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The Ugly Soap

Every year I make this bar of soap for my daughter who has excema and for me with very dry skin.  It is very ugly but it works. It is called the Ugly Soap. She likes lemongrass as her fragrance and I like lavender… Continue Reading “The Ugly Soap”

Failed fudge. Failed Soap. Ah well, there is always tomorrow.

We don’t see Lulu often. But she is always there. Watching. Just like us. Yesterdays comments were so refreshing.  You are all wonderful. Here we were (well I was) thinking that our contentment in solitude was in fact ‘Anti Social’ when in fact we… Continue Reading “Failed fudge. Failed Soap. Ah well, there is always tomorrow.”

Making soap for the first time

Soap is not hard to make as long as you get yourself very organised before you begin. It only takes a couple of hours to make a decent batch of soap.  I used  lye, lard, coconut oil and water, then added lavender for fragrance.… Continue Reading “Making soap for the first time”