Little Party Nibbles:Teensy Weensy Savoury Pies

You knew I was going to do this didn’t you. Because I am a pastry fiend. I love pies. Not so much the American sweet pie. Though some of those are nice in really tiny doses. Savoury pies.  Meat pies. Vege Pies. You will all remember that at home in New Zealand someone who is getting a little chubby is described as ‘Putting On the Pies’. Or if you are a horse they will say you have been ‘In a Good Paddock’ but I digress.

My Fathers Mother had a pie shop in Napier, NZ, during the war years (WW2).  My Fathers Father was away at war for almost 6 years. So she had to make her own way. Her pies were made in beautiful oval tins. Both of my Fathers parents  died before I was born but I do still have my Paternal Grandmothers cookbook. In fact we grew up in their house on the beach. We had stacks of pie tins in the baking cupboard when I was a kid, though those have been lost.  However genetics and my Grandmothers cookbook have won out and I am carrying on the pie tradition for her.

Make or buy your pastry.  Refer here if you need the easiest butter pastry recipe in the world.  Dads Mum did not have a food processor and her pastry was made from shortening or lard but I use butter. 

Now I have to add here, that I have struggled with taking shots of these tiny pies.  The pies above are cooked, and will be thoroughly heated and browned just  before eating, but still. Roger very sweetly commented to me yesterday that he liked my shot of the dishwashing liquid and this pretty much says it all. I am more than happy to agree with him!  He knows what he is talking about. I take shots of dishwashing liquid very well. What I like the most about Roger is that he is bloody honest. My food photography is a work in progress.

I roll out the pastry thinly and then using a small wine glass I  press out as many small discs of pastry as I can (well what else would a small wine glass be good for?) Line the little muffin tins/chocolate molds with the pastry discs,  cover with a wet cloth and return  to the refrigerator (keeping your pastry chilled is essential) , cut all the lid discs and wrap these in a damp cloth and pop these in to chill as well.

Fillings: I am leaving it up to you to work out the portions as it really does depend on your personal taste. Each pie will be one bite, so design a filling that will have a real taste pop in the mouth, make it a taste sensation in that bite.  I have so many variations. Here are a few.  My grandmother made good hearty meat pies. They were filled with well cooked beef stew.  I have posted this recipe before for you. Though I am fairly sure that Grandmother would not have added cheese. 

Chicken and Apricot Pies. Cut the chicken strips into tiny pieces. Marinade in Wine, Lime Juice and Black Pepper.  Pan fry until browned, add cooked onions, deglaze with a little juice from the canned apricots so the chicken and onion pick up all the tastiest bits,   toss in a handful of chopped coriander and sliced apricots turn off heat. Cool before packing into pie shells.

Caramelised onion and leek with gruyere cheese Pies. Soften onions and leeks until melty, about 30 minutes, add a little honey or balsamic vinegar and stir as it darkens. Spoon into shells and top with a paper thin slice of cheese. No pastry top needed.

Bacon and Egg Pies. Spoon cooked and chopped bacon  and onion into the bottom of the pie shells. Pour in egg and cream mixture. Mix plenty of pepper into the egg mix. Sprinkle finely chopped fresh or dry parsley on top. (I dry my parsley by picking big  bunches and stuffing them in a brown paper bag, then the bag goes in the back of the fridge for a few months.) 

Mince Pies. Browned and slow cooked ground beef, with finely chopped onions, thyme and  seasonings.

Curried rosemary lamb and mushroom.

Chickpea and spinach with cumin and paprika.

Mozzarella and basil with a cube of tomato. Let your mind go free!!

Fabulous Cheese and your home-made chutneyTuna and Parsley Sauce! Brie and Walnuts!

You see where I am going don’t you. Design your own fillings. Create your own teensy weensy tasty savoury pies. Serve hot, but not too hot.

Ah, the sun is rising I had better go outside and attend to my animals. 

John is a bit sad that the Teensy Weensy Pie Trials are over as he and his workmates have been having very fancy lunches this week!   But it looks to me like they have been in a pretty good paddock! Celi’s Diet Coleslaw from now on!

Toot Toot (just because I can)


75 Comments on “Little Party Nibbles:Teensy Weensy Savoury Pies

  1. I swear … you foodies sure have a way of great creations. Wonderful idea. Love your “what else would a small wine glass be used for” b/c I prefer bigger glasses!

  2. I am not going to show this entry to DH! His eyes will glaze over at the thought of pies! On a side note we made our first “Ploughman’s Lunches” the other day and they turned out very well. Must get up nerve to make a pie/pasty. Could use a few of the bacon and egg ones right now! nom nom nom t

    • Start with the pastry Miss T, once you see how easy it is, you will have DH’s eyes lighting up in all directions! I love a ploughmans lunch.. love it! Don’t forget to buy a Stilton for christmas.. it is a British tradition. c

  3. I’ve just eaten two big doorstop tortilla sandwiches with salsa brava, but your pies sound so good I could force myself to try a few 😉

  4. WOW! I am hungry now… they are so beautiful…. how it would be so nice to eat them all with a cup of tea… Right now… during the sun was going to leave us… It is late afternoon here. Oh dear Cecilia, you are amazing, I added to my recipe list. The photograph is so beautiful, you captured such a nice moment of the sky… and also you changed your picture in the top! I loved it too, but it seems you have two suns… or one of them should be Marduk (Planet X) 🙂 Thank you, have a nice and enjoyable weekend, with my love, nia

  5. Celi, I love the way you write. I have never been interested in food or how to make it, but you create with your words such wonderful pictures that I can smell and taste all that you cook. Oh, how I would love to walk into your father’s mother’s pie shop!

    • That is a wonderful thing to say, thank you. The pie shops are amazing, secretly i always wanted to open one too.. early days yet! c

  6. Stunning skies – I´d get up early for that. And if you could make me a dozen of each flavoured by to go I´ll be round tonight to pick them up!! Please…?

    • I still have a few in the freezer, they are great to grab and thaw and heat .. oh and EAT! very fast.. just roll on up! c

    • Rosemary, you would make wonderful pies, you have a way with blending flavours! I would love to see what you would do.. c

  7. So love that you are holding your paternal grandmother close in heart via her cookbooks and pies. What a dear you are to honor her by continuing this tradition.

    And I do love that red sky morning photo.

  8. Too funny… I saw your photo (which I love by the way) of the pies and thought immediately “well, now she’s done it” and then read your first sentence:) It’s mid-morning here and my cupboards are bare and these look like absolute heaven. I can just imagine biting into one with the sweet soft crunch of pastry and heated filling melting in my mouth.. aaarg! Fantastic photos, fantastic food!

  9. Fabulous new header photo, and yes, I *do* feel like I’m on Tatooine. You’re probably a descendant of the Skywalkers, given that they were, after all, farmers before anybody ran off to become a Jedi. But I’ll bet there weren’t any in that early part of your clan that could make anything to match your great-grandmother’s or your savory pies! Every variation you suggest has its appeal–the trick is in the choosing.

    • I am going to read your message to John when he gets back from work, He will be chuffed. He is a Star Wars fan too , soon he is going to do his famous yearly starwars tree.. ! c

  10. If I told you that I’ve visited Napier, would that get me any closer to a care package filled with little pies? I would leave the stuffing entirely in your hands. Butter in the pastry??? Yum! If I lived near you, I would make an attractive sign to post on the gate into your farm: “Warning: Exceptional Paddock”!!

    • What a fantastic sign that would be! i love that idea AND you have been to Napier, the art deco capitol of the world!! that is where i grew up. Napier is where all the stories are based. We must talk about this sometime.. c

  11. Thanks to my son who was 4 when the first Star Wars movie came out, I am a fan as well. Love the suns, and the pies. I’ll be doing those soon, thanks.

  12. All these pies and a Star Wars reference to boot! I truly never know what to expect when I get here but never fail to enjoy the ride. I’m filing away this idea for my next party. These will be a big hit!

  13. Oh, my. A fellow pie baker 😉 Although I’ve got to say, you get a bit more creative with them than I do. I am literally salivating, reading this!

  14. Glad you are carrying on the family tradition Celi – I think all your family will be too! The pies look absolutely delicious, I can almost smell them from here!
    I was brought up in the UK where they are big pie eaters (both savoury and sweet), so I know a good pie when I see one – but I have yet to taste a decent one here in Oz, so I make my own too! I’m looking forward to tasting them in NZ when we go next year.

    • New Zealand Pies are awesome,. let me know when you go and i will give you some names and places.. The first thing i do when i get off the plane is have a pie, steak and cheese.. c

  15. Awesome pies Cecilia. I think my vote would be the onion leek and gruyere.
    Certainly a lot more dainty than my beast of a pie.
    Lovely enjoyable blog post as usual, wish I could write as beautifully as you do.
    My wife and I visited Napier on our honeymoon tour of new zealand and had a wonderful time drinking wine and relaxing there.

    • fantastic, so you know napier.. it is all about the wine over there, we have heaps of winerys.. well i am impressed.. that is my hometown..have a great sunday.. c

  16. Aw! I love pies too. I was so happy to find an Aussie pie shop near home here in Japan. They don’t make the biggest of pies (the Japanese are not for volume) but the flavour’s definitely Aussie. A bit of home away from home (in my second home).

    Cheers for this.

  17. I did hear that a balanced New Zealand diet was a pie in each hand! Love the recipes.

  18. I love these little savory pies! I could see throwing a cocktail party with a sampling of each variety!! I find it funny that you struggle with food photography when all your photos are simply stunning!! I struggle regardless, scenery, food and people!

  19. Wonderful suggestions. I like the look of that chicken one and the one with onions and leeks. At the moment it’s all mincepies here and we just had visitors for tea who didn’t eat them! I had to find choccy bikkies.

  20. These look so small and perfect. I worry about exactly how many ‘bite size’ pies I would end up annihilating! I quite like the idea of chickpea and spinach as well, I have a fair few vego friends and I’m always looking for different things to bring out at parties for them.

    • My vege friends in NZ always loved those ones, I used to put pastry codes on the top so they knew which ones for everyone and which were meatfree.. c

  21. Oooh! A sun pillar! That is a gorgeous photo. A few years ago, when the weather was bitterly cold, we would see sun pillars on an almost daily basis throughout the winter.

    I think your food photography is good. I certainly wanted to take a bite of one of those pies. They look and sound delicious! 🙂

  22. That’s so kiwi, I love the small ones so I can eat a lot of different stuff without the guilt, BTW thanks for that easy butter recipe.

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