The Sleepy Eye of my Mind

When I first dreamed of having peacocks, this was the scene I saw in the sleepy eye of my mind. Kupa up on a fence surveying the farmy.  His colours  flashing but somehow blending with the surroundings. A tail like a collection of impossibly precious emerald brooches draped so casually across  the rustic fence.  Kupa has the most fantastic neon plumage, from his demure petticoats to the tail that grows longer daily. He is first up in the morning, and getting wonderfully tame.

He is an anachronism and at the same time perfectly at home in this location. Though the sight of him scoffing pig food in the pig sty is still a little unsettling.

Minty is learning to share. 

Though in the late afternoon  she still  likes to wait for her milk up on the verandah with the cats. 

Good morning. Daisy is standing on the North side of the barn this morning, with an udder filled to bursting, it seems to me, just chewing her cud watching the sheep mill about looking for breakfast.

So we will wait some more. There is a lot of waiting in farming. It is like making a movie.  Setting the scene takes longer than shooting it.

The Old Codger had a lovely day for a drive yesterday and enjoyed showing the therapy people around his expectant home. Now we wait to see what they recommend.  The sun was shining, it was warm without the heat and a perfect day for an outing for him.  He has been at the retirement home undergoing his therapy for almost four months. He has not been in a car for that long,  or outside for more than a few minutes. He needs some sun!  Unless you are an owl you need some sun.

Here is the beginning of this saga if you need to have a catch up. The Old Codger is lucky to have a lovely involved daughter, however she lives far, far away so I physically stand in for her.  Hopefully between us we can get him home soon.

Everyone needs an old person.  Paid or unpaid. Related or unrelated. Welcome or not. If we all simply took on the responsibility for one old person, then the retirement homes would not be so bursting with residents. But keep in mind. None of these old people think they are old! Nor do they realise that they need you.  So be subtle.

Have a lovely day. It is cooler and cloudier this morning but I am not going to mention the R word.  Lets just surreptitiously cross our fingers in our pockets and hope the clouds continue to darken. It is a perfect day for working in the barn and staying close to that vastly pregnant heifer!  Though Daisy will probably just hang her huge head over the gate and watch me all day.   Chewing, chewing, chewing.  Waiting, waiting, waiting. Watching the crew build the set.

But sshh, no looking at the Star!


87 Comments on “The Sleepy Eye of my Mind

  1. Funnily enough my wife saw a peacock strolling across the road, in the middle of the forest, a couple of days ago which must be as normal as people spotting Kupa in your neck of the woods:).

    • Morning Roger, they do stroll along don’t they, in fact peacocks are the epitomy of stroll! c

  2. You are SO right about helping the aging! One for One.
    I’m anxiously waiting as well, for news on the new calf!

    • I truly believe if every one had a chance to take on one old person, as though they were his uncle or aunt, or even if they are your uncle or aunt, then these people would be able to stay in their homes longer.. c

  3. Oh, how I love Minty! Waiting is the hard part . . . don’t I know it! I’m pretending to wait there with you, enjoying your lovely surroundings and sweet animals and birds. Have a wonderful day, Celi

    • yes now we wait again, I said to john last night – we were waiting for mama and now she is sorted our eyes all swivel to Daisy. Poor Mama, John said!! Have a good morning Lois.. hoping you do c

    • They are not as loud as people say, on the farm their calls just blend in with the wind and most of the noises they make are warnings. certainly not a nuisance noise anyway! c

  4. i am glad you like that blog. i read her posts all the time. good to hear the old gent is back home. i bet he is happy! does kupa spread his tail much?

    • And excellent blog Joyce, once again thank you for that.. well Dale not back yet, we are still awaiting the verdict! Kupa spreads his tail often, and he is so beautiful.. c

  5. Thank you for yet again, making me smile this morning. I particularly loved the shot of Minty and the cat. We try very hard to take care of our Oldies here too. My husband’s mom lives next door in the big old farmhouse and my youngest son and his fiancee just moved in to help her out financially so she can stay. It was their idea. At first we worried, they are a young couple about to be married, she is old and, well, old fashioned…but, amazingly, everyone seems to be getting along fine. You never know. Our house is on the one side of the farm, and my husband’s sister’s house is on the other. We call it the family compound. It works. Frequently we have dinner at each other’s houses. It’s nice, and, well, kind of old-fashioned…

    • That is an old fashioned way to be, working as a family on the land, there would always be someone around if there was an emergency.. Good for your youngest moving in with the eldest. As well as minding Mum it is great to have the old farmhouse filled up! Morning Maggie.. c

  6. I would love to have peacocks roaming our property! Kupa is gorgeous and the pea hens look so soft. I couldn’t agree more about the “old” people. We have a pact in our family. No one goes into a rest home if it can be avoided. We took care of my grandpa and my grandma and I’m thankful that we had that time with them. Life goes so quickly!

    Have a lovely day! Can’t wait for Daisy to be the star of the Farmy! ~ April

    • We need to think seriously about you getting peacocks, esp if you get that bigger lot.. They settled in remarkably easily, I have the barn to thank for that.. maybe you should look for somewhere with an old barn, to gently restore? c

      • Definitely something to think about! Are you able to eat peacock eggs? I know zilch about peacocks…I better do some research! 😉

        One property my husband looked at already had a beautiful chicken coop. I would love to find a place with an old barn! Time will tell… Our house goes up for sale sometime next week and then we need to get really serious about finding a house in NH. 🙂

        • I have not heard of people eating peacock eggs, but it seems to me they just look after themselves, i don’t actually feed them, they just wander about having a bite from other birds bowls! c

          • So they are just pets then? I’m fine with that! Wonder what happens to their eggs? Do the pea hens sit on them like chickens and then eventually you’ll have baby peacocks running around?

            • I hope so.. they will make a nest up in the dark of the barn or in the long grass, lay about 5 eggs and hatch me some more!! Not this year though, the pea hens need to be two years old.. maybe next year.. then we will have baby pea cocks running around.. c

  7. I absolutely love the shot of Minty on the verandah with the cat! Gorgeous!!!
    So pleased the trip went well with the Old Codger.
    We also need a bit of R around here.
    Have a super day.
    🙂 Mandy

    • Morning Mandy, I hope you had a lovely day.. we have decided not to worry over the weather today and just see what happens.. c

  8. I’m so glad that Kupa’s fulfilled your peacock dream. He’s a stunner for sure. I wonder if a peacock would fit in at gaybuie? It would certainly add a splash of brightness on a grey, Skye day.
    Fingers crossed for your old Codger; old people always do better in their own home.

  9. Hmmmm, I thought peacocks were lovely until a pea hen took up residence on my neighbour’s roof two years and woke us up with the most ear-bleedingly awful calls at 4am each morning in summer. I was overjoyed when they finally moved on… 🙂

  10. Nose-to-nose cat/lamb, an intriguing sight! And I am intrigued that Daisy has lots of milk already. Can you milk her at this stage?

    • No, she has to calve first.. sometimes though the closer they get to calving they might drip milk.. not yet though, she is still standing about watching the world go by.. c

    • more fingers crossed.. you have your mum there with you so you understand how wonderful it is .. c

  11. Hope you don’t have anything planned for Sunday 🙂

    • the cats are like webs, they slink in and out of everyones spaces keeping them all in touch.. c

  12. Your words of wisdom to all of us on caring for the aging are sage advice. God willing, we will all be “old” someday. And some of us are closer to “old” than others. Thank you for the reminder that we all need to care for one another.

    • yes my old friend would say, you either get old or you die.. that was fairly succinct i thought! morning audrey!! c

  13. Oh, I am late to the party today…thanks for the smiles.
    Fingers crossed, both for the Old Codger’s return, and that-r-word-we’re-not-mentioning…
    Have a good day, C!

    • Well i hope you are having a lovely child filled day, and that she has a long nap this afternoon.. c

    • Oh no, I know your age and you are not old yet!! Not when you are still charging through the day like you do. Now go and have a nice cup of tea on the porch .. all the young people are doing it nowadays!! c

  14. Indeed an “old person” is a must have. My old person died in February and I celebrate as I miss her. she died as she lived, “her way”. She was 93 years young and a delightful spirit. She referred to the old folks as old “ducks”. When she found out she had congestive heart failure she
    plainly stated that she was done. I have some of the most amazing memories. I always smell my “whiffy” roses (her description) and smile !!!
    Go Daisy go !! Cheers C !

    • Good for her. they are so funny like that referring to others as The Old Ducks!! (laughter) no-one thinks they are old.. just as well too.. c

  15. Adorable picture of Minty and the cats. Can’t believe it’s been 4 months already! I am sure Old Codger is quite happy to be back.

  16. Love the supermodel twins dining with Minty. And the cat nosetouch photo is too sweet. No looking at Daisy, but she is in my thoughts today. Don’t tell her though – it might make her huge head even bigger.

    • yes the nioe touching was a gem.. that is when you whisper a quiet YES into the view finder! .. c

  17. Kupa certainly adds a sense of royalty! Simply beautiful…the word “majestic” comes to mind! Thank you for the background on your Old Codger. I am so hopeful that he can make a go of it more or less on his own…I really understand how important it is to just get some sunshine! Bless you all for the uncommon commitment, Celi. I don’t know many people who carry the same sense of awareness that you do. Wishing you all well today…Debra

  18. We do indeed all need an Old Person – we keep them feeling young and giggly and they teach us wisdom and patience and a whole lot more besides. Great shots…that cat is so gentle!

  19. I think the cat-lamb nose touch photo is postcard material, as is the Kupa shot! I was startled and smiled when I saw the lamb on the verandah with the cat. It’s wonderful that all of your animals seemingly get along…no cats chasing birds, etc. It is a good thing to spend time with old folks…the age, the wisdom, the peace and the perspective.

    • i think the cats are catching the sparrows though, as they have a tendency to vomit them back up on the verandah! eeoo.. does not matter how much you feed a cat, they will still hunt.. c

      • Doh! I know Minty is a girl – sorry, I was very busy for a couple of days and went through about 30 new blog posts earlier – it must have numbed my brain, as, evidently, I couldn’t tink or spell 😉

        • Don’t you hate it when you can’t tink!? I knew you knew she was a girl.. after all you used her name! Maybe have a cup of tea and a wee lie down! Busy is good! then rest is good! c

  20. Love this: especially, “everyone needs an old person”. I am very lucky: I have been handed three wonderful old people for my everyday life and they fill it with joy and a security and wisdom which enrich the days.

  21. Old people are wonders of nature and provide us insight to the path ahead. I remember my son running to me as we were camping. He grabbed my finger and pulled me around to where an old man was working on a tractor. His face lit up as he exclaimed, “There’s even a grandpa here!” What a find.

    • Brilliant. What a bright boy and don’t you love it when they grab your finger because your hand is too big but they know the hand will come with the finger!! c

  22. I remember the therapist visits. They changed a few things around here and left recommendations for a few more. I put everything back and ignored the rest. My situation, of course, was far different from your friend’s and, right or wrong, I viewed their suggestions as “giving in” on my part and I wasn’t about to do that. Looking back, I now realize how incredibly lucky I was. I hope there’s enough good luck left in the universe so that your friend can be at home, sleeping in his own bed, real soon.

    • that is interesting, because I think he sees it the same way.. he is going back to the house he has lived in pretty much all his life.. what harm could there be for him.. anyway.. we will see and thank you for your insights, having never been in this position i need the info.. c

  23. Thanks for the “catch up” link. I didn’t know what had happened. Glad he had a good day and visit home. 🙂 Kupa is quite a perfect fit.

  24. I love the way you care not just for your plants and animals, but also for the old people. I just found a marvellous item in the newspaper headed up ‘Old smell nicer’. Experiments have shown that humans, who can read information about others from their scent, prefer the scent of old people to younger ones. Maybe the animals pick this up too. Kupa is gorgeous, by the way. I wonder if your dream in the sleepy eye of your mind included the sound of him? (ha ha)

  25. It was so very artistic of Kupa to pose in front of the aqua vintage vehicle…and for your keen eye to capture it for us. Very nice indeed. 😉

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