The Good News and The Bad News

First the BAD NEWS.  While fooling about with my newly extended lens yesterday I managed to scratch the lens.  I just cannot believe I did that. A strong line was curved across every image I took yesterday.  I cannot clean the mark away.  Senior Son has put his thinking cap on but from now until I can find a replacement I will shoot knowing that I will be cropping about a third out of every  image.  The good news is that I did not actually cry.

And now more bad news. Daisy (my Ayrshire heifer) is NOT pregnant.  My pursuit of making my own cheese from my own milk has hit a bump in the road. But all is not lost.  The good news is that on Monday we will  start a series of injections to bring her into heat.  If all goes well she will calve in May.  Which is a lovely month with lots of spring grass and not too hot.  So fingers firmly crossed again.  

Don’t you be giving me that look Miss Daisy! You are in the dog box madam.

Now where is my third crisis?  Bad luck comes in threes you know (Another superstition!)   But really such small problems I am having …

Oh guess what this is?

No you are all wrong. This is a butter mold.  I found it in a little antique shop last night. It is a bit wonky but quite a find for me. I cannot make one of these. So next time I make butter I can squish the whey out with this thingy and it will be a nice shape too. Now all we need is a cow who gives creamy milk instead of dirty looks! I am so lucky to be able to get my fresh milk from the lady down the road until Daisy begins to feed the farm.

And the other good news is that this is the last of the bee shots until I take a really fantastic one.  Their expressions never change!!  What about a smile!? Maybe one of them scratched my lens in protest at having it pushed into their faces once too often. Poor girls. 


4 Comments on “The Good News and The Bad News

    • I know. I have thought about it. And she will have to share her calf with me because I want her milk. So unkind. But there is no bull? is that better?

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