Don’t you know it is rude to Stare!

Yesterday the bees were  out.  The two remaining hives seem to be doing very well. When my help is home on the weekend we will look inside their hives and do a health check. 

Kupa was caught going about his ablutions. 

Vigorously. He has reminded me that I promised to go to the Bantam Swap and buy him a wife.  He is getting ready.  The Market is open this Sunday morning.  So let’s hope we can find a pea hen. 

“Hey, don’t you know it is rude to stare. Can’t a guy get any privacy around here!” 

“Um NO.  No privacy around here honey. And by the way Kupa, your petticoat is showing!”

These guys are waiting too. No-one is entirely sure what they are waiting for, but they do a lot of waiting.

The butterflies and the bees were out in force yesterday afternoon. It was suddenly warm and moist. 

And once the wind died down a little, the air was full of insects of all descriptions. 

Good morning. So far this morning the day is dawning fine and clear. There is a bendy tree in the forecast though. When will the wind end? However I do have to go to the supermarket for the first time in over a month so that should keep me busy.

Mama is still not in tip top form,  so she is having small feeds of beet shreds and yoghurt throughout the day.  I brought Daisy up from the back paddock yesterday. She has a month to go before she calves so until then I am going to take her into the barn twice a day, and into her milk room, secure her, feed her and turn the pump on so she gets used to the routine and the noise of milking. But I went to put her halter on her and she has grown again and her head is TOO BIG. So on my trip to town I need to find a halter labelled Fat-Head Cow.

I hope you all have a lovely day.



82 Comments on “Don’t you know it is rude to Stare!

  1. G’mornin’, Celi!
    I believe I’ve the same clematis as in your opening shot. Blooms look like magnolia blossoms. Mine hasn’t yet bloomed but will in about a week. YAY for Kupa. Although I’m not normally a fan of arranged marriages, I realize that y’all do things differently in the country. Who am I to impose my city-fied ways upon you? Have a great day!

    • This clematis is stunning, though such a slow grower, this is its best year so far! Lets hope we can find a nice girl for Kupa. A calm one would be nice.. c

  2. Poor Daisy, how unkind! She doesn’t have a fat head, she’s just cranially advantaged… I’m so glad the other two hives are doing well.

  3. WOW what beautiful flowers …..and insects! We have a long way to go, up here in Canada, before we see any perennial flowers other than tulips and daffodils…..
    Good morning to you and all the little critters too!

    • I am hoping to get there early and get one from the same grower. Kupa is such a quiet gentle bird and I want another one raised the same.. c

    • You don’t have many butterflies in france? sad..these guys are particularly spectacular though with their extra eyes c

      • We have loads of butterflies – of loads of varieties. I love ’em. Lavender and Buddleia are their favourites and I have lots of that as well. The blue wysteria is covered with clusters of buds ready to burst and the white one is not far behind.

  4. Wonderful butterflies! At the rate you are going with all of the animals and arranged pair bondings you will be bursting at the seams with new lives 🙂 t

  5. Haha Kupa your petticoat is showing!
    And Kupa wonders why we stare 😛
    I hope you find the most beautiful wife he deserves my friend!
    Your farm seems to be going wonderfully and I hope Mama gets back to 100% soon 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  6. Morning Celi, Kupa’s colours are stunning – deep and intense so I didn’t notice he was wearing petticoats, that is until you kindly pointed them out. Cx

  7. Haha! Poor Kupa… And good luck with the halter… to think that I have one for Lucy (one of my dogs)… and I thought hers was big!
    Good morning C 🙂

    • Hmm, if i cannot find one then we will hang a chain necklace or collar around Daisys neck with a bell. I love that idea actually. I would love one of those old cow bells.

  8. Poor little Mama and poor Daisy for being called Fat Head Cow! I hope Kupa soon finds a lovely hen … maybe he needs a private “throne room” of his own for his ablutions?!

  9. “The peacock takes a wife. The peacock takes a wife. Hi-ho, the dairy o…” I’m sure you’ll pick a fine girl for him. Good to see the bees and butterflies. They say we will get more rain soon.

  10. Poor Daisy, you’ll be lucky if she gives you any milk at all after calling her such names!!

    • Poor Daisy, I called her yesterday to come and get her feed and she galloped through the fields to me. I had a friend with me and she said I have never seen a cow run about like that. Does she think she is a horse? Oh we are in for an exciting ride! c

  11. hi celi! i have that clematis in several places in my gardens. mine won’t bloom until next week. however, we will be almost 90 today so that might rush things along. i hope you can find a mate for kupa!

    • I do hope we can find a hen too, it would be such a let down if we have to wait another month.. but I saw some last time so fingers crossed.. c

  12. Do you have ideas for a name for a potential Kupa wife?

    • There are obviously less but they will have piles of flowers so let us hope these two small hives get big and strong! c

  13. Yay! Kupa gets a wife! I can’t wait to see what a baby Peacock will look like. Love the butterfly photo. We’re still waiting on Hummingbirds to arrive and haven’t seen any butterflies as of yet. Next week is supposed to warm up again, fingers crossed.

    We’ve had the black and white bees in our yard a few times. I Googled them and I can’t remember what they are called but supposedly they are friendly and good to have in your yard because they eat insects. They build huge gorgeous nests too. I wonder if they would bother your honeybees?

    I’m off to shop for flowers with my mom today at one of our local, family owned, greenhouses. They’ll have to “weather” on the porch for a few days before I put the in the ground.

    Hope you have a wonderful day! ~ April

    • Oh I love shopping in small nurseries, sometimes you can find some really good stuff.. have fun April.. c

  14. Morning all. I’m so glad the rest of the bees are OIK. I reckon that Kupa could cope with a wife or seven! Daisy’s halter: why not get (or make) a rope one: they are expandable/retractible.

    • I do have the rope ones, but i need a way to secure her when i milk her, when you take the tension off a rope halter they fall off. And i don’t want her to be tense at the stall. I am leaning towards a collar now. i think i am thinking out loud! morning viv.. I love your suggestions they always help me crystallise my thinking.. c

  15. I am sure Daisy’s head is just lovely:) I love the butterflies and the bees in your shots. It looks so peaceful there.

  16. The internet is such an amazing thing. After starting my day off with too much news and getting mad about it…. I am sittIng an the ferry to SF… open my phone… and have the choice of more news or Lovely, Heart~warming posts like yours to deflect my whole being away from the troubles of the world. Who knows… maybe the changed perspective will last longer than the ferry ride… maybe it will even last long enough to change some of my interactions with others for the better today. 🙂 Thanks for your Help!

    • You are most welcome, i am grateful for you reading!! I hope you have a great day.. really.. c

  17. How exciting…a wife for Kupa! I can just see those beautiful two strutting around. We haven’t seen any butterflies yet, but those in your flowers are stunning and I’m happy to see the bees out and about. Interesting looking bikes you have in the background of your chicken shot…are they yours? I can just see you biking around the farmy with TonTon racing along! Good morning!

  18. Kupa has really settled in, hasn’t he? It’s nice to see his colorful head pop up in the barn photos! And exciting news about a potential mate for him – how fun:).

  19. Your butterflies are prettier than our butterflies.. I’m sure of it:D I come here to admire spring.. we have fog, fog, and more fog… xoxoxo Smidge

    • OK honey, a man has to work every now and then I suppose! have fun.. well i know you will have fun! c

  20. I’m chuckling picturing Kupa with a new wife! When we had our “pea-fowl” invasion a few years ago they were all pea hens. They were just the funniest birds! Messy and a bit aggressive…and I did love them! You’ll have a whole new dynamic on your farmy, I’m sure. The butterfly photos are simply exquisite–postcard worthy! Your day appears to be simply beautiful! Debra

  21. I’df wtitre sometrhinfg dfor you but I slicved my gfinvgetr vcutyting bvtread. (sighgh…)

    • Oh NO!!! that is the funniest message i have ever read but now i feel bad because you have a hurt finger.. ow.. poor darling misky.. c

      • Morning! It’s much better today (24-hrs later). The big fat bandage is off, and now I have some odd rubber little baby condom looking thing stuck on my finger to keep it dry. It’s my left index finger so it’s a miserable place for such a deep cut. Bum!

  22. Hope Mama is feeling in tip top form soon and Kupa finds the peahen of his dreams. Good luck at the supermarket…

  23. What beautiful healthy life I see in your photos of the bees and butterflies in the flowers, and Kupa looking so dignified, and the animals at ease.

  24. I’m pulling for those bees, Celi…and for securing a peahen. Off to the oldies tomorrow. I’m taking a good walk with a friend followed by a delicious lunch. Wouldn’t I love to walk to your driveway and share our lunch with you!

    • That would be just perfect. We could all eat out on the verandah and watch the lambs gambolling! c

  25. The picture with the purple flowers and the butterfly is completely stunning. I know you are laughing at me- yes I am a girl and no I have no idea about names for flowers other than the red ones, the white ones, and those pretty pink ones over there. LOL Take Care, BAM

  26. Oh Kupa! I just love pictures of him. He’s just so gorgeous. And fabulous butterfly pics – they were everywhere today! I hope the bendy tree wind dies down for you soon. 🙂

  27. Thank you so much dear Celi for your beautiful words and sharing, on my emotional post yesterday. You are so nice.

    I can see SPRING is here in your blog too with its new background… I loved it. and how I missed your photographs and your lovely world… Sorry for my late… I will come again and will catch your all post again. Good Morning to you too… Thank you, have a nice day and weekend, with my love, nia

  28. Oh, I hope you can find the perfect wife for Kupa! It’s great to see butterflies and insects returning.

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