He got Cold Feet on The Farmy.

Yesterday we had glorious sunshine and not a breath of wind.  This morning sitting in my high up studio, the sky still black all I can hear is wind.

One of the challenges I have set myself, for these pages,  was that all the images, every day, were to be from the farmy, our gardens or my kitchen,  unless I am away – then it will be a kitchen in another place, and yes I will take you to NZ later in the year if you Promise to be Good but it won’t be ’til after the milking. So relax yet.  Anyway I expected that this would be a difficult challenge, to limit my photos  to these few acres. 

I mean, I thought the animals expressions do not change.   I thought nothing much happens. I thought (wrongly as it turns out) that we would all be bored out of our minds.  This not a big area after all.  Plants grow so slowly. But much to my delight I was wrong. Every day brings something new, albeit small. See, here is Mia, being a proper dafty.  Peeping out from the barn, pretending she has a mustache. You have to pronounce that Moosstaash for the proper effect then giggle.  And no that is not my accent that is Mia’s!! Moaning Mia has a Moostaash. (sheep giggle) 

And then I saw this wobbly tableau vivant below. Have you ever seen those photos when teenagers stuff themselves into minis or telephone boxes, (now sadly obsolete), then scream with laughter. Well these guys reminded me of that but without the screaming. How many birds and cats can you stuff into one tiny sunny corner of the barn on a cold January day.   Quite a few apparently. 

Then I see this rooster, he is posing for his calender shot (maybe I should make a calender – you could all have one and hang it in your toilet). He got cold feet, so his feetsies are taking turns warming themselves up amongst his feathers. But while they heat back up  he is stranded.  Waiting. A one legged pirate. 

I take out the camera and we always find something to amuse us don’t we… even though I had not intended it to be another farmy day! I guess every day is really!

But I could not let this sunny day go unmarked.  We can cook another day!

This morning though windy and cloudy,  is a barmy 27F outside, so the internet weather site tells me, and also it looks like every day for the next week or so we will have a high that is above freezing.  Sounds great!

Good morning.


92 Comments on “He got Cold Feet on The Farmy.

  1. So it seems Your John was right about an early summer then – clever boy. I absolutely adore the shot of Mia and the rooster – I know, can you believe I did not pick the kitty pics as my favourite! Seems you have insurmountable amounts of beauty to photograph around the farmy Celi – yay!
    🙂 Mandy xo

  2. I am still thinking that february is going to come crashing down around our ears! But maybe I am being an eyeore! Your shots are lovely. Never underestimate a good cat!! c

  3. “Moaning Mia has a Moostaash. (sheep giggle) ”

    A little early for aliteration with a soupçon of onomatopoeia, isn’t it, Celi? Still, I love it. Don’t ever change! Now, I have to feed my farm. Lucky for me, I can stay in my robe to do it. G’morning!

  4. Noticing the detail of life is wonderous, it sort of slows us all down, a good thing in my book. And the one legged pirate – a calendar shot if ever there is a chicken-pirate calendar.
    And yes I promise to be a good girl, I’ve always wanted to go to NZ 🙂

  5. They are ALL my favourites! So there. Every one worthy of being in your soon-to-be-published book. By “a barmy 27F outside” do you mean crazy? of balmy, as in ‘mild’. If so, I wouldn’t count several degrees below freezing as mild!

    • No we are not are we Charlotte! But I think that is because as a group we are pretty HARD to bore. We are interested in all kinds of things! c

    • You are right on the road though aren’t you.. i remember your front steps from when they bought in the newly covered couch .. at least it looked like you were close to the road.. so it would be dangerous for your two cats. Sad though. Pity you can’t pop cats in the car and take them for a walk in the park.. c

  6. I love your photos, Celi. Makes me want to come and spend a week on the farmy! Even in the winter though I don’t enjoy cold weather anymore. But I do love the animals and your relationship with them. It seems like an idyllic life and I am happy for you and happier for me that I get to share it from a distance.

  7. Of COURSE there’s always something fun going on! Seasons change, animals do silly things, the light is perfect…plenty to photograph and share!
    I, for one, would love a calendar…

  8. A sunny walk to visit with the charmers of the farmy–what a perfect way to begin my Sunday morning and clear the low clouds outside R’s office window as I wait to hear the choir sing Our Song for the first service (the anthem our friend composed for our wedding–now a best-seller for his publisher, but still, sweetly, Our Song).

    LOVE the photos! I’d be hard pressed to choose any favorites out of this batch, though Mia’s mugging is pretty classic. 🙂 Thanks as always for sharing your wonderful place and creature comforts with us!!

    • How lovely to have a real live song composed for you both. Yes it was a lovely day for photos yesterday.. not so today at all, low clouds and white on white on white! c

  9. I love all the pictures, Mia made me giggle but my favorite is the one with the cat keeping a look out high up as if she is in charge of security and she needs to keep watch of every move

    • That was a lucky shot, especially with the angles of the structure.. in the summer that is covered in grapes! c

    • morning honey, I never get bored either, in fact i don’t think I have been bored a day in my life.. Thank goodness.. c

  10. It can be a real challenge to find the beauty around us in the mundane, the everyday, we just take it for granted. Sometimes we have to have the eyes of visitors. Your farmyard looks fascinating and I would love to visit with my camera! 🙂

  11. I love the animals clustered together for a chance at catching some warm rays from Mr.Sun.
    And I marvel at your wonderful attitude; of always finding something interesting in the most mundane places.

    You should give classes in the art of appreciation.


  12. Celi, I just adore the photos of all your animals and the happenings on the farm. The sheep is a hoot. I can’t believe you caught that moment on camera. Your photos really are stunning and your blogs always makes me happy. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  13. Mia and her Moostaache did make me giggle! I think that’s my favorite shot of her yet. Love the pirate rooster and the roosting cat shots too. Good morning!

  14. Cecilia, I will never bore of the farmy and your pics!! Looks like Mia had to peek out just to get photographed and not left out!!

    • She is a funny wee sheep.. usually impossible to shoot as she walks at my hip the whole time, sometimes nibbling at my jacket.. c

  15. I appreciate that you value details and challenge yourself to look for photos that might be overlooked by someone in haste. And we, your dear readers, are the blessed recipients of your ability to see with such depth and insight with an artful eye. Thank you.

  16. Good morning, C! Thanks so much for these lovely, funny, so wonderful images. Just what I needed after a week of trying to balance my ridiculous life and hiding in dark spaces to get all my schoolwork done. Sunshine! And smiles! My kids snuck around to have a peak and are still laughing about Mia’s moooooostache. Also? We do still have a few telephone boxes up here in the Great White North. I may have to stuff my crew into one, next week =D

    • I love it that you k,ids follow the animals, i often try to take a cheerful shot of a chicken for them but it is not working! (laughter) they are such grumps… c

    • We have four they must be three or four years old now too! Aren’t they superb, so ugly they are brilliant.. c

  17. Greetings C.,
    Found out about your blog from Jaz over at October Farm and just started following. I’m really enjoying it.
    I love the photo of the cat and the chickens.

    Can’t wait for more post.

  18. Beautiful photos and the rooster one made me laugh. When we first got our chickies and I didn´t know too much about them I was convinced mine were all having horrible accidents and having limbs amputated 😉

  19. Home from holiday, have just caught up on your week on the farmy…great stuff. Ours in stark contrast, sunny, warm, sandy and lots of swimming. The children are all still asleep holidays are so exhausting, Bond the boxer home from the kennel and Emma home from Grandads where she gets to sleep on the lazyboy rocking chair…spoilt dog…

    • Welcome home, you sure are exactly the opposite, no warmth out here for a while.. ah well.. lovely to hear from you Debs.. c

  20. All your photos are great, and I love the expression on Mia’s face! Animal ssure make interesting subjects!
    You should have put the last one of the fence shadows on the snow, in the weekly photo challenge for simple – it’s perfect!

  21. Today is my day for seeing guineas on the blogosphere! Glad to see someone else with them. I’ve never met one but grew up with my mom’s stories and abiding love for them!

  22. It can be easier to cast a wide net for inspiration and material, but you prove that there are great depths to plumb in knowing every turn of a road, being on a first name basis with your animals, and being in constant dialogue with your garden.

    • Hi siobhan, this is true and the more familiar i am with my area the more likely i will be to be in the right spot for that shot..if that makes any sense.. c

    • We would love you to join in pseu, the more the merrier.. there is hard work but it is not that hard, physically hard but mentally sublime. Lots of laughs. c

  23. It is quite amazing the rapid change in weather you seem to experience there. Your picture of Mia the sheep had me in stitches, I think she deserves an extra bunch of hay to munch for that shot 🙂

    • Ok noodle i wil zap out and give her one, plus we had our chinese new year dinner and it was lovely.. your food is awesome! c

  24. It’s fine here in Auckland too -so we can have sunny days on both sides of the world! I love the picture of the animals huddling into the spot of sunshine.

    • Aren’t they cute how they do that. You will have seen one cat out on the grape vine and another sleeping in the barn. typical set up!

  25. Love the pics, amazing the cat in the barn with all the birds, All friends together.

  26. Beautiful photographs… I loved them all, you are amazing with your camera. Good Morning dear Cecilia, Thank you, have a nice week, with my love, nia

  27. Oh, don’t ever miss a beautiful, sunny day like that one! I love the pirate – his tail even reminds you of a plumed hat! I take many, many pictures in our small yard and gardens – there’s something new every day!

  28. Hi C, I want a calender if you make them! he he. Love the photos. The one of mia made me giggle. Just fabulous.
    Regards Florence x

  29. What do you mean the Rooster has no name? I’d recognize him anywhere. That’s Foghorn Leghorn’s great great grandson…Peghorn Leghorn…
    Yeah, I would be really torn to have to choose a favorite out of all those comedians…they are natural thespians it seems, at the first sight of a Camera Lens. Oh, and I bet the real reason Mandy didn’t pick the “Kitty” pictures as her favorite…is she thought the chickens were sacrificing the cat above in some sort of “VoodDoo” revenge of the Chicken ritual.
    Bless you
    great pictures, and post as usual.

  30. I just love your pictures. The snowy ones are beautiful and your cockerel (?) looks quite happy strutting around in the crisp snow.

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