Back to work – Piglets are coming tonight!

It is funny how when we are focused on a big event,  like the birth of the lambs, this event becomes very clear in your head and everything else goes really fuzzy. Now all of a sudden it is Friday morning.

Two piglets are being delivered this evening. We are raising these two with a few neighbours who do not have barns.   And I have spent the last two days feeding and playing with lambs.  And not enough time getting ready for the next arrivals. 

You will remember that we are working towards an old fashioned farm similar to the farm that was on this property eighty years ago. The poster in this page I wrote last July (when this blog first opened),  illustrates our objectives.   It lists  the stock sold from this farm when John’s Great Grandfather became too ill to manage his  property. The pigs who are arriving tonight are next on Bert’s list.   We will never be as big as John’s family were. Too many useful buildings are gone. Too much gear has been scrapped. Too much of the land is in corn and beans now. And we are a much smaller family now. There not as many mouths to feed now.  So we are working  to live a tighter more modern interpretation of that old life. A level that can be easily sustained by the land we are living on.  A simple hardworking life. 

Bert the Great Grandfather, did not have one of these mowers!  Yesterday I spent almost the whole morning on my flaming chariot. Mowing the lawn.  Evidently the flames that John painted on it makes it go faster.  I would hate to see it go slowly then! 

But we got the job done. Today TonTon and I are off to see the Old Codger and the other old folks, (the sheep sitter is going to pop in on the new flock). In the afternoon as well as those other chores, I will be planting.  

Ok, one more lambie shot.. but this is the last one.. well the last lamb shot for today anyway.  We have to get busy! No  leaning on the fence staring at babies all day! Well maybe only a little. 

Good morning. Once again we had a good night.  The lambs are all feeding well now.  We are all getting used to our new routine. As I write this morning, there is a shower of  rain falling gently.  Beautiful. Such a lovely sound. Every little drop is welcome at the moment.

Have a wonderful day. We will have a wonderfully busy one! Oops I just remembered I left the mower out last night. Maybe that is why it rained!


71 thoughts

    • I know tanya, if mama had been a good girl and had her lambs at the proper time my plan would have worked out a lot smoother.. i had all the arrivals staggered, ah well.. blest laid plans and all! c

  1. My pigs were named Mathilda and Vegemite – they were fantastic, but they dug the whole farm almost into a crater (exaggeration!) They now live on a proper pig farm and have had babies. I really miss them but the garden is back!

  2. About the mower, a couple of GT stripes on the bonnet may well increase the speed 🙂 Daisy appears to be growing as we look at her. I definately think this is TonTons best disguise yet!!

  3. Always a little time for leaning and watching lambies! (My gear head husband approves the flame job on the mower…wants to know if you are going to start entering the mower races? …and he says that definitely caused the rain.) Small farms using heritage methods and stocks are probably the healthiest for man and beast. So glad you guys are managing. It is not an easy life, but there are rewards. (and you always have supporting energy from here! – my dad’s family were farmers)

  4. Piggies, yay, can’t wait to meet the new members of the family.
    Would you look at that mower – very smart! Seems like a fun idea to us but must be quite a bore for you.
    I love the shot of the lambs, just too adorable for words – reckon that shot should be held aside for the next set of postcards.
    Have a happy full day.
    🙂 Mandy

    • Hold on a sec, when I first opened this post there was only the two shots – the mower and the last one of the lambs – now I see there are lots more – so just to clarify, I reckon you should use the last pic of them in the barn for your postcards. 🙂

      • That did cross my mind Mandy, i shall put the original in the postcard file. If we both think the same thing we might be onto something… have a great evening.. c

  5. This reminds me so much of my grandparents. They didn’t have any animals on a farm, but they live in the country with a beautiful garden (growing their own food) and like you say, live a hard-working simple life. And that reminds me that I owe them a visit. 🙂 Now I’m going to stare at the little lambs before I get to work. 😉

  6. Great pics of Mama and her youngin’s. It would be so tempting to just stand and watch them all day. I’d never get anything done. Tonton’s rooster disguise is fantastic! Does he crow, too?
    Have a great day, Celi!

    • These are feeder pigs for me to start with, they are hampshire. Sheila of course is a hereford, but she is not here yet. John wanted berkshires but I cannot find any close by.. c

  7. Yea! Piglets! I actually said that out loud, then remembered I am at work. Oops. But I shared your lamb pictures/post on Facebook this morning, to inspire my friend to have her lamb – I mean baby. Wishing you a lovely day!

  8. I’m so pleased to read the original post outlining your farming intentions! I did not even know that you were working a family farm! I have been so impressed with your overall vision of sustainability and replenishing the earth. Your quiet activism supporting the local small farmer in the land of big machine farming politics is far reaching, Celi. I support several coalitions defending our food sources as well as standing up as voices against the Big M in court, and as I read study and contribute I’m always thinking of your beautiful farm. This was probably too long a reply to read when you have baby pigs to prepare for, but you got me all inspired with that first post! Happy weekend to you! Debra

    • We live in one of the farm cottages, the big houses are in other branches of the family now, but I like the little cottage and the messed up barn. but yes, we are still on family land.. and it is important to get back to the old fashioned basic ways of feeding ourselves and each other, way too easy to lose touch with our food and often ourselves.. I loved your long answer!! c

  9. Cool mower!
    My, you are a busy little farm with all these new babies arriving one after the other, so to speak – more work for you, and more great posts for us to read about the farmy!
    Good luck with the piglets.

  10. C, I just love reading your posts. I can’t think of a life that is busier, but with more satifaction that that of the old fashioned farm. I still think fondly of the time I spent each summer on my grandparents farm, and your pictures and stories bring it all back again. 🙂

  11. “A simple hard working life.” I love everything about that. When I was a teenager I lived in a town where our neighbours, well into their eighties, still got up at dawn, went to bed at sunset, and worked all of the hours in between. They were, by far, the happiest, most content people I have ever met. Life is an act of love, that way, you know? Thanks for sharing these bits of yours, with us!

  12. I’m so glad to have been able to read your first blog and mission statement from the link you gave. Now I can see the big picture. What a great vision, and if thousands and thousands of people in the world began doing what you are doing, a new agricultural revolution would take place. I cheer you on heartily. It’s such hard work living on the land. I’ve only ever done the vegetable part of it, but not animals, which have their own demands. So very worthwhile and I wish you well, every step of the way. I smiled at the double meaning of ‘delivery’ when I read about the pigs. They are being delivered by a more reliable method it seems.

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