Sorry about the Bare Bottoms.

I got my wish yesterday and we had a lovely calm simple light filled day. Mary’s Cat and Minty shared a moment.  Mary’s cat is desperate to make friends. Though most of you will  remember the pictures on this page, when Mary’s Cat first came as a tiny stray kitten. 

Minty is  such a precious wee girl.  She went all last night without an extra feed from me. So I will take her down to three tiny feeds a day for the next few days.  Then if Mama continues to have enough milk, she will be left solely with her mother. 

Though I think cutting her bottles down  is harder for me than it is for her.

The wind came up howling and cold yesterday so because I can, I led the little lamby family into the big central pen that was on the calm sunny side of the barn.

Look what we had to walk past. I am sorry about the bare bottoms but I did say that I would not hide anything from you.  And this is pretty much all I see of them.. 

“Didn’t I tell you not to bring them here” says Peghorn.  “They will be trouble! They are plotting under there,” he says, ” I heard their grunty giggles.”  

Still, it was warmer and more pleasant in the barn.  There is a lovely gentle light that descends when all the animals are resting and well. I was trying to think of the word yesterday as we worked in the barn.  But no one word does it.  It is like a quiet light that waits misting along the base of  my mind.  It has all the information in it but I don’t have to look at it. The frantic checking and rechecking, (have I done it all, have I missed somebody)  in my brain blinks off and leaves this misty easy working light on.  Once freed it eases out over everything.  The light kind of takes over. And we settle into the new re-jostled routine.  And just do. On the way out, I looked back and there was a Peacock sighting.  Perfect, everyone present and accounted for, so I drop further into the restful pool of misty light, as I put away my tools  and start to think about a glass of wine. 

Kupa just wafts about quite silently. I will be busy with something and look up and there he will be. Just watching. His head on the side. Can you see that his tail is growing? I am surprised that it is growing this fast.  He sleeps even further up in the top of the barn now with the guineas, which is excellent.

Good morning. We have had frosty morning after frosty morning and our bedroom floor is once again covered in tomato plants every night.  One day someone might build himself a glass house!! This morning is no exception, cold, clear and sunny. No bendy tree in the forecast though, we are only having mild winds today.  Fingers crossed, touch wood.

So TonTon and I are hoping for another quiet day.  I hope you have a lovely gentle light filled day too.


89 Comments on “Sorry about the Bare Bottoms.

  1. They are very sweet bottoms though! The lambs look well and happy and good news about Minty. All is well on the farmy and that´s a very good thing indeed.

  2. What a lovely description of the ‘all is well light’; peaceful, calm, and very quiet. I know this light and I will carry this feeling with me into the morning! Thanks

  3. Do those piggy tails need a perm? Lovely lamb pics and Peghorn looks to be on good form. Very stormy here, so make the most of your calmer weather. Vx

  4. Oh my goodness…that picture of Minty by himself, made me just want to reach out and snuggle him! And Peghorn? What a looker! Such rich, pretty, colors.

    So happy you had such a peaceful day yesterday. I love those days where everything falls into place and feels right!

    Have a wonderful day~ April

  5. Of course you know what those two ‘Bottoms’ are plotting, don’t you? If they work hard enough, will they manage to dig up the whole of the yard in a week?!!!

    • John is working on getting them out for a walk in a field every day, we will get the pigs to help turn them one over a year, for autumn seed.. but not yet!! c

  6. Morning Celi babies, i can feel the peace and the soft light flowing across the world in all directions from the farmy this morning, exhales slowly xx

  7. What a lovely read this was Celi – a welcome break from the very heavy and confusing company document I am busy working through for Pete – think I shall hop over to the link about Mary’s Cat before getting stuck in again.
    Good morning.
    🙂 Mandy

  8. ‘an adagio of light’ – would that do?

    Lovely piece and lovely peace.

  9. Ambient: That’s the word that popped into my head as you were describing the light and mood in the barn…especially lovely post today.

    • Ah yes.. ambient, very good choice maggie.. actually that is a very good word maggie because aas you know an ambient space in Maths is the area around, kind of the extra space outside the object or something. the waiting space.. and that is what I was sinking into! perfect. c

  10. What a difference a week makes! You’ve lambs and bare bottoms where a week ago there was only 1 very pregnant ewe. Here’s hoping this week is a bit more calm for you, Celie. It would be nice to see it warm up a bit but it’s still April, after all. March’s warmth spoilt us. Heading back to Wrigley for a Cubs game tonight but if the wind is blowing off the Lake, I won’t be staying until the end. Have a great day!

    • It might be cold too! take plenty of warmies! john listens to the games played on the truck radio loudly so he can hear it wherever he is working outside.. ! All my animals are cub fans apparently.. c

  11. There is something about that barn-light that soothes the soul…if the right word ever pops into my head, I’ll write it down…
    Love the piggy-butts; is there anything cuter than a piglet?
    In for a bendy-tree day around here, possibly three of them in a row. At least it rained, and no frost.
    Have a great day, C!

  12. Such a beautiful sight, Celi, everyone just tucked in and doing so well. I loved your description of the light that just spills and sends peace when you know that nothing in that moment is lacking. That’s a beautiful picture. I hope today is a wonderful extension of a good weekend. Good morning! Debra

  13. Honestly, celi, I don’t see how you get a thing done with all those sweet little faces looking at you. I get so sucked in just by looking at your lovely photos…if I were face to face I’d just have to sit down cross-legged and meditate with these precious babies…even the piggy bottoms. I can just hear your laughter and joy in your words, and thank you for sharing your gentle light filled day with us. It has filled my day with a gentle light, too! 🙂

  14. What languid days for you now.. a well deserved basking in the accomplishments of last week. So glad Minty is such a perky little thing.. and those bottoms.. it’s almost like it’s your piggies now that are “not looking” (hee hee)

  15. Good Morning, Celi. Lately your posts have been coming to me without photos in them. You mention photos and other people are responding to them in their comments, but I no longer get photos in my post, I haven’t changed anything. I’m thinking of unsubscribing and resubscribing to see if that will fix it. I am glad all is well on the farm.

    • How dissappointing that you do not get the shots, have you tried just keying in the kitchens garden and not going through wordpress. Though that should not make any difference really. I am also having trouble getting some photos from other sites.. I think i will make the images even smaller so that it loads a bit faster for everyone .. hope this sorts out for you! c

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    • Miss Misky this is so beautiful, a poem for our lambs.. words escape me.. all I can say is thank you.. what a gift! c

  17. And you have that reward that only tending farm provides. (well deserved considering all the work!) Sigh! All really is right with the world here. (roosters are such worriers!)

    • Excellent, because their paddling pool is ready and waiting, i just hope they can get in and out of it.. and no peeing in the pool!! c

  18. Gloaming was the word that came to my mind (for that light and ambience). You sure deserved that wine 🙂 I really thought the little pig tails were permanently curled – learnt something new today.

  19. Must be the poor level of connection on this server, Celi, but the photos of Minty came through, but alas no bare bottoms. Perhaps this hotel has a censoring device… 😀

  20. Beautiful! I came here through Misky’s blog, after reading her poem dedicated to your amazing baby-lambs. You have taken wonderful pictures and the babies are so cute!

  21. My children are planning our future farm. My Bug has decided that he’s going to marry a nice girl, have lots of babies and take care of all of the animals while I have a nap. My Princess has decided she is also going to marry a nice girl (because having babies looks like FAR too much hard work, and boys are gross) and look after the business side of things while I have a nice nap and maybe plant some carrots. You inspire us with your lovely photos, c. And who wouldn’t want a nap?

    • I think maybe you have fed them the Mummy needs a nap bit!! do you feel like a nice nap!?.. ( gentle laughter) sleep now desi.. c

  22. Haha I excuse the bottoms since they are do cute 🙂
    Minty looks so happy and content – she is adorable! And plotting piggies? I love the idea of seeing them dressed in black with dark sunnies 😛
    All under an unsuspecting hay stack 😉
    Have a wonderful week my friend!

    Choc Chip Uru

  23. I hope it warms up a bit more soon, Celi, to keep those bare bottoms warm! It sounds like a particularly nice time of year on your farm. And I love seeing Kupa – I look out for him in every post! 🙂

    • Kupa has an extra radar for the camera, and makes himself scarce, but he is getting tamer and i can get closer.. morning celia.. c

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  25. I’ve never seen a pig with the tail straight, only curled. Maybe they were trying to cover their bareness? lol Those baby lambies are so cute, I can’t stop looking at them.

  26. Those bare bottoms are so funny! I had no idea that pigs burrow like that. They must care more about their snouts than their bottoms, when trying to keep warm. Great that Minty is doing so well, and that you had some calm.

  27. Your pictures so often capture a distinct light, a warmth, a glow a sense of peace and calm in the barn – so to try and describe how it if for you when you are there in the midst is just perfect, can you hear me sighing contentdely?
    Oh, and piggy bottoms – loving them!!

  28. The bare bottoms were the best part! Or Minty…what a darling farmy family you have Celi! When did you say we can come stay?

  29. How cute are those little piggy bottoms! And I love the guinea fowl feather in the straw – a little bit of Africa on the prairies, so pretty. 🙂

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