Missing the Farmy

So we have gone in search of some animals. Central California has a few animals.

This is not Daisy.

City Horsies. 

I am sure that Hairy MacLairy would be more than happy to visit here though. This one is the best indication of the air quality out here. The valley has huge ranges on either side and the smog just hangs in here.   I suppose it is a combination of very dry silty soils and the industrial level of  residual spray dusts on the surrounding orchards and fields. Not an easy  place to breathe.

Oh and I must tell you. (you will be so proud..) I have discovered The Food Channel!!! Woohoo, Iron chef here I come!


53 Comments on “Missing the Farmy

    • There is a lot of growing going on around here and i was surprised by the sheep, they are right on the edgeo town too! c

  1. You have such a talented eye for photography, Celi. I never know what you’re going to show me, only that I’m going to enjoy it. (Well, except for that one trip to the Dark Side when you just had to show us that 8 legged monster that lives by your shed.) And of course Hairy MacLairy would love it there. With all of those pretty young ewes lolly-gagging about, he’d be in heaven.

  2. I’m more of an Aluminium Foil Chef, myself. 😉 But yes, there are some astounding things on the Food Network. Still, I’ll take my bloggy friends when it comes to serious studies in culinary coolness.

    I think I’ve been missing the wee farmy right along with you. All of the wedding pictures and stories are grand, but I miss the coziness of vicarious farm life! And you: several *days* without Daisy and Hairy and Mary’s Cat and Big Dog and TonTon and Houdini and all of the others–not to *mention* a certain fella named John! I can imagine how good it will be to slip into the home groove. Happy travels as you head back in that direction, my dear!

    • These city cows certainly do not assuage my longing for my Daisy. I am sure that John spends time sitting in there with them all wondering out loud when am I coming home. I will be back home on Saturday, not long now. c

  3. I don’t like the look of that smog: it can’t be good for the animals. Or the humans, come to think of it. What are ‘they’ doing about it? I bet your own animals are missing you.

    • It is a geographical phenomena that is exacerbated by industrial growing. I am cursed with an extraordinary sense of smell so it is actually interesting how this air smells. So different from the clean clean scent of the prairies, even the hills in sacramento had a sweetness to the air and it is highly populated. c

  4. You’d certainly give Iron Chef a run for their money – whilst injecting a bit of nurture.
    That sort of place makes me worried about inhaling. Damned if you do and ultra-damned if you don’t.

    • Tonight we are going to make a few new dishes as we are having company so time in this lovely big kitchen is always a joy! c

    • Actually you are right, especially the cows. And I thought I did not have a lot of grass! now I know we are doing pretty well! c

  5. Good grief how sad it is to see visual evidence of the less than ideal air quality. The food channel sounds good I wish I could get it in this part of the world.

  6. I am sure yu must be getting homesick. Them city critters look a bit crestfallen. Enjoy the Food Chanel, it is quite addictive 🙂

  7. I miss too your lovely farm and yes, especially lovely Daisy and cat…. and your stories… Thank you dear Cecilia, with my love, nia

  8. Hahahaha! My kids love Iron Chef and Pitchin’ In on the Food Network, and then get all of the food toys out to make me scrumptious plastic meals. It’s all training for when they’re bigger, in my opinion. I can’t be the only one cooking around here, forever! Great pics, C!

  9. I think your animals look a bit happier 🙂 Glad to hear you are still having a wonderful time! And be careful with food-related tv, it sucks you in (ahem, Junior Masterchef for me!) :).

  10. Consider yourself lucky to have avoided (I trust) the feedlots. They make me cry every time I see those animals puddling around in mud and feces in small pens for their numbers. Daisy -are you listening!!?? Lucky girl!

  11. Very sad to see the cows penned up like that… I loved your horsie picture, though, the flowers in the foreground make it seem like a peaceful place to live… but I bet they’d run away and live with you in a heartbeat!

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