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Lavender Lemon Cake

Bobby Blanc moved into his new quarters yesterday. Now he sleeps in the barn sun-room and has access to the corridor paddock.  He literally trotted around and around thrilled to bits to be out and about. Kicking up his heels and holding his head… Continue Reading “Lavender Lemon Cake”

The Perfect Pig Bath and dark chocolatey Brownies

You will remember that the Pigs had their paddling pool confiscated because they mistook it for a toilet.  I have experimented with all kind containers that I can fill with water for them to wallow in. Usually they just empty the water out and… Continue Reading “The Perfect Pig Bath and dark chocolatey Brownies”

How (not) to make Sweet and Sourdough Raisin Rye bread.

This morning we woke up to freezing rain and sleet and some dripping pathetic excuse for snow on the ground.  When I say freezing rain I mean frozen raindrops. Not as mean as sleet, just sticky frozen.  It is dark and cold.  A wintry… Continue Reading “How (not) to make Sweet and Sourdough Raisin Rye bread.”

My Plum Duff has No Plums in it! What a duffer!

I am sure it comes as no surprise to you that my Plum Duff has no plums in it. Plum Duff is a steamed pudding.  King George called it Plum Duff , demanded it at Christmas in 17 something and was called the Pudding… Continue Reading “My Plum Duff has No Plums in it! What a duffer!”

Little Party Nibbles:Teensy Weensy Savoury Pies

You knew I was going to do this didn’t you. Because I am a pastry fiend. I love pies. Not so much the American sweet pie. Though some of those are nice in really tiny doses. Savoury pies.  Meat pies. Vege Pies. You will… Continue Reading “Little Party Nibbles:Teensy Weensy Savoury Pies”

Little Party Nibbles: Mini Apple Sponge Cakes

My sister is having a few parties in NZ this month. And as I am 8,961 miles away  (14,421 km) I am not sure I can make it.  So I am going to join in by sending her a couple of my favourite party… Continue Reading “Little Party Nibbles: Mini Apple Sponge Cakes”

Little Party nibbles: Mama’s Russian Fudge

Every Christmas our mother would make three different kinds of fudges. We would carefully wrap a selection in crackly difficult, transparent cellophane, then we gathered the corners together,  with a red ribbon, tied  in a bow.  We made  a number of little packages. A… Continue Reading “Little Party nibbles: Mama’s Russian Fudge”

What’s for dinner Mama? Fish?

Crostini, using home made rosemary bread, demanded something special,  so tonight we are starting with  ChgJohn’s  Baked Brie with Caramelised Onions. This was just divine. The guests just woofed this down. ChgJohn told me to make TWO! Third Son is grilling Prime Rib on… Continue Reading “What’s for dinner Mama? Fish?”

Mama’s Retro Pumpkin Pie: can you bear it?

My little sister Gabe, who is developing a  farm  in New Zealand, wrote to me yesterday, asking for our Mums Pumpkin Pie recipe. Coincidentally my little brother T asked for the recipe a couple of weeks ago as well.  And yes they are both… Continue Reading “Mama’s Retro Pumpkin Pie: can you bear it?”

Dad’s easy tasty Bread Recipe

My father has been following the blog since its beginnings and is not altogether sure about the merits of my bread recipe. Yes, you can go back and have a  bit of a laugh at it if you like!! You will remember that Dad… Continue Reading “Dad’s easy tasty Bread Recipe”