Farmers Market and Shocking Sheep.

I will let these images speak for themselves. These pictures were taken at the Evanston Farmers Market. The vegetables were from a stall called Henry’s Farm.  If you have a farmers market close by you that has food like this then you are SO LUCKY.


Well I was working away and I could hear this thumping  and bashing coming from the yards out by the barn. Went to investigate and there he was.  The Murphy (you will remember that we call the sheep being raised for meat The Murphys.) Jumping up and down on one of Our Johns old cars.   Just for fun!  What shocking behaviour!

Pop in tomorrow. I am going to have a wee think about the flowers you need to plant before you get your bees.  And we need to catch up with Queenie Wineti. She is growing. Such a sweet calf.  Now I have got to go out there and SHIFT that Murphy.  He is in Daisy’s ‘Flerd’.  I cannot believe she is letting him behave like that.


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  1. lol, sheep, what interesting creatures! I have heard goats can be quite destructive on property, and aggressive at times. People usual suggest against having them around the farm (for fun, or pets, anyway).
    The farmer’s market produce looks superb. I am off to cut back spaghetti squash vines that have creeped into the watermelon and sweet corn. We are just starting to enjoy some of the fruits, and is a great encouragement to see everything come up!

  2. No, I don’t want a goat either. I have thought of milking one but i think daisy will be enough. You should have seen Our John’s face when I told him there was a sheep on top of his car!! My garden has a mind of its own too. We have a self seeded watermelon growing in amidst the fabulous tomatoes and I am loath to cut it, just in case I get one or two juicy watermelons. Just one would be great!! c.

  3. Gosh, our plan was to get two Nubian goats to raise and get goats milk from to make cheese and such. My hubby has raised a couple and they were sweet ones. Even followed him around like a dog. We’ve checked around here, but haven’t found any babies. Seems the best time to get them is in the spring. But, this Saturday is a dairy goats get together/sale, so we may just find them there.
    Cecilia, please do make suggestions for flowers for the bees. I want to plant flowers everywhere, as you suggested in an earlier post. I’ll also do some research on what flowers do best in our area. But whatever “bee loving flowers” you suggest will be appreciated! Di

  4. Morning Diane, There are gentle goats. I am sure. Especially female and hand raised. I think the Nubians are smaller?. i had a big goat once, i plucked him and spun his fleece in with my sheeps wool. Was he an angora?. He was called Washington, had great big horns and he would head-but anyone including the dogs but never me. With me he was just the sweetest thing. They are escape artists though so make sure you have really good fencing. How exciting to be finding your goats, let me know how it goes. And for sure the only way I could be talked into milking a goat is for the cheese. .. a good chevre!..mmm.. c

  5. If that sheep was one one of my cars it would have been a dead Murphy by now. It should be thankful that my brother does not take care of his old junk.

    • That is the car that Our John left in the barn yard as cow art. It is a de-Parted Parts car. That Murphy is starting to look kind of tasty though don’t you think?

  6. I always loved this photo of the Murphy, and now I know it’s origin. Oh, and I have to add the colours in the photos from the farmers market just leap out of the creen, so vivid!

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