The Perfect Pig Bath and dark chocolatey Brownies

You will remember that the Pigs had their paddling pool confiscated because they mistook it for a toilet.  I have experimented with all kind containers that I can fill with water for them to wallow in. Usually they just empty the water out and play on the concrete. Shoving the offending receptacle around with their snouts.

Yesterday it was in the nineties and trying to rain but all we got was humidity so I took apart a dog crate and put the bottom half in the pigsty then turned on the hose. 

It was an instant hit!  Just right. Pigs do not have active sweat glands so they do not really sweat, plus these domestic pigs have very little hair to help them cool down so heat stress is something we need to be very aware of.  This is why they love to wallow. The concrete barn floor is a great coolant for them, they will clear a patch and lie on the cold floor.  The barn is the coolest place on the property when it is hot. We live an old fashioned life with  no air conditioning so the barn is even cooler than the house.  But like Our John and his swimming pool, the pigs love to cool off in water.

Why I decided to make brownies on the hottest day so far this year is anybody’s guess. But I had the oven on for the bread, and as I have used the gas anyway, I hate to waste the heat by only cooking one thing.   I came across this recipe at Chef Connies blog. It make 250 brownies. And I want to make a big batch to take to the old folks home for The Old Codgers last day.  But it is best to practice a recipe first.  So I halved the recipe and cooked up a storm. They are divine.  Very chocolately. And not icky sweet!

Plus they will freeze well.

Do you think Daisy’s shape has changed? I have a feeling the calf has dropped. Suddenly I can see her ribs. And it is not from a lack of feed either! 

Good morning. This morning when I woke up, though intent on a wee Sunday sleep in,  the farm sounded different. Which put me on the alert immediately.  I could hear the sheep calling to each other but there was something not quite right. So I looked out and lo and behold there was a little flock of sheep milling about my work station.  The cats were all sat up on the work bench looking askance at the bad behaviour.  The night paddock gate was wide open behind them. I did grab the camera, but only let off one shot. 

So I scooped out some of their treat feed, called out their dinner call and they obediently followed me back into the field clammering for a taste.  

By then the whole farm was awake and expectant and so my day has started upside down.

Good morning. Your comments were wonderful yesterday, you are such stunning pen pals!  We have had some fantastic discussions lately in the comments section. Isn’t life grand!

Now I had better warm Minty’s bottle and begin work for real.  I need to get as much done as I can out there before it gets too hot.  Summer has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere. Don’t you love it?!


79 Comments on “The Perfect Pig Bath and dark chocolatey Brownies

  1. Good morning! Those sheep are quite the clever escape artists aren’t they? What a gorgeous sunrise you had this morning.

    Can’t wait for Daisy to have that baby and your brownies look delicious! 🙂

    • Yes I have to remember to double check that gate, it has a habit if springing back out of its latch, especially with Minty crashing about as she jumps through it. c

  2. good sunday morning! those look like very happy piggies! i don’t think i know who the old codger is? is he going back to his home? i bet they loved those brownies. we are in for an awful hot day again today. no rain in site. our ground is cracked and hard. we haven’t had rain in a month.

    • Everyone needs to adopt one old person and the old codger is mine, he is in hie nineties and lives not far from here but has been in a retirement home having therapy after a fall , Ton Ton and I visit him every friday. he is hoping to be able to come home to his own house soon.. Morning Joyce c

    • Ah yes.. they would have done that for some mild entertainment while waiting for their breakfast,naughty moggies! c

  3. Such happy piggies! Pigs (and ducks) never fail to make me smile!

  4. I’m in the midwest too. Minnesota girl here. Can you give a state? Your critters are the best–oh how I need a lamb!

  5. Your pig wallow is fabulous…….for now Celi! You’ll have to keep being creative my friend, as they will grow like crazy and soon only one at time will fit the dog kennel, and after that, not even one!!! Our pigs huge now!!! Let me know what you come up with. Ours have made a big wallow near their house and we fill it every few days. Di

  6. Well, I think I prefer the brownies over the pigs.
    Somehow your postings had disappeared from the WordPress Reader a week or two ago. Have you switched to your own internet domain at around that time? Anyway, after unfollowing and re-following your blog they are back again, so I can read them more timely now.

    • Yes i did Klaus, i went to dot com, but was assured that both addresses would still read.. what should i do as I think I may have lost a few other people along the way too, now that i think about it.. c

      • I still got email notifications, which I usually only browse, as I prefer to read my followed blogs when I have the time. You could recommend readers who experience the same problem (blog postings have disappeared from the WordPress Reader) to unfollow your blog and follow it right away, which will then work with the new address. It’s just two clicks at the same location. Of course they first have to read that advice, which might take a while.

        • This is true, well like you i am sure they will find me eventually, no-one will be lost forever, i will find them! c

  7. that is so nive of you to adopt the old codger1 i bet he enjoys your company! i cook for all the old people in my neighborhood. especially for the holidays. i make sure they all get good treats! they really appreciate it.

  8. The picture of the pigs is absolutely precious. Very creative of you–that dog crate. I can’t wait to see Daisy’s calf!

  9. Morning, Celi. It is hot here too – hot enough that I only left yesterday for the gym. Got a lot of work done at home, however. Resist the temptation of lying down on the barn’s floor. It’s going to be a hot one again.

    • Well it is 1pm as i am returning your comment and you are absolutely right Bill , it is very hot today, I shall attempt to resist the barn floor! c

  10. Good morning! We could use our own adult sized piggy bath this weekend…mid to upper 90’s. A little wallow sounds great to me. Happy Sunday!

  11. Good morning, Celi. It is late spring here in northern California. Cherries have come in and the first apricots, but the big prize in the market yesterday was fresh basil — I bought a big bunch for pesto and I succumbed to a purple opal basil plant and some Thai basil in pots: hopefully, I can keep them alive and fence them off from the local snail population.

    • That basil will love a warm corner of your garden, snails are such a bore.. cherries AND apricots.. lovely .. c

  12. I agree with Chef Connie that there is absolutley no point in eating a sub-standard brownie. (Or a sub-standard anything for that matter but, like her, I am particularly averse to brownies because I know how good they can be.) I bet the old folks were very happy to receive these.
    Are these dear piglets for consumption? It will be hard to kill them having seen their little personalities but that’s the way of self-sufficiency. I’d rather eat brownies than piggies.

    • Yes those brownies are a lot easier to make.. the pigs are being given a lovely summer with tons of yummy feed! And yes growing your own food is not always easy! c

  13. I have a friend who says, “Life is too short to eat stale chips,” and I think that may tie in with making excellent brownies. You’re amazing to think thrift and not waste the hot oven…your personal climate changes do shift rather dramatically, don’t they? Wasn’t it only “yesterday” we were hearing about frost and wind damage? The animals do warm my heart, and it’s just fine with me if you don’t answer the question about “are the piglets for consumption?” Not sure I want to know that 🙂 Hugs to you, Celi!

    • Oh dear, well the piggies are having a wonderful time, that should do then. My gran was the one that made us cook two different batches of something when the oven was hot, if there was a roast, there was a pudding, and scones for tomorrow! Here we use propane stored in a big gas tank out the back and it is expensive! c

  14. How funny! I laughed when I saw the pic of the critters around and on your work bench. They just wanted to show you some mornin lovin :} I love your references to the Old Codger in your life. It does my heart good to know their are people like you looking out for their elderly neighbors. I worked in assisted living for years and visitors of any age and with any number of legs always brought on smiles and brightened days. People do get so lonely and shut off from the world in those places if people don’t bring some outside in. Thank You!

  15. After being delightfully entertained for a couple of weeks I am now far too excited to not chime in. By way of introduction I am “nanster” to my “grands”…or Nana..LOVE LOVE LOVE your farmy and farmy family. When I was very young, on occasion ,I was allowed to take the two milkers,always named Bossy, to their pasture. They followed so well I was convinced I was a Cow whisperer. The return trip in the evening was just as magical. I am sure glad I wasn’t aware that they knew their way !!! “Come Boss”….”Come Boss”….so I am counting the days til we meet new little bovine !!
    Off to my flower garden for tending and admiring !!

    • tending and admiring go hand in hand, don’t they Nanster. I love that your cows were always named bossy. What a lovely job for a little girl, you must have been so proud! Welcome to the farmy and thank you so much for popping in and introducing yourself! Come again. c

    • there you are now.. You got lost in the spam folder!! I hope your wind dies down soon, even ONE day without the wind is like a gift.. c

  16. A lovely happy post, despite mischief among the animal characters. You’ll have to tie that gate up and knit a cover for the gate so that Minty can’t climb through!

    • It is more than likely that minty knocked the catch open when she jumped through.. and yes i am going to have to make it lamb proof.. It is so sweet when she comes to meet me but it is time for her to grow up!! sad! c

  17. I love how they both managed to wedge themselves into the bath. I saw the brownies on Chef Connie’s blog too – and might try out the full recipe for our pig roast this summer (hope the piggies don’t read this).

  18. Oh Celi, I love that sunset shot. That reminds me of down “home” and my grandparents. Put a big smile on my face. 🙂

  19. The piggies in the “pool” shot is perfect for a summer day – I know how they felt today – we finally have summer, so now I’ve said that it’s bound to end tomorrow !

  20. Clean and happy piggies my friend 😀
    But not as happy as you would be eating these scrumptious brownies 😉
    Gorgeous sunrise too!

    Choc Chip Uru

  21. What a treat, as usual 🙂 Your pig bath is genius – and aren’t those pigs happy 😀 and I want sheep round MY workstation! *stamps foot petulantly*

  22. Now that I’ve caught up with a week of farm life…what am I most delighted about? The hay bales. YAY! What else? The surviving poultry, Daisy’s progress towards motherhood, the Old Codger coming home, the bees having a great stab at continued sustenance for our planet, and you having some Marmite coming. (I read a bloggers love of mixing marmite with peanut butter. She claims it’s heavenly. Surely it just ruins two perfectly independent tastes! :0 ) I wrote down the recipe for the hand/leg scrub – can hardly wait!

    But overall, Celi, I’m so happy you found blogging. When I learned the contrast of lifestyles you’ve undertaken, I marvel at the hugeness of your becoming a farmerette! Blogging seems a great antidote for isolation – for whatever reason. Some bloggers claim self-imposed isolation, but still appreciate wallowing in the arms-length warmth offered through cyberspace. I like both and can live both. Each take turns demanding my time and attention.

    So glad you are here and that you are you!

  23. What happy pigs and good for you for keeping trying. In the end, the creative solution was there. I notice how tuned in you are to the sounds of the farmy (as well as smells, sights, wind, temperature etc) – and how the different sounds let you know that something was wrong. This attunement is a precious gift, and being in nature restores and refines it.

    • We have no TV or radio and with no air conditioning the windows are open all summer, so a break in the usual sounds around us is very obvious. I like it this way.. c

  24. Those brownies look so good! — I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Illuminating Blogger Award! This as a fabulous award that anyone can bestow on their fellow bloggers for illuminating and informative blog content. I do hope you accept your nomination; to find out what you do next check out C.J.’s post over at Food Stories!

  25. Absolutely wonderful! Loved the shots of the pigs, so happy! and the brownies, well, I understand completely the “need” to turn the oven on a hot day. Guess what I’ll be baking tomorrow? Sourdough bread…. (sigh) I’ll try to do it as early as possible to avoid the hottest part of the day

  26. Good morning Celi! I’ve just got your last 6 posts in one go 🙂 I hope the pigs learn that some water is only for swimming in. Wishing you a beautiful summer’s day, it is nearly winter here!

  27. Morning Celi! Such great news yesterday about the Old Codger, you must all be delighted that he’s getting to be up and about again. You sure have your hands full with those sheep, and the pigs too. Thank heavens Ton Ton is there to help keep things under control… 😉

    • I will stop showing pigs until I get Sheila, then I think you will all breath a sigh of relief!! c

  28. The piglets are so cute! But I’m sure by the time they grow up, they’ll look like bacon, prosciutto and rillettes 🙂

  29. Love the shot of the pigs in the carrier — Max’s is in blue. I bought it for him when I still thought he was going to be “40# at the max”. Ha!
    Your brownies sound delicious, Celi. I especially like that they’re not too sweet and that they freeze well. If I can’t freeze 3/4 of a recipe, I won’t bake it. These, though, would be perfect!

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