Blueberry Hunting – Literally

We got up as early as we could – it being a Sunday and the kids needing a sleep-in except for the kids that didn’t want a sleep in and and got up at 5.30 am regardless. But we did try to get out the door in good time. We were going blueberry picking in a little orchard close by.

Blueberry picking is a yearly tradition and everyone was excited. We gathered buckets and hats and off we went.

We had plans for blueberry jam, and blueberry sauce, and blueberry muffins and blueberry pancakes.

wash you hands sign

The little pick your own orchard was heaving with people. Everyone had to wash their hands before heading into the blueberry patch.

No problem there as we are all well trained in hand washing now.

unripe blueberries on the vine

Then out into the blueberry patch we went – but like the cherries the blueberries had very little size or colour. They are late this year as well. And we had been beaten to the ripe fruit by the people who were clever enough to get out of bed early.

unripe blueberries on the bush

We hunted up and down the rows but all we found were unripe light purple blueberries and piles of green ones coming. They had been stripped of most of the juicy black ones already.

hand picking blueberries

We found a few, a pounds and a half and the kids had a great time.

handwashing station on blueberry farm

This orchard is serious about hand-washing!

walnut orchard

So we poked around for a while then went home. It was not a particularly exciting outing for the adults but the kids did not care. Everyone got a dose of sun and that always cheers a person up. They still got to have big fluffy blueberry pancakes when we got home. Made by Dad. CC does not make gluten free pancakes.

I am beginning to think that to catch the worm we need to get going pretty early in California!

I hope you all have had a lovely weekend.

We have.


13 Comments on “Blueberry Hunting – Literally

  1. We try to go berry picking every summer, also. Mostly for raspberries and Marion berries, which only grow in Oregon and maybe one or two other places. They are divine! And it is always fun, even if you don’t get many berries!

  2. Cece. Surely you went strawberry and blueberry picking in New Zealand as a child. Crops were plentiful and when we went fruit picking there was never any danger that we would run out of berries to pick. But of course the climate was different, we could rely on long sunny days of summer and the occasional rain to help the fruit ripen. I guess with all the climate change those happy days will become a thing of the past. How sad to think that children will miss out on that fun, although yours seem to have enjoyed themselves. Where to from California?

  3. I have happy childhood memories of picking… actually eating… fruit in local orchards, especially sun warm perfectly apricots… a taste impossible to replicate. For me it wasn’t about how much we took home…

  4. I went on a date who took me strawberry picking. It was back-breaking! And when we got home, he announced to my parents, “We mooned the sun!”

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