In My Kitchen and Mary’s Cat has an Announcement

Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial has a lovely tradition at her place.  She encourages us to post a wee peek into our kitchens,then let her know  and  she posts our sites, in a column on her page. So here we are.  Have a wee look at a couple of things in my kitchen.  Not many though as I can’t be cleaning more than one corner at a time!!

These are two NZ dancing magnets that sit on my fridge. They are being quite well behaved today. Sometimes they can get a wee bit risque!

My NZ kite (pronounced keetay) that holds the pens for writing the grocery lists that I forget to take with me. The kite are made in all shapes and sizes out of New Zealand flax. 

As you know I do the majority of my cooking on the woodstove in the winter, so here is my New Dutch Oven.  I love that colour. 

And look what I found in an  Illinois supermarket. Dishwashing liquid advertising a New Zealand spring scent. Right out here in the MidWest!  I am not very sure about that. I mean did they ask New Zealand if it was OK to use it’s smell as an advertising gimmick. Naturally Our John had to rudely sniff at it. Oh, he said, New Zealand spring smells like dishwashing liquid and why is it written in French.  I very tartly told him that that is NOT how our spring smells.   And we do not speak French. Well really!  All very misleading. 

Then I looked out the kitchen door and who should be looking back at me! On the verandah, stealing dog food!  Snapped!  Katherine’s rooster. Yes, I do mean you Katherine, I know how you like roosters, he is arriving in a box shortly, addressed to the Rufus household!  He will be your Christmas pressie so you have to pretend to be grateful. You can keep him in your pot cupboard and he is very partial to pomegranates in his champagne!

You may well run too, you Big Fat Rooster!! 

And on a very separate and exciting subject, Mary’s Cat has got all famous and has been interviewed by RumpyDog. The barnyard is agog.  There are noses seriously out of joint. Rumours flying. For a mute cat she seems to have a lot to say. Hope it doesn’t go to her head.  I think the interview will be up today, so pop over if you have a moment and have a read, Rumpy is such a sweet doggie fella.


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    • I just popped over Rumpy, it is a fantastic interview! We thoroughly enjoyed it, and we all Thank you. celi

  1. I like your refrigerator magnets. I laughed thinking about a clucking box showing up at the Rufus household…too funny.

  2. I love your fridge magnets.
    I love your kite.
    I love your Dutch oven.
    I love the colour of your dish washing liquid.
    I love the notion of Katherine feeding the rooster in the pot cupboard.
    I love kitty so am heading over to read about her interview.
    🙂 Mandy

  3. You are amazing dear Cecilia. But this is not a new point for me 🙂 Your posts always like that and so enjoyable to follow them. Thank you, seems that your kitchen is great fun. I loved your NZ dancers… and also the red oven, I am looking for blue of them… My kitchen colour concept is almost blue and blue tones… Dear Celia and Dear Katherine and Rufus, they are my favurite bloggers too. And dear Rumpydog too, how I love them all. Can you see this, we all have these beautiful friends with us… in our daily running life… Blessing for your all. You are so nice dear Cecilia, have a nice day, with my love, nia

    • I know, we are all waiting for Katherine and Greg to discover the rooster in their pot cupboard!! We are lucky with our blog family and it is growing which is great.. c

      • Exactly it is growing… Today I have met with a new and amazing blogger too, and you know her I think, dear Chica from beautiful Andalucia… I would like to see dear katherine and Rufus’ pot cupboard too… Do they hear us, because they are so busy in the kitchen 🙂 Have a nice day dear Cecilia, with my love, nia

  4. What a glorious rooster! My sister raises chickens – which is about as close I get to a live one! Her rooster is named Jerry – for her husband! Thank you for a peek into your kitchen! Oh, my dutch oven is blue, but very similar!

    • Aren’t dutch oven’s great, i have never had one before and I cannot believe i went this long without one! c

    • Ha ah aha .. that is funny isn’t it, I struggle endlessly with my food shots but I can do a GREAT shot of the dishwashing liquid (laughter) typical!! thanks roger.. c

  5. I love the peek into your kitchen!

    And am now curious about the New Zealand Springs dishwashing liquid 🙂 haha – I may just open one up in the store, if they have them, and smell it.

    • that is perfect Saffron, they are just trying to muscle in on our clean green image!! So all they SHOULD get from you is a sniff!! c

  6. Aw this is such a fantastic post. Love everything about it. Your saucy magnets, your dutch oven and that lovely interview with Mary´s Cat. Next time she´s at the French wondows, do give her a little lick and a cuddle from Luna and Alfi.

    • I shall certainly give her a cuddle from Luna and Alfi, but maybe they can send the licks in the mail Tanya!! c

  7. Cute post. You gave me pause with the dish washing detergent and then when I read it I could just see you grousing about that is not the proper aroma for NZ! Chickens eat dog food????

  8. Loved the tour! And can’t believe I would. However, the NZ scented dish liquid is priceless. I shall encourage my wife to buy it, so, I can get a sniff of your homeland. Au revoir.

    • exactly, and I am not sure what the supermarkets will say when they see lines of people sniffing at the NZ spring! Au revoir indeed! c

  9. Love the post, Celi, and I, too, recently purchased a Dutch oven. Perfect season to break one in. And of course the rooster ate the dog food, just as I’ll eat a dish of pasta left on the table. It was there, after all. Now I’m off to read what I hope to be a scintillating interview.

    • I just had a fast flash of you standing at a table eating someone’s left over pasta! My mother would call that the hooverupperer. c

  10. Just read the Mary’s Cat interview. I predict great fame.

    Enjoyed the tour of your kitchen…I am green with envy over that red pot. (See, I do have some holiday spirit: red and green). I desperately need a new set of kettles…

    P.S. Here’s a link to the cream cheese roll-out cookie recipe you hinted at wanting this morning in your comment on my blog post:

    Always happy to share.

  11. Oh my goodness. My dogs will go mad! Thanks for thinking of me. We have a dancing magnet too, but wouldn’t you know it has a wine glass in its hand. Thanks for making me smile, Cecilia.

  12. Cecilia….LOVE your new dutch oven! I’ve been itching to buy a Le Creuset or Staub oven and have had my eye on that color. Haha, roosters caught in the act. Too funny. x

  13. Fabulous photos as always! Roosters eat dog food??! Oh my chihauhaus would be so upset!! I’m loving the color of your dutch oven..that is exactly what I would choose!!

    • It is such a pretty pot that i have it sitting on the kitchen table when I am not using it Spice, it glows!! c

  14. We found your blog from Rumpydog’s blog and loved the delightful story all about how Mary’s Cat earned her name! Then we stopped by and found you have a beautiful blog. Ms. C says she is gonna add it to her blog list of ones she wants to read every day!

  15. You have an interesting kitchen Cecelia – and I love those cheeky NZ dancing magnets!
    I read the interview rumpydog did with Mary’s Cat the other day, and that was what brought me to your blog! The story really touched my heart and I had to meet the person who took in that tiny abandoned kitten. She looks like she has made herself right at home!
    Do you think she will she ever get her voice back?

    • Hi Barb, She was so small, She can’t have been more than a few weeks old. As to her voice, i don’t know, she never meows, though the others make up for it!! sometimes she will open her mouth very wide and a kind of peep will come out. But she is more of a watcher and a lover anyway, she was in the field with me a few minutes ago literally chasing Mia (big lamb) around, Mia jumping like a spring lamb, how does a Cat play with a Sheep? but they do. c

  16. I can’t believe you cook on your woodstove. That’s really cool. I wonder if I can do that…I’ve never tried, but I must! Thanks for the idea. 🙂

    • If you have a cast iron stove with a flat top then you can cook on it, just adjust the fire to suit, we have piles of soups and slow cooked stews and veges on it.. I am looking forward to experimenting with the Dutch oven.. lots of options now.. c

  17. Thanks for playing, Celi! I looooove your roosters – we’re not allowed to keep them here, but yours are simply grand. And naughty fridge magnets! 🙂

    I’m a bit miffed about the NZ Springs Scent too – what on earth is that supposed to mean? Hmph… 😉

  18. I met Mary’s Cat on Rumpy’s blog and thought I’d stop on over. You’ve got some great stuff in your kitchen. Nice pics.

  19. Love those magnets…so arty and fun…and the kite, and of course the lovely and colorful dutch oven, also the New Zealand Dawn (wow, who knew?), and those rascally raiding roosters. Then I went over to read the Mary’s Cat story…a sweet story and a lucky kitty with a happy ending…or beginning as the case may be, what a great post.

    • wasn’t that lovely having Mary’s cat being interview by Rumpy, we were all thrilled, well daisy is a little grumpy but she will get over it! c

  20. Marketers believe anything labelled in French will sell better, it’s quite mystifying. Has the rooster got a brother?

      • To be truly fair, you should check and see whether the distributor for your dishwashing liquid is in Canada, where a large number of products are dual-language labeled to serve the Francophone population, and not just in the obvious regions of huge Fr immigrant settlements. Lots of our stuff here, of course, has English/Spanish labeling. This still wouldn’t excuse the pretense of being Kiwi in order to promote an American brand as “exotic”!! 😀

        • Very good point Kathryn, if they wanted to be truly kiwi I am sure they would have used maori.. probably a distribution thing!

  21. Such a handsome looking rooster, love that photo! And as for the cast iron cookware, only simply cannot have enough of it! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Morning Lizzy, and Welcome! I love the cast iron too , all my fry pans are cast iron.. nothing like a bit of weight! c

  22. That cat is definitely gonna blow up and be a celebrity :). And that dutch oven looks amazing. Whenever I come here, it always reminds me of home.. where my grandmother was born 🙂

    • I love that you are reminded of your gran when you come here, that is exactly how i like it to be. old fashioned and welcoming.. thanks Kay, that is a lovely compliment..

  23. Fun post. I like your NZ dancing magnets, they remind me of kokopelli. And we use the same dishwashing liquid! Who knew?

  24. Love your selection of things in your kitchen. The Dawn is my favorite- such a random fragrance- and how could one actually gather a scent from a spring?
    Great pictures, as usual!

  25. I love how you have little touches of your country of birth all around your kitchen. And I once house-minded a home and they had three acres and used to like the chickens to roam free but they kept breaking into the laundry and eating all the cat food. I worried terribly about what this would do to the flavour of the eggs!

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