Poor Daisy has a cold. So I have given her a pumpkin.

Pumpkin is Daisy's favorite food.
She only gave me a stick. It is a nice stick though.
Hey ,Daisy those little chicks are looking at your pumpkin!
No talking to that bad cat. You stick close to your Mama. Are you listening?
No talking to that bad cat. I know his type. You stick close to your Mama.
You can't see me, can you Daisy? I'm hiding good aren't I?
Boo! Did i scare ya? Did I?
Daisy, quick, there is an ugly rooster trying to steal your pumpkin. Quick!
That kitty is too big for his boots. Didn't I tell you all to go to bed!
I scarded that ugly rooster away for you. Can I have a bite now? My stick is kinda dry.
I'll just wait here. OK Daisy? Daisy?
Shove over, your brother's coming in. No watching that naughty Mary's Cat. Early to bed the lot of ya.

Hope you all had a great weekend.


75 Comments on “Poor Daisy has a cold. So I have given her a pumpkin.

    • Often it is just an irritation from dusty feed or dust in the air, or just a wee cold.. She is enjoying the extra feed though. c

  1. It’s awfully nice of that cat to keep those birds away from Daisy’s pumpkin. I like pumpkin too Daisy. Can I have a bite?

    • Daisy is pretty impressed that dogs like pumpkin too but she ate it all already and she is not good at sharing. c

  2. apparently it only works if you eat it raw, off the ground and in the company of a friendly cat, though i am sure you can swap the friendly cat for a friendly toddler!! c

  3. Did Daisy sneeze on you? give my love to Katherine .. real local honey in hot water as a drink.. about 5 times a day and you will be very well very soon.. c

    • Poor darling has a runny nose… but it is clear so it could just be the wind.. I gave her a hanky to blow but she was not interested!! c

    • Well Phyllis that rooster is the great great grandson of an original rooster who had feathers on his feet and his girls green eggs, I don’t know the breed, he arrived by mistake but the great great grandson is a bitsa for sure as there is always one or two chickens who hide from me and raise themselves a brood! .. c

  4. Who knew cows like pumpkin, or that it could cure a cold? But then horses like watermelon and beer, so go figure. Love the conversation translation between the animals!

    • Pigs love beer too I hear, though I have yet to try that out! I am not sure that the pumpkin will cure a cold but they are her treat food at the moment! c

  5. Cecilia, we just got our two newest additions to our farm, two female doeling Lamancha goats!!! And they are absolutely precious!!! They are so tame and gentle and loving….and adorable! They also have running noses, maybe due to weather changes, as you mentioned. But they are getting used to their new home and we absolutely are crazy about them! I’ll post photos soon!

    • As long as they are eating they will be fine! and how exciting. I shall zoom over to get pictures, You guys must be SO busy now! Are you going to milk them?.. Little goats are just so cute but I must not be sidetracked. Pigs and peacocks are next for me!! c

      • Cecilia, we will milk them, but unfortunately not until 2013!!! We thought we could breed them in the spring, but they won’t ‘freshen’ until the fall, when we’ll breed them and the babies will arrive in the spring. The folks we bought them from said, “No worries about the milk next year, that we can borrow one of their milkers for the spring and summer!!!” So that is very exciting! Also, we will trade them some goods for the extra milk they have now to feed our farm animals!

        • Trading goods for milk sounds fantastic, very green! they sound like great people, very us.. pretty exciting stuff for sure Diane! .. keep in touch.. c

    • Aren’t they a bunch of posers, by staying in one spot I was able to take all the shots, Houdini was right behind me, and she does that rather superior look so well.. c

  6. How do you know a cow has a cold?? No… this isn’t the start of a joke, I am really asking the question?? Love the little kitty, but too bad about her stick:) Lol

    • Morning Smidge, She has a runny nose. But there are piles of reasons for a runny nose, a cold only being one of them. Mostly I look at how much an animal is eating and as you can see she is chowing down, no problems!! So it may just be allergies to dust from changing over to dry dusty hay. Another reason why dry feed in a feeder is such a bore for animals. Next year we will have more green grass and even better health. c

  7. Well, it’s a wonder she’s only got a cold, up all night playing with light switches. It’s all fun and games until someone catches cold. Well, you really can’t be mad at her. She may be a cow but she’s really just a kid at heart. And with that, I think it best that I say good-bye now. (Feel better, Daisy!)

    • Variety is the spice of life and also (in my opinion) the key to animal health. Cows will eat just about anything! c

    • Hi Yummy. Well Daisy has two more pumpkins sitting out here. Until i go for another foraging expedition around town. People use pumpkins for decoration, can you imagine it, and then they throw them away. And I catch them for the cows and sheep! Very good food. c

  8. Loll.. I just bet that’s what the animals are thinking too lol. They all look busy doing their everyday things and Daisy is just loving that pumpkin. She is just too adorable for words. And I got to see the beautiful chicks.. soo cute

  9. This is adorable! Got the chicks, got the guinea hen, got the cat. Now I need a cow!
    But my husband says NO! For now… ๐Ÿ˜‰
    ~ Lynda

    • Trouble with cows Lynda, is they grow to be SO BIG. Daisy is taller than me. And with all those stomachs they eat SO MUCH. Pretty hard to hide that kind of animal from hubby. Though John keeps saying NO about a peacock, I have decided to ignore him. Peacocks don’t get their tails for a few years so I will just tell him it is a big blue pheasant!! c

      • Actually, my interest lies more in small cattle, but I know that even they can eat TONS! Can’t hide a peacock. Sorry, can’t be done… first time it starts calling for “Help, help…” you’re found out. The sound is like a woman’s voice and quite eery! But then, perhaps you already know that. LOL! ๐Ÿ˜‰
        ~ L

        • Little cows are so much easier on your pasture too. Yeah, i do know that peacocks make those calls we have them on the farms in NZ, but oh well. Hope he laughs!! c

  10. Oh, lovely Daisy! But dear Cecilia, she is so nice and she takes care of you so much… I am sure you will be fine. Dear Cecilia, these photographs are SO BEAUTIFUL especially this lovely cat! Thank you, I loved all of them… You are amazing with your photographs too. So much love to you all there, nia

  11. I had no idea a cow would eat a pumpkin! What a city gal I am! I love your pics Cecilia! You are so blessed to be living this life surrounding by nature and animals!! They are all too cute and their antics are so much better than watching tv!

  12. Well, you learn something new every day – wonder if the question will ever come in a quiz – “Do cows like to eat pumpkin?” and now I know the answer! Thanks C.
    No guessing – I LOVE THE KITTY!!!
    ๐Ÿ™‚ Mandy

    • I thought you might like those shots, mandy. He is such a comedian that Mary’s Cat! you will remember when he first appeared out of the blue on the verandah one morning! That was in my first few weeks of blogging! c

    • She is standing out in the rain today happy as a lark Giovanna. She did look better this morning, hopefully a good wash will help! It is still warm today.. c

    • Just a matter of sitting with the camera and waiting to see what happens, the cat joining in was a complete surprise! c

  13. Am having trouble commenting (of the technical kind) so apologies if I am repreaitng myself….These are such brilliant photos. Think you need to think about doing a childrenยดs book too about life on the farm with all the animals and their adventures ๐Ÿ™‚

    • No, they don’t eat the chicks Houdini would not let them near and so she has trained them to stay far away from her and her chicks!! c

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