Lavender Lemon Cake

Bobby Blanc moved into his new quarters yesterday. Now he sleeps in the barn sun-room and has access to the corridor paddock.  He literally trotted around and around thrilled to bits to be out and about. Kicking up his heels and holding his head high.

 Naturally TonTon and Mary’s Cat  spent a very busy day laying about in there as well.  They quite wore themselves out being companionable.  

No animal is alone on the farmy!

I harvested some lavender flowers though not too many. It is a dangerous business picking lavender with the bushes full of bees.  The best time to harvest lavender is early morning when the bees are still sleeping and the buds are high in oil.  I should have remembered. 

To make a lavender lemon cake. Take your favourite butter cake or pound cake recipe. When you cream the butter and  sugar add a cup of lavender buds. Just buds, no stalks.   Make sure to Press the mixture together and let it settle. Herbs need to be squeezed and played with just like babies, so they exude their fragrance.  I let the butter sit with the herb for at least  half an hour. This way the  flavours have tons of time to exchange.

Here is my recipe:

  • 1/2 pound of butter
  • 1 and 1/2 cups of vanilla infused sugar
  • 1 cup honey
  • 1 cup of lavender buds,
  • the juice of half a lemon and the zest of that lemon.

Press together with your hands,  let it sit for a while, then whip together until creamy.

  • Add 6 eggs one at a time
  • 3 cups of flour alternating with 2/3 cup of cream from your own cow!

Place in cold oven and bake at 350 for about 40 minutes.

After it is baked and while it is still piping hot, squeeze the juice from the other lemon on top, sprinkle with sugar and fresh lavender buds.

The lavender jelly failed this time because I tried to exchange half of the sugar for honey.  I have not given up yet though, so stay tuned. Even though it did not set, I drizzled a little onto the sauteed ‘fresh from the garden’ zuchinni at the end of it’s cooking time and it was divine.

Last night we also had mashed potato with truffle oil, on the recommendation of Sopsta, my beautiful daughter who is off to Melbourne soon for a look-see. She is thinking of relocating there. She is a professional waitress. She is looking for the best restaurants and the sweetest back packers.  I had an old friend who travelled a lot, he was a Catholic priest actually. And he said when you travel, sleep cheap and eat well!  This has become a family mantra. With the family addition of the last two nights away are always, always spent in a ridiculously expensive hotel. Has to be done!

If you have any tips about Melbourne for my beautiful daughter we would love to hear from you.  The cats have discovered that the barn has milk!

And look at the grapes. 

We really are looking at a bumper crop.

Good morning! My coffee this morning has creamy fresh milk in it. We are now officially drinking Daisy milk. It is pure white and tasty, of course.  Yesterday I also began a big pot of yoghurt. This morning I will set it to strain, making it thicker and more like a  greek yoghurt. The pigs will have the whey!

I hope you are all going to have a lovely day.  My lovely day is about to begin. I have to weed the frog garden after all the chores today. The second sowing of beans are coming up!


111 Comments on “Lavender Lemon Cake

  1. Amazing photos today, C – you really outdid yourself this time!
    So glad you posted this early…the Little One is up already, and at my side, ready to get in the car and go see her cousin.
    The pics of Baby Bobby slowed her down. For a minute…
    Have a great day!

  2. I look forward to seeing my lavender mature, and then I will enjoy cakes and jelly as you do.
    …and I will search for a lovely little jelly carafe too.

  3. Beautiful cake. I will make one based on this when I can harvest our lavender too. Enjoy your day!

  4. Cecilia, what did you bake it in, the folds around the cake sides look attractive to me. Recipe with pounds is a challenge….back to the converter. The Americanization of measurements in cooking is easy though when cup measurements are used. I have Carol Field cookbooks and she goes too far when she puts in measurements like 2 cups of plain flour plus 2 dessertspoons of plain flour.
    Definitely going to make this cake, have lavender, will bake but have to fail on serving with a home brand of cream. Thanks Roz

    • Morning Roz. When I make a cake I line the cake tin with baking paper.. I just kind of jam it in and the cake weighs it down and then i trim it around the top edge to avoid fires. I have quite literally set a cake on fire! It saves on washing up!! c

  5. Lovely to have your own milk at last, Celi (the cats think so, too). I saw that you put cream in your cake. The best cream that we get here is from a local — Marin County — dairy. I buy it for desserts and special occasions. If you like that sort of thing, there is a wonderful recipe for caramel icing on “The Kale Chronicles” this week (the cake is there, too, courtesy of Lisa Knighton).

  6. i think i will go out and snip some of my lavender this morning! how cute that the kitties are getting milk. you can see how important a dairy cow is to a farm.

  7. Ahhhh, fresh milk – all those years of effort come to fruition! The picture of TonTon and Bobby is so heart warming. The ‘kitties’ must be thrilled too.
    I have a son who is a world traveller – a photographer/videographer nomad – he says he’s semi-retired… 25 year old! He backpacks, in Asia lately, staying in guest houses or hostels. He says you can live for a dollar a day in Asia…….if you stay out of the tourist ‘traps’ and meet the ‘real’ people. Oh these kids of ours!!!

    • Morning GMom. Sopsta has spent quite a bit of time in Thailand and says the same thing, and I bet your son eats that fab fresh street food too! That is the way to go! c

  8. Wonderful pics, as usual! I made a lemon pound cake just the other day–now I must will my new lavender plants to grow, so I can add that as well!

  9. I am blown away by the cake recipe. Lavender we have, although it’s late this year. I am making that cake – the expense of buying a cow for the cream was unexpected and not budgeted for. Hell. it’s only money.

  10. Good morning! My lavender died last summer in the drought. This summer it hasn’t stopped raining since April … and I have no lavender. Nor cows, nor sheep. I suspect that I’m living in some weird limbo dimension…

  11. How wonderful! I’ve made a version of a lavender-lemon cake before but I can only imagine how great it is with freshly picked lavender – the fragrance!

    I’ve never lived in Melbourne, but visited there a lot and there are lovely restaurants there (the dining scene is thriving), not to mention lots of lovely people. I am sure your daughter will feel v welcome!

  12. Great shot of the grapes, Celi. It should go on your wine labels — once you get your vineyard fully operational, of course. I’ve never cooked with lavender blossoms. Your cakes looks fantastic with the flower buds decorating it! Really exciting to hear that there’s enough fresh milk now for your table, as well as for the rest of the farmy. Can curds be far behind & what kind will you be making?
    Cubs game tis afternoon. Should be perfect weather for it. Have a great day, Celi.

    • Have a great game, it is cool enough and sunny enough to be just perfect for watching.. As soon as i gear myself up I will begin the cheesemaking, things are shuffling into place just nicely.. c

  13. Check your mail today… Your cake looks yummy…I will have to find some lavender and try that recipe. Fresh milk and cream…sounds like it is time to make ice cream..

    • I don’t have an ice cream churn, i desperately want one of those old hand cranked ones.. but ice cream would be glorious! OK I will watch for the mail man!! Thank you connie! c

      • You’re welcome…we cheat when we make ice cream..ours is electric.

      • Hee Hee, I have the antique wooden hand cranked wooden bucket ….. but no cow or cream (sigh). Laura

        • Oh NO and so far away! There was an old family one but it went to the other side of the family. I wonder if I can borrow it back! c

  14. I am curious about straining your yoghurt to make it thicker…do you use a cloth strainer? How long? Any tips? I have been making my own yoghurt but it is quite thin. The cake looks delicious…will have to try that too!

    • Good morning, i will pop a pic on the blog for you tomorrow so you can see, but yes I line a colander in a cheese cloth, (often i use old pillow cases) then gather it together and tie it up hanging it from a hook. It will drain for about 4 or 5 hours.. then your yoghurt is ready! c

      • Celi got me started making yoghurt…my first batch was thin too..after some research I did find that if you add 5-10 tablespoons of instant dry milk (add it when you mix your culture and your scalded milk together) it will thicken it to be more like what we buy at the store.

  15. I was hoping you would post the recipe! I’m going to try it this weekend, my son has some lavender. I’ll have to buy the cream, I guess. I’ve got a cookie recipe that uses lavender too, I should try that as well.

      • I just looked through my stack and couldn’t find it. But I have one more place to look. If I make them I’ll send a picture and tell you about it!

  16. Just love your header photo of the precious lambies Celi! And soooo happy the grapes are growing like crazy!!! I was afraid with the freeze you would have far less than a bumper crop! xo

    • Morning Di, i also was convinced that that nasty snap would have killed them off, it killed all the other fruit but the grapes are thriving.. who knew! c

  17. Wonderful!

    I will be a bit silent in commenting due to ultra frantic life, but reading your articles brings me a much needed peaceful feeling


    • OK Sally, Poor you, remember to find little moments of calm while your life is frantic, lovely to see you today though.. c

  18. I’ve got lavender, I’ve got eggs coming out of my ears, and organic milk from the store — good enough to try your wonderful cake! I’m going to pin it as well. It’s just beautiful and looks YUMMY.

  19. Beautiful cake! I like how you place it in a cold oven. I’ve never tried that – at least intentionally.

    • The first time was unintentional, but there is no baking powder in this recipe so a slow rising cook works well.. c

  20. I think I would just love to be able to say, “today I need to weed the frog garden,” Celi! You made me chuckle! I’ve been doing my best to find reliable recipes for my abundant lavender crop, so I will be making this beautiful cake this weekend, that’s a certainty! Good tips on how to maximize on the lavender oil! Baby Blanc is adorable, and looks so strong and healthy! Traveling mercies to your daughter! She sounds adventurous like her mother! 🙂 Debra

    • Morning Debra. One day I am going to make lavender oil but I need one of those evaporator thingies.. c

  21. Today’s list for the grocery !
    Dairy Cow

    No problem ……..

    Morning C ……Bobby looks like he is on a mission….love him.


  22. When we had an elderly neighbour who never went into her garden I said we should get a cow – it would keep the weeds down, be cute etc, etc. I’m now wishing I had followed my own advice! Morning or should I say afternoon as that is what it is here!

  23. Just checking in again to say I enjoy visiting here every day. Your notes and photos remind me of my childhood on a dairy farm.

  24. The travel philosophy appeals! Especially with your addition. A good clean up in luxury is the greatest way to end a good adventure.

    What a refreshing change, Celi, to find a blog that admits to a cooking failure! My god, that’s enough for even the worst cooks to give it a try! 😀

  25. Oh how Yummcious that cake looks! Your grapes are enviable; my baby plants do have a few clusters…so I am happy!

    I picked my first batch of peas this morning! yippee!

  26. This cake looks stunning my friend! Absolutely wonderful! And Little Bobby has me grinning very hard 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  27. The new calf is such a Beautiful Boy! The cake looks yummy and will have to save the recipe and make for a special occasion or an every day occasion:) Have a Great Day!

  28. So many exciting things going on today – Bobby out and about and making friends, a beautiful cake, thoughts of your daughter’s travels and your grapes are amazing. Bigger than ours!

  29. So many delights on the farmy today; young Bobby looks handsome and frisky, the lavender divine (I can almost smell it from here), the grapes swelling with promise, and the milk is like heavenly milk-of-human-kindness. And none of this would happen without hard work and belief in the best of everything. I rejoice for you!

    • I am feeling the hard work in my shoulders, i am going to get milk maid muscles from the buckets! c

  30. Beautiful cake and Bobby does have fantastic markings!
    If you liked it on potato, then you’l find that truffle oli is excellent on popcorn too 😉

    • Hmm, well I never thought of doing that, I had a guy in germany tell me the other day that garlic butter is good on popcorn.. do you guys know each other? c

  31. What a beautiful post today C! From the lavender cake on to that adorable shot of Ton and Blanc. That is so sweet! And the kitties are too cute as well. 🙂

  32. I’ve been away & trying to keep up with the farmy via smartphone. I’m happy to be back & see Bobby Blanc out & about under the care of TonTon and Mary’s Cat 🙂

  33. Look at how beautiful Bobby Blanc is!! He must be so much fun to watch. Your cake is absolutely gorgeous!

    Have a lovely day ~ April

  34. Your cake turned out lovely! You are a woman of many talents, C.

  35. Your photos in this post are exceptional. What particularly caught my eye is the bowl your cats are drinking milk from. How classy. On the farm when I was growing up, our farm cats drank milk from a battered hubcap in a dark corner of the barn.

    • a battered hubcap would be awesome, I shall look out for one, this bowl was sat in a box in the basement,

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