Outside my bedroom window

Outside my bedroom window is this view.

Doesn’t that just make you want to go wild, like I don’t know, run in disorder through the tidy fields scattering wild flower seed  and dancing maniacally, twisting  and tangling all the straight rows!  All legs and hair! A man once described me as all legs and hair. I was out with his friend the night before and he asked my friend, “Who were you with last night? That woman. All legs and hair.”

I strained the yoghurt yesterday morning and there was so much of it. Thick and good.  The whole farmy got their yoghurt  fix yesterday.  Especially the chickens and the pigs.

The Matriarch found these pint and a half jars for me in Missouri. I am smitten. I adore putting things into things. And putting fresh home made yoghurt made from my own milk into these lovely jars fits the bill perfectly.  

The lanky teenager said to me. “We are up to our heads in eggs.”

“Hmm.” I said wondering where this was going.

“Can we have devilled eggs?” he said. “Sure”  I said.

Two hours later after watching a movie he comes out to the barn and said “Did you make those devilled eggs?”.

“No honey,” I said, “you will”.

“I don’t know how.” he said.

Well that is no problem.  So after I had taught him how to steam and peel an egg (he is 18) .  He looked up a recipe on the internet,  (not just for games you know), we made a few changes to suit his tastes, he got to work and was kind enough to let me take a shot before he devoured them. They are made with mayo, fresh yoghurt, lemon juice, garlic and pepper and salt. We decided to start simple.  Admittedly the spinach boats were my idea, pretty is not on his list when it comes to food. Which is fair.

“Can I make these every day?” he said. Maybe we will learn another recipe tomorrow I thought. Teaching kids to cook. Good.

The dogs were loafing in circles waiting, wishing they could jam that camera right down my throat so they could finally get on with their evening walk!  But the empty peach tree leaves looked so pretty in that light . 

Good morning. We also made raw butter yesterday.  The teenagers churned the cream as they lay about in the hot part of the afternoon.  I was thrilled at how much butter came through. Lovely heavy yellow butter. Soon we will barely need to go to the supermarket at all this summer.

This morning after chores TonTon and I will pick up The matriarch and go over to visit the Old Codger. She wants to take him some cookies as he turned 93 the day before yesterday.  The staff there are frantically trying to get him stable on his feet before he bolts. They need him to be safe and he needs to get home.  Both wishes are entirely valid. But like many wishes they will not dovetail tidily like the floor of a bean field. Life is often messy with wild flowers growing where they shouldn’t.

Have a lovely muddle of a day!


85 Comments on “Outside my bedroom window

  1. Oh, so you have your own butter! How wonderful. And your deviled eggs look amazing. I love your presentation. And your own yoghurt! How clever. It all sounds so idyllic xx

  2. Love the analogy of life, bean fields and wildflowers. I, too, like putting things into things. That is the good tidy, the fun tidy. Rampaging flowers are the fun (and necessary) untidy.

  3. All legs and hair, hmm? I wish someone had ever described me that way. Oh well. Maybe in the next life. Love the deviled eggs. Do you have any advice for those of us without farms and cows about how to make yogurt at home? I’ve been wanting to…

  4. Eighteen, and couldn’t boil an egg? I feel better about my son son’s kitchen skills now…
    Have a lovely day, C. Fill your skirt pocket with wildflower seeds, and scatter away!

  5. Oh C, what a beautiful view you have from your bedroom! Well done on getting the teenager to make his own devilled eggs – they look delicious. Think we will be seeing a few variations from him still.
    Your own butter – AWESOME!!!
    Have a superb day.
    🙂 Mandy

  6. Cooking lessons! Butter churning lessons! Lucky teenagers! You can never take the teach out of the teacher, can you? How wonderful for all involved! I love the idea of having a lovely muddle of a day, and so I will do so with a smile on my face! Today we will attempt to plant a huge, dramatic swath of sunflowers to pretty up the farm for my son Mike and Desi’s wedding here in August. You wouldn’t believe the discussion, puzzling, and false starts this project is taking, but I think we are finally ready to plant them…

  7. Great that the teenager is having such a wonderful experience. Deviled eggs are terrific, especially using such fresh eggs.

  8. Good morning, C and the farmy, and …. woah — you steam your eggs to hardboil them? News: Another publisher picked up one of my poems for publication in their mid-August issue. Brill.

      • Wow! I must try this, C. I have a stacked steamer, which I assume would work ok, right? How long to do steam them? 🙂

  9. Yogurt, butter, and a cooking lesson. You will keep busy, won’t you? With temps in the 90’s for the next few days, please find a spot to relax a bit in the heat of the afternoons.
    I hope your friend is able to go home soon. Does he have family to come check on him once he’s there? I know that you’re going to visit him but I’m hoping there are others to do it, too. Loneliness does not a full recovery make.
    I may take Max to one of the dog beaches in a little while. He gets his exercise, I get soaked, and my car gets a lovely aroma that will linger for days. I’d rather teach him to make deviled eggs.
    Have a great day, Celi!

    • Poor Max, who i sometimes call Rex, sorry Max, no there is no family, his daughter lives in california, but we will see what happens next c

  10. You are doing a real service to whoever your lanky teenager gets to marry! Teach him to clean up afterwards, though, as well as cook! I could murder that try of eggs…

    I dislike tidy rows, too, and am incapable of having a tidy garden (or cupboard, come to that!)
    You might like the poem I wrote about the best bit of my garden: http://vivinfrance.wordpress.com/2012/06/12/playing-favourites/

    Give the codger my best wishes for his birthday. I’m on his side – home’s the best place for us codgers and codgeresses.

  11. It’s so rewarding to use those little ‘teachable moments’ in life! Love the idea of sowing random wildflowers to break up the lines of commercial beans–that will be in my head all day as I work in my little garden that looks out upon acres of corn and beans. Wouldn’t life be dull if everything looked the same and lined up in neat little rows?

  12. I’m with the teenager — I don’t require my food to be pretty: homemade is good, fresh is good, seasonal is good. The view is dreadful: I prefer the peach trees. Wonderful to now have milk, butter, eggs and cream — sounds like a baking spree to me…

  13. Great post, Celie. Everything is looking lovely and well-maintained, as usual. How I wish someone would describe me as “all legs and hair”! I did have to skip past the eggs, which I’m sure were very well-prepared following your instructions, but I have an egg phobia of sorts–I literally have to run out of the house when my husband is cooking them!

  14. I am envious of all your lovely yoghurt and butter, good old Daisy! All legs and hair huh? I’m envious there too – I have plenty in the hair department but was definitely at the back of the queue when legs were handed out!

  15. I think I missed something…are the teenagers living with you for the summer? I love how you guys put the deviled eggs in the spinach leave, just gorgeous!

    I need to come have a vacation at your house. Even if it’s a working vacation! 😉

    • Johns teenager came for a few days and is still here.. who knows.. I just go on the assumption that they will stay for a bit. the farmy is like that. The other local country teenagers are coming out of the woodwork now that there is a teen in residence.. I think it is the pool! c

  16. I love it when I can teach a young person to cook something – they’ll probably never forget the lesson and that’s good! Gorgeous lookng yogurt in jars and the butter sounds wonderful. Fingers crossed for the Old Codger…and I like the wld flower analogy!

  17. what a fabulous view from your bedroom. i bet in the winter you can see bunnies and pheasants in those fields and maybe some foxes too. what fun to teach the teeenager to cook. i was always referred to as legs. i have looooon thin legs!

  18. that’s nice of the matriarch. hope to see you all soon.

  19. Thanks for teaching! It amazes me how may of our young people are about to enter the ‘real’ world of wokr and life and have no clue on doing even routine housework.

  20. Hmm, I like the nice straight rows (an accountant – can you tell?), many happy returns to the Old Codger. I have butter envy now too :). Laura

    • The butter is just lovely and although i made two little jars I am half way through the second one, so i need to make it often i guess!

  21. As a choreographer once said to me, “run with your hair on fire and tits to the sky!”

  22. I have a corn field facing my kitchen window. I hope the farmer who planted it will appreciate the enormous influence you have on me. Still in pj’s I’m just going to have a little run through the rows. Virginia

    • there are two kinds of butter milk aren’t there, do you mean the milk after the butter making?.. I am never sure what to make with that! c

  23. What bounty, with milk pouring in, and butter being churned, with eggs galore. Good on you for showing the teen how to cook the eggs himself. This could easily turn out to be the ONE RECIPE that he uses for a lifetime to impress his future girlfriends with.
    What an orderly view you have from your bedroom window. I think I’d be wanting to run wild too, when I see that. I’m amazed how green it is, despite the dry weather.

  24. Celi,
    A whole summer of learning with you, wow….. your teenagers prospects with the fairer sex have just skyrocketed! The spinach boats look delightful; I make yoghurt with an organic milk powder that comes over from NZ…….I wasn’t able to find any when last in NZ; is it all exported?
    Will your wildflowers germinate in a monsanto field?

    • No you are right, monsanto will kill anything that does not belong in their bank account.. ! big fat meanies! c

  25. I am so glad that I didn’t miss this post, Cei! I just loved the beautiful yogurt, and the thought of you running wild through that field! I adore the look of the spinach boats! I can’t wait to copy! 🙂 I am sorry it is taking so long for the Old Codger to get on his feet, and hope it happens soon. It must have been difficult for all to have him yet away for such a big birthday. oxo Debra

  26. Good for you – teaching in such a manner that young man to become interested in cooking.

    Oh, I hope the Codg can come home soon.

    • Oh I know it’s late, but did i REALLY type that first sentence? I meant “teaching in such a manner that a young man has become interested in cooking.” And now off to bed! I have to go bear hunting tomorrow!

  27. There is so much to love in this post, but I am obsessed with jars so I have to say that those jars are just great. I loved reading about your cooking lesson- those are the loveliest deviled eggs I’ve ever seen.

  28. Survival cooking skill are important to learn. Glad the other teens are visiting – makes everyone happier.
    Have you ever noticed there are no straight lines in nature – only man makes those?
    The dogs certainly look content – farms do that to all

  29. Just love your first paragraph Celi!!! Yes, too much order can make one crazy, that’s for sure!!! Will you be telling about how you make your yogurt and butter? That would be great! I also love the old picture behind your yummy yogurt in the special Martriarch jars. So cool! Happy Weekend!!! Di

  30. That has to be a compliment ‘all legs and hair’! The yoghurt looks amazing lucky you.

  31. That is a lovely view out your window. So glad the teen is a willing student in the kitchen. The spinach boats made such a lovely picture. I never take time to think of such things, we just eat. You make it dining. 🙂 The jars of yogurt look almost too good to eat!

  32. Like those before me, I think the spinach leaves are a brilliant idea to showcase deviled eggs…and I’m stealing it! 🙂 What is picture of the little house behind the cool 1 1/2 pint yoghurt jars? Happy belated birthday to the Old Codger.

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