going to the bantam swap early this morning

I am posting this early as we are off into the predawn dark on a wee jaunt. Mama is still asleep so don’t wake her.  It is raining and she has taken herself and her handmaiden into the barn. 

(I picked 4 pounds of asparagus yesterday, so we are getting there. )

There is a thing  on at the fairgrounds in a local town. I don’t really know how it works yet but they  have animals and birds for sale or swap once a month,  so we are sneaking out while Mama and Daisy are still asleep. Everything gets going about 6 a.m. so we will be back home for breakfast. I put extra in their feeders for when they wake up, just to tide them over.   Tip toe why don’t ya. We have to be very quiet. 

The Thing  (I am not even sure of its name) is run by a bantam club and I have never been before, so who knows what we are going to find but I am going to hide a few boxes in the cooking oil car just in case. They say there are all kinds of animals and birds for sale. I might see something I desperately need even though I have never seen it or even knew it existed before. And then I will have to have it.

SShh, maybe I will find my peacock.  Or a sweet  gentle llama for my Traveling Farmy crew, the oldies would love that!. I don’t think so though.  Llama’s are out of my price range, but maybe a peacock.  We will tell John it is a turkey!!  I told him I am looking for chickens.

Good morning ( ssh no shouting!) I will let you know if anything exciting happens!


53 Comments on “going to the bantam swap early this morning

  1. What’s betting you fill all those boxes! Can’t wait to see.

  2. Oh how very exciting! Hmm, peacocks here are quite expensive – hope they are cheaper your side – maybe you could swap some asparagus for a beautiful peacock. 😀 You never know, so never say never.
    Loved your line: “I might see something I desperately need even though I have never seen it or even knew it existed before. And then I will have to have it.”
    Have fun.
    🙂 Mandy

  3. I love the change of colors! The green! and the new photo in the banner! Lovely, refreshing…what the change of seasons is all about, no? Yay!! And the asparagus are BE-UTIFUL.

  4. A bird swap?!?!?! How I’d enjoy seeing that! Seeing but not taking part in it. Lucy has made it known that this place is only big enough for 1 bird. It’s been just about 4 years and she still hasn’t forgiven me for adopting Max.

    Your opening photo, Celi, is beautiful, a sure sign of Spring. Have a great day. I’m making strawberry jam.

  5. Your asparagus is beauuuuuuuuuutiful! I tried to grow it here but it is just too darn hot. Sigh… lovely photos as always! Thanks… mmmm…

  6. oh i can’t wait to see what you get. i love peacocks but they sure are noisy!

  7. You will undoubtedly find something fun! Maybe the llamas will be discounted today? We have visiting peacocks quite often, and they are very destructive to the garden, but I can’t help but be hospitable. They are just such unique and regal creatures. You’re my kind of gal, Celi: ” I might see something I desperately need even though I have never seen it or even knew it existed before. And then I will have to have it.” Can’t wait to see what you discovered today! Debra

  8. Some of the best fun is found at small fairs – and local “club” sales and meets. Can’t wait to see what you find. (You do know peacocks are really loud…and sound like small desperate children some times? Just asking….loved my friends’ peacocks – they gave me lots of discarded feathers – which some feel are unlucky to have in the house…but so beautiful!)

  9. What a lovely, tasty photo of all that asparagus. I can’t wait to read what happened- what an exciting prospect, to head out early in the morning knowing that you might return with a new critter.

  10. I hope you see lots of wonderous things, such fun! oh, my husband would love a peacock/peahen…but, alas our inn is full at the moment. If you do come across a llama that fits in a box inside a cooking oil car; please take pictures!! heehee… have fun.


  11. Now I am wondering will we see a llama on the farm in one of the next posts. A good one might prove too tempting despite the price! I hope you had fun.

  12. The first house we ever bought had a garden in a sunny spot near a hose faucet. In the spring there grew large feathery leafed plants, large and unruly. in my ignorance of plants I carefully pulled out every single plant. Much later I realized that I had destroyed the asparagus garden, which took years to develop.

    Please don’t tell!


  13. Some time ago, you were threatening one of your animals with the bantam swap and now you’ve actually gone to it (without said fowl, I trust). I, too, will be waiting to hear stories about it.

    • Yes i did not take PegHorn with me, he has stolen himself a wife from the chook house and is a new man!! c

  14. Still green with envy over your freshly plucked asparagus.. still not looking and now
    still wondering what you’ve picked up at the swap:) xo Smidge

    • It is wildly green now, everything is coming in lime green! It feels like my eyes are tricking me! c

  15. Pretty soon the Chamber of Commerce will be sending tourists out to you so they can have some fun in your Petting Farmy.

    I adore asparagus season. I adore asparagus everything! Except asparagus you-know-what…the tinkle one does behind the Dutch Doors! Hard to be delicate about these things, Celi! 😀

  16. *sigh* I still have no asparagus! but I will eventually!
    and I hope you got your Peacock,
    I want one, but the chicks come first and I want my hive …
    so i will be patient,
    besides the neighbors always come over to visit and eat with the geese, the deer and the cats..!
    my wolf pups are always in awe at who comes to hteir gate to them as they are the new kids on the block LOLs..
    Great Post! can’t wait to hear about your outing!

    Take care…

    • Yes I agree about building slowly. Are your wolf pups actual wolves? and if you have peacock who visits that seems good enough for a bit! We are in the middle of nowhere so we only have visiting stray dogs looking to eat my birds.. not too good.. c

      • they are 5/8 wolf not sure how they get that, the mom was full blood wolf, the dad Siberian huskey and wolf… they got his incredible blue…crystal eyes

        they are a hand full training them to have manners has been a challenge LOLs..but they are sweeties…
        Thanks again, i enjoyed the post…made me want to go!

        Have a great Monday and slide into sunshine for the week!

        Take care…

  17. Good morning, c and farmy animals! Just bought 450g (about one pound) for £3.00, which means that 4 pounds of your spears would cost a very pretty penny! What sort of price are you thinking of for them?

    • At the moment all my usual egg buyers are buying a pound of asparagus for 3 dollars. So far I have not had any extra for the green truck. It has been cool this week though so as we warm up I will be picking more! c

      • With exchange rates, etc., I think that’s about the same … although yours is fresh and mine is from Spain. 😉

        • Oh, and there is a world of difference in the taste too which i never realised until I grew my own.. c

  18. 4 lbs of asparagus!! That is crazy good. I always loved this time of year when I was living in Bavaria because it was “Spargelzeit” or Asparagus Time, when there is an abundance of white asparagus and that is what one eats nearly everyday for a month plus.

    • Thank you jed, i must take some straw and mound up some for white asparagus, I completely forgot!! Well done.. c

  19. Have fun, look forward to seeing what you come back with

  20. You all are a lot further along where you are. Our asparagus hasn’t emerged yet…can’t wait until it does! I hope you found good stuff at the swap!!!

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