot take it ALL with us. It would take too long and be too expensive to move – plus no-one can guarantee to me that all the data will land intact. Every time we try we lose images. Part of the problem is pictures are not landing -I did not optimise them properly from the start – and some of my original plug ins are no longer working. I know so much more now than I ever knew then. There is just too much data. And I do not want to lose any of it.

SO The Kitchens Garden DOT com will stay live and online and will become the TKG Archives. The TKG Archives will have a special button on the NEW site so you can pop back here anytime with just one click. All our photos, all our words and all your comments will stay in the Archives.

The Kitchens Garden DOT ORG will be where our farm blog will reside going forward.

I will let you all know when we switch and I will also send out an email so you can find the new site, re-subscribe and then all the usual farm and travel and food blog stuff will beam straight over to you – unchanged – business as usual – except the environmentally sustainable home content which will have its own home. So, You may ALSO choose to subscribe to The Sustainable Home newsletter (which comes out once a week) and will have all the new tips and news for your homes. The short newsletter is where you will get the announcements about The Sustainable Home Pop Up workshops, climate news, cool new stuff and will be a super fast read.

I will post from the old blog every now and then so everyone knows where we have gone so you might choose to unsubscribe from here when you have found your seat in the new blog site to avoid double trouble.

Do you see where I am going?

This is the simplest solution to what looked like being a very expensive problem but when you get to the new site and have a look around I hope you feel as at home there as I do! Plus you will all be able to comment again!

This will be happening very soon – maybe as soon as next week.

PS Substack

I sat in my sons wardrobe and made my podcast yesterday. The suburbs are noisy. It seems that any given moment during the day there is a strimmer (weed eater, weed wacker: depending on your hemisphere) noisily smashing away at any foliage that dares poke its head up in these square dull gardens.

But I shut myself in the wardrobe and had such fun making yesterdays podcast. I like them – do you like them? The podcasts? Pop over and have a listen. Let me know. Yesterdays podcast made me laugh reading it! It is all unedited!

Todays post took so long to write with all the comings and goings of young kids and their tired Dad – so I am late publishing.

Tomorrow we are going blueberry picking – a good thing I brought my hat.

Let me know if you have any questions about moving day and let me know if I do not have your email for the announcement. I am making a little list so I don’t lose you.


37 Comments on “Got there too late – ah well!

  1. Were those eggs free range and organic? They seem expensive relative to the UK. America used to be so cheap!

      • Prices in the US have about doubled in the past year due to inflation, supply chain issues, and a very bad avian flu. That price is substantially more than what I’m paying in Northern California.

            • They poop in his pond / sigh. To be fair he built the pond after I had the ducks – but dislikes are not always rational.

              I think they may have been chased into the wheat – if they are around they will come when I call – in a few days/ – fingers crossed.

              • The ducks here did the same and upset the gardener. It’s taken a couple of weeks to filter the carp pond and make the water clear for the heron to spot the fish! Personally, I prefer ducks to the pretty fish 😉
                I hope your ducks are OK.

                • Same. It has never happened before so I am not sure what’s going on. Mr flowers is ok though and no problem with the chickens. Unless they finally found the creek. –

  2. I paid the same price in Australian dollars for organic eggs this week when I couldn’t get the usual free range which are a bit cheaper. It’s hard to get used to paying a dollar an egg. But I understand, production prices have gone up. Towards the end of the time we kept chooks, feed prices just kept increasing.
    Your Substack is amazing… I love the stories but your podcasts are the best ever.

    • Oh that you so much! That is wonderful to hear! I am so enjoying making them! And trolling back through the archives to find little gems to read!

    • Free-range eggs are about $NZ10 for 12 size 7 eggs. Egg prices have soared over recent months because now there can be no battery hens It’s hard on the producers and also their customers.

  3. I’m really looking forward to seeing the new look Farmy Blog. I’m pretty sure you have my email, and I’ll be following both for a while at least – I do like to look up older posts sometimes. I like the ‘ugly’ lemons – I make a point of buying the ‘ugly’ vegies in the supermarket, which are just as good but noticeably cheaper.

    • These lemons were super tasty too – well ripened. There will be a button on the new blog called ARCHIVES so you will always be able to pop down to the basement and look up the old posts.

    • One of the two major supermarkets here in NZ has “the odd bunch” vegetables and fruit that are not quite as pretty as some people require. They are relatively cheap (or is anything cheap in the supermarket now). I buy them when they are available.

      • Same here, Woolworths have The Odd Bunch and I buy my vegies predominantly from this selection where I can, but certain things never appear in the range.

  4. Thanks for the update on the new stuff. I can hardly wait to see how everything has come together. I’m also thankful that this old version of TKG will not be lost. There is so much good stuff here, so much life. It would be horrible to find that it has all gone away. The stories shared here are priceless.

    $12 for eggs!! I could not afford that sadly.

  5. I’ve never come across the seconds growers, but I’d buy from them for sure. loved the podcast, so funny and I loved the fish and chips tips )

    • One of the two major supermarkets here sell ‘the odd bunch’. Nothing wrong with the fruit nd vegetables just not as pretty as some folks like. I always buy them.

  6. Excellent way to deal with the old posts. I’ve had to do the same with my old blog. I can’t bear to let it go but there’s too much to import anywhere. I need to catch up on posts and podcasts. Today is my last day in England and once I get home I can settle in and get caught up.

  7. I loved when my children and then their children were younger and we went blueberry and strawberry picking. Sorry you were disappointed at the farmers’ market. I learned long ago to arrive early so all the good things are still available.

  8. Hope you’ve had a good time with your son and grand kids. Egg prices are also going up and up in the UK. Lovely lemons, even one of our supermarkets now sell “wobbly” fruit and veg, needless to say l always try and buy that. Hope the ducks return on your return. Really enjoying your podcasts and new readings, thank you so much.

  9. Good morning Cecilia…..I have just listened to your The Kitchen Garden podcast…. It was lovely to hear your voice and to know that you are from NZ…. I found it very relaxing to listen to. Thank you so much – keep them coming.:). Janet.

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