mama’s easy meatloaf

As you know I run a small sustainably managed old fashioned farm.  We like to grow the food we eat. But so that I can have this ‘on the farm’ life to which I would like to become accustomed, Our John has to go to work each day at a real job. Poor darling.  And as I won’t let anyone eat processed or store bought food I cook dinner with his lunch for the next day in mind. Lunches for him to take to work. Meatloaf fits the bill nicely.  As kids we ate meatloaf sandwiches and my children did too when they were at school. My mother used to make her meatloaf in two large loaf tins. I prefer to make it in the little tins.  They cook faster and then the loaves are less likely to dry out.

Mama’s Meat Loaf

  • 1 pound of ground (minced) beef
  • 1 pound of ground(minced) pork
  • 1 onion
  • 1 loose cup of grated butternut and the same of grated egg plant ( or carrot and sweet potato), or whatever is in your garden. Just make sure a third of your loaf is vegetables.
  • 1 cup frozen peas
  • 1/2 finely chopped de seeded chilli. This little hit of chilli complements the honey  so be very light handed. You want to taste each flavour.
  •  fresh herbs – thyme, celeriac (just a little of the leaf so it supports the tastes not overpowers them), generous pick of rosemary tips.
  • 2 eggs.
  • a tiny drizzle of honey.
  • salt and pepper to taste.

The best way to combine this is to use your hands. Fingers were made before forks! And if you have time, it is even better if you can combine everything except the eggs and let it sit for a couple of hours in the fridge to exchange flavours.

Pat firmly into your loaf tins. This will make four small loaves.

Pour a rich sweet Thai chilli sauce on top and then top that with grated or sliced cheese.  When my children were young I topped it with tomato paste and swirls of mustard on top of that.

Cook in moderate oven for about 40 minutes to an hour.  Careful not to overcook as a dry meatloaf is so dissappointing. Now, it will get juicy as it cooks. So half way through the cooking time I VERY CAREFULLY drain some of the juices out of the tin then pop it back into the oven.  Oy.. someone get that bad cat off the table! ..  bad cat! 

We ate this with butter roasted new potatoes and fresh beans from the garden. We have been eating outside on my barn door table, every evening since spring.


Make a lunch box door-stop sandwich with your home made flax seed bread and a slice of cold meatloaf. If you have baked your bread and meatloaf  in the same size tins then they will fit together perfectly.  Add a slice of cheese, a smear of your tomato chutney,  and a few leaves of fresh fall lettuce.

Maybe send him to work with  a bottle of ginger beer like the old time Welsh miners. No shaking. 


PS Ginger beer  and that Bad Cat




61 Comments on “mama’s easy meatloaf

    • Isn’t it strange greg, how leftovers often taste better that the actual meal. I would love you to make this for kathryn because I know you will tweek this and add that and I want to know all your tweeks and adds!! so i can do them too.. c

  1. This looks marvelous! And I love the bad cat…

    Can you tell me about the ginger beer? Do you purchase it in those bottles? It looks so inviting and I adore ginger beer.

    • Hummo sweetie..(sorry mouth full) Hullo sweetie.. Pop into september and look for the .’gingerbeer bug and sourdough starter’ page, it will tell you in there.. i am still waiting for my first brew to be ready so i will talk about it later as well.. fingers crossed! c

  2. Meatloaf is so comfort food!! We do it in Italy, and it is called “Polpettone” (which literally means big meatball). I am definitely trying your recipe!!

    • Hey glutton, Mainly that is because i am picking butternuts, i am an impulsive cook.. ! but the veg is important to the texture i think, makes it lighter.. c

  3. Beautiful kitty! I have never made meat loaf before :-0. I LOVE the idea of individual little ones – one of my favourite things to do is to make individual portions.
    Have a great day.
    🙂 Mandy

    • thank you Mandy, when I make them for a big group I make them in muffin tins. they are always a hit like that but you have to be so careful they do not dry out. c

  4. Would never have thought about honey in a meatloaf…and hubs believes that a cold meatloaf sandwich is heaven sent. I don’t know which is better – the photos or the subject matter! You rock! t

  5. You’ve struck gold, Madame! I love me some meatloaf and meatloaf sammiches the next day are fantastic, even better if smothered in gravy. Now I’m hungry and no matter what I fix for dinner, your meatloaf will be on my mind. Mouth-watering recipe + beautiful photos = great post!

      • I think I’ll just whip up a little pasta using the last of my garden’s cherry tomatoes and call it a meal. Not only is it not your meatloaf but it will make a lousy sammich tomorrow.

    • oo you are like me, I start at 5.30 too! And you are so right about meatloaf and Martie Sauce.. my problem is that i make all that stuff then just eat it!! and then it is gone ha ha ha c

  6. Seems it would be so nice to try this meatloaf. I haven’t cooked before. But as if I remember something like that from my grandmother. Your recipe and photographs seem so delicious! Your bad cat is amazing, I loved. Thank you dear Cecilia, with my love, nia

    • Thank you Kay, I like the old fashioned way, and I do like the old fashioned farm food, i was thinking of calling the recipes – retro recipes- they are all from the 70’s!! c

  7. Your husband is a lucky man off to work with a lunch like that. Looks like the cat just wanted her picture taken. And, as far as the picture of “Queenie’s Rump” on the Chutney Link…
    Well, I’ll have mine Medium Rare…thanks.

    • You can have a medium rare from one of Queenies steers, when they eventually appear and are steers, we have a ways to go on that side though!

  8. Wow, I love the honey and veggies in your recipe – never would have thought of either. Hubby likes meatloaf with cheddar cheese and bacon, but I haven’t made one in ages.
    You photos look especially yummy today!
    ( I tried three times to read all the way through yesterday, and people kept interrupting me! I guess I just have to do the early-morning reads while they’re all asleep!)

  9. That meatloaf looks so tempting, no wonder the cat couldn’t stay away! I love the addition of butternut, and it must be such a pleasure to cook with your own, home-grown ingredients!

    • It is – very satisfying, plus for this meatloaf I used my own grass fed beef too! I love to know where my food comes from.. c

  10. Looks amazing!! I recently discovered the joys of meatloaf–until this year, I’d never really had good meatloaf, and I was amazed that I’ve gone so long without making it. Your recipe sounds great, and the picture of the cat hedging towards the dish is hilarious. =)

    • Hullo Jenna. I am glad you have discovered meatloaf, I was always put off by the heavy meat thing. but once you throw piles of veg in as well it is so much lighter and healthier. c

  11. The one great thing about the onset of fall is cooler days and nights which starts my desire for comfort food. This meatloaf takes me back to my childhood, so delicious. Bring on the casseroles too!

  12. My husband loves a cold meatloaf sandwich so I always make an extra one. Your recipe sounds great, I can’t wait to try it.

  13. Oooh meatloaf! Love the shot with your cat in it… busted! I’m sure it would have liked a piece. And just like you, I use my meatloaf on sandwiches the next day, with pickles and lettuce – like a burger. Thanks for sharing a great recipe!

  14. I like to mix pork and beef too and the idea of making smaller sized ones is great. Never thought either to put a third of veggies in…bet they´re so moist and delicious.

    • This is why i sometimes have to pour a little fluid off during the cooking.. they get a bit too moist! much better than dry tho.. c

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