What’s for dinner Mama? Fish?

Crostini, using home made rosemary bread, demanded something special,  so tonight we are starting with  ChgJohn’s  Baked Brie with Caramelised Onions. This was just divine. The guests just woofed this down. ChgJohn told me to make TWO!

Third Son is grilling Prime Rib on his customised grill which is a pretty jazzy affair!

Because Company was coming  I made dessert! A very rare occurrence.  Apple Tarte Tartin adapted from this gorgeous Tarte Tartin recipe. Afterwards I had to sit down and write the recipe down for everyone!  They picked the plate clean.

And just because we can, here is another shot I took today of a koi, in  a local koi pond. Third son is building a pond and we were doing research..  Imagine just swimming about in a pool all day!


66 Comments on “What’s for dinner Mama? Fish?

  1. You are too kind, Celi. Thank you for the mention. Now, about that Apple thingamabob. I hope your guests didn’t get sight of it before dinner was served. Had they, your main course would have gone untouched. Seriously!

    • After dinner I caught people creeping back into the kitchen to finish the tatin up. After telling me how full they were! c

  2. And again, spectacular photos. Showed your blog to hubby last night, and he was totally wowed by your photography. Thumbs-up, Celi!

  3. I always make sure to read your blog AFTER dinner 🙂 It is so appetizing it makes me want to eat huge quantities of what resembles your images!

  4. I want tarte tatin for breakfast now…
    Oh – and I found your Golden Syrup at the ‘nicer’ grocery store I went to yesterday! Look for it while you’re out there in Cali, and if you don’t find it there, I’d be happy to go back and get you some…

    • I know how you feel about left-overs for breakfast but there are NONE! and we are going to then international market today, if they don’t have my Golden Syrup i might just take you up on your offer.. So many of My Mums recipes have that ing in them!.. thank you.. c

    • Thank you Audrey, it was a very successful dinner, i am enjoying this great big californian kitchen.. there is so much space! c

  5. These photographs are so beautiful, it was a visual feast to wacth them…. And seems that the menu was delicious too, dear Cecilia… Thank you, with my love, nia

    • I love crostini, It is a fav in all my kitchens.. I cook it quite dry so that it can be stored in jars.. They have munched through piles of it here.. c

  6. Well if you are having company make both!! I had a whole bunch of non cheese eaters here last night and they just gobbled it up!! We converted them!! c

  7. Pardon me while I drool all over my screen!! Those look (and sound) scrumtious! No wonder there were no leftovers. The koi shots are terrific with the refelctions. 🙂

  8. Yum! The food looks so delicious and the koi are just beautiful. It reminds me of Jamaica, where the grill near the beach gets heated at about 7pm, the boats come in at about 7:30, the fish are prepped at 7:35 and we sit down to eat at 7:45. Fresh and wonderful. Almost as good as that glorious brie dish served with prime rib. Drooling now….

  9. Your photography skills have definitely gone up another notch here.. love the grill photo and then the koi… BUT I loved the Tarte Tartin the best and now I’m off to check out the recipe:)

  10. So yummy! My mouth is watering! I’ll definitely have to try both John’s baked brie and your Tarte Tartin. And the prime rib….so delicious!!! Sounds like you are having a blast with Third Son!!!

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