Let’s go Walkabout on the Farmy. Our favourite thing!

Take a break. Have a Kit Kat.

These were taken just after dawn yesterday. In the space of about an hour.

The cats are always waiting on the verandah for their feed.

Hey, look at that! Over there!

Suckers, says Thing Two.

Daisy is eating well, look at her round belly.  She loves the Dairy Mistress Field! Though forage is getting low. hmm. 

Baby Bobby Blanc is a good doer, also eating  and drinking well and such a nice quiet calf. 

Looking back to the dawn windows in the barn, there they are. The barn chickens. 

I ring my bell, Daisy storms through the doors, I pretend tether her and then shut the half door. Hairy begs me to open the door back up while I am milking. He promises to be good and hates closed gates. 

Before he starts to bash it in with his head, ( if he was head butting it I would NOT have opened it, he is learning that too)  I reopen it, Daisy is standing being milked, and Hairy just waits at the door like a good sheep. He knows if he crosses the threshhold…

I will flick him with the wet rag. Something I was very good at when drying dishes with my brothers and sisters as a kid.  So he stands right at the line and is happier.  He has to be able to see Daisy.

Mama is also putting on weight. Sharing with the Big Bobby. She will go back in with the other sheep in a week.

Oops someone is in trouble. Pania what are you doing up there? Is Tui up there as well?  Who forgot to close the garage doors. Oh that would be me. 

John showed me a tomato last night that was pecked at quite high on the plant.  He suspects the peacocks. Oh dear. 

The Duke of Kupa.

I love this image.  You can share it if you like. Or steal it. I don’t mind. 

Such a beautiful bird. Just keep away from the tomatoes.

Good morning!  We have another gorgeous cool day.

Elaine, who you will have seen commenting as Le Petite Potager, (though her blog is not up and running quite yet) is still concerned about my run-in with heat-stroke the other day, and has been working on  the food and drink I should be focussed on, both during the heat, after it and if I feel the symptoms returning. She works as a naturopath and is also  in the advanced stages of her studies in nutrition and naturopothy.  A perfect combination in my opinion. Learning is so precious. Sharing your learning is a gift.

I want to share her words with you because there are many of us who have to work in the extreme heat and humidity. This is important to know.

re: the electrolyte drink.

Vitalyte seems to be the closest formula to Hydralyte sports which is the brand I’m familiar with………..If you look for a product that contains sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese and copper. Drink it really cold, or made into ice blocks or a gelato.

The foods.

Do you want a list of foods that contain these elements as well? if not please ignore!
sodium; processed foods and table salt
potassium; spinach, bananas, milk and orange juice.
calcium; any of Daisy’s goodies
magnesium; nuts and green vegetables
iron; meats, spinach, seafood and broccoli
zinc; seafood, meats and greens
manganese; nuts,oats,beans and tea
copper; beans, nuts and fruits.

The  Elaine’s HeatWave Smoothie. ( Designed  for  the next time any of us go outside to work in the extreme heat.  Or maybe just every morning. )

I made a smoothie today trying to put most of the food groups from your list for an almost complete meal; for the next heatwave.
Here it is:
1 frozen banana (peeled and frozen overnight) chopped into chunks,
8oz milk,
4oz yoghurt (or a couple of scoops of ice cream) or both,
a handful of spinach leaves or any other greens you enjoy,
a small handful of nuts,
plus any other fruits you may like; whizz up in a blender and enjoy!

There. I made one of these yesterday, and it is really good.  Maybe we don’t need to wait for the heatwave to drink it!!  Thank you Elaine for going the extra mile.  Lovely.

Now off to work we go…


74 Comments on “Let’s go Walkabout on the Farmy. Our favourite thing!

  1. Good morning, c. I love the photo of Hairy looking over the gate. Just precious. I used your blog for a bit of research yesterday for a bit of prose that I wrote at http://bit.ly/P0uMEb It’s not, by the way, factual or based on anyone I know.

    • Fancy her taking a liking to the Big Dog.. cute wee dot.. well they are cute in the mornings aren’t they!! c

  2. How kind of Elaine – useful info! Enjoyed the walk around the farmy and really had to smile at Hairy standing on the threshold. Our little dog Alfi does exactly the same when he hears we are sitting down to eat. He doesn´t come in until Big Man calls him when we are done and he gets a tiny little scrap as a reward for being aa good dog and staying “his” side of the door 😉

  3. Thing Two is one bright cookie! And Baby Bobby Blanc doesn’t take after his Mum if he is quiet!

    I’m not allowed sodium in theory, but I reckon life’s not worth living without salt. Also, I have to take a diuretic, ,and it drains salt, potassium and magnesium, so I eat all the things on Elaine’s list. So I cheat, a little -I’d be KO all the time if I didn’t.

    Iron: Do you have an old-fashioned iron cooking pot? The longer food lies in one of these, eg to marinade or after cooking, the more iron the food absorbs, or so I’m told by a very health-conscious friend.

    • I have cast iron pans! Good for you with the healthy eating. but I knew that you did. i think the trick is to eat each component at the same time so they help each other to be absorbed into the system. I am sure Elaine can explain that better than me. morning ViV

  4. Your Himalayan is such a stand out in that group of kitties; funny caption!
    Bobby Blanc is too cute.
    Oh, what lovely followers you have! To be so caring.

  5. What a darling Elaine is!
    Finally, the heat has abated!! I’m sure the entire farmy is grateful.
    We have been having cool nights, 50F, and hot afternoons 90+F. But that’s just a break…….

    • well we will keep the Heatwave recipe in the freezer for round TWO. hopefully it does not get that hot again though!

  6. How sweet – both the post and Elaine’s kindness. That Hairy McLairy is quiet and calm when he wants to be! It’s so fascinating that you and the animals have these understandings.

  7. I love a walk around your farmy! How’s your garden doing? We’re getting lots of crookneck and zucchini and the peas are about done. Hairy is such a gentleman. I could wish my children listened as well as he does! Can I use a wet towel on them? Hummm. Better not! Have a great day. We’re off to look at property tomorrow!

    • Our zuchinni are failures, one after the other the plants succombed to the heat.. we are replanting. great cabbages this year and the tomatoes are going to be a bonza crop! The beets and beans are all coming along.. How exciting to look for the new farm.. maybe you will find something special tomorrow.. c

    • Oh, I should have clarified that. Those two are joined at the hip, they go everywhere together. So he gets very agitated when he cannot see her. he will start to wack the door with his head. c

  8. I’ve saved those food details, which luckily reflect our eating habits nearly exactly, minus the meat.
    Fabulous opening pics of the cats and the rooster in the barn ( I don’t know what a rooster is, so maybe it’s a chicken with a red hat)

  9. is it my imagination or does kupa look healthier and more beautiful all the time? compared to the first photos of him when he came to live with you, he looks fabulous now and seems to be improving all the time. glad to hear you are getting some good weather!

    • his tail is growing so fast, i think that is it. It was only a few inches long when he came, i must find a comparison pic for you! c

  10. I had a nice, cold, fruit and veggie smoothie yesterday too. For some reason (and now we know why!) it just tastes and feels really good on a hot day. All of my windows are open and I’m enjoying the cool breeze this morning. Soon though, we will have to close up the house. We have several more days in the 90’s. Was in the yard yesterday for a half an hour and it’s amazing how quickly you can get overheated.

    Love the picture of Hairy where he’s resting his chin on the gate. I think one of my favorite things is to go on a walkabout on the farmy!

    Have a lovely day ~ April

    • It is a favourite day fro me too, it is also a lucky day when I can get a collection of good shots of many animals, .. yes i must close my windows too now and keep the cool in, I hate it but it does work.. c

  11. Hee Hee Daisy has told Hairy Maclairy how she makes you go through the pretend click on/off thing … he just had to see it for himself 🙂
    Loved seeing all the animals and remember to heed Elaines good advice. Laura

  12. Oh my brother was the best flicker with a wet tea towel, the word merciless springs to mind!

    Morning Celi, how lovely of Elaine to share her insights and info, sounds like a good way to start the day whatever the weather! And you know I just love walkabout, and I can’t choose a photo today, they all tell so many stories.

    • morning claire.. I am pleased with this page. There are some lovely images there..sometimes the light is just right! c

  13. We’ve just lost our cat, Wallace, today, so seeing all your lovely animal pictures was just the ticket. Of course that wonderful ram, with his big, sad face always makes me smile. I know it’s a donkey, but Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh always springs to mind!

    • Oh so sad that Wallace has gone, Christine. We know we are going to outlive our animals but it is so hard when it happens. well you take care.. c

  14. Isn’t this a nice community? Very kind of Elaine to send along the info. You do know, don’t you, that she sent us the cooler temps last weekend? I sent her a little warmth and she responded by sending us a little chill. She’s a giver.
    I’ll never grow tired of these walk-abouts, Celi. I really enjoy seeing how the animals have grown and how high they can jump. 🙂
    Have a great day!

    • we do have such a wonderful community of people, i love the comments as much as i love writing the pages.. Now it is wednesday so i am off to your place to see whats what!. c

  15. Thanks for sharing all the tidbits for overheating !
    That ram melts my heart and I have shared the imaginary hook up
    Daisy story with friends…it is such a hoot !
    As always delighted and grateful for a walkwabout !!
    In Santa FE ….going to a lavender farm today….
    Have a peaceful day farmy !

  16. Now that is a smoothie!! I’ll keep that one in mind for the heat wave we’ve been having (come in.. in Canada a heat wave is anything over 20Celsius!!) Love the shot of your peacock in flight!! Splendid!!

  17. I love Hairy McL. Soo much and love that he loves Daisy. Honestly your blog brings tears and stings to these old eyes just about every day .

    • Yes i thought you might like it. I think both you and i and a few of our other reading friends should be having these every day! But my blender just broke! (sad face) and it is not shopping day! c

  18. Love your walks…thanks for sharing them. I caught up and rad several posts back – your heat wave is intense! Hope you are being more careful now. We’ve had a little milder temps in the 90’s but our humidity is very high which is uncomfortable. Think tonight (before dark) we are going to retrieve a bunch of bees in a fallen tree – not sure of the situation but hoping for a mild breeze and not too much heat.

  19. I love how everyone is looking out for your heat health, you have quite a community running here! The photos are absolutely gorgeous today. And I love how you’ve trained that ram up. Keep cool. 🙂

  20. Dear Celi,
    This is a letter of admiration. You stand alone in this enormous world of blogs. You are head and shoulders above the rest. A woman of many talents you manage the physical management of your farmy, take delightful and charming and always interesting photographs, and write words I don’t want to stop reading. I can see you are bringing your world and yourself to many who read you. You have created a bench mark that many will aspire to. You should be very proud of your accomplishments. Virginia

    • Virginia, what a marvellous thing to write. I don’t know what to say. I have a great fondness for my readers, you have all wriggled your way into the dirt of the farmy and together we make a wonderful team. I am glad you are out here with us! And I am still looking forward to your ice cream recipe!! c

  21. I was wondering if you know why I can’t see your pictures in the post? 😦

    • How miserable.. no I do not know, maybe log out and come back in.. but really you should be fine.. is anyone else having this trouble? c

  22. You are building so much understanding between you and your animals. I see their intelligence. Bobby Blanc is such a handsome calf, and Kupa is so fine, despite tomato stealing.
    So glad you have good advice and care re heatwave food and drink. Here in the cold of winter I shiver at the thought of ice from the fridge and am told to have warm food as much as possible.
    I send you a wave of extra cold from our unusually chilly nights.

  23. Great list of foods from Elaine, and fabulous to eat at any time & enjoy good health. I have to confess I’m borrowing the cats for a while, they are now the background photo on my office computer screens 🙂

  24. Ditto Virginia. This is a most extraordinary blog.. I am an”arm-chair farmer.” I get to enjoy all the sweet charm and beauty of your various creatures, yet none of the REAL. We sit in our a/c living rooms while YOU walk the walk and talk the talk

  25. One of my fav. entries yet! I love the cats, they’re gorgeous! And the peacocks too! Also the sheep watching the milking. Reminds me of my cat with a shut door! Just needs to know what’s going on! And the smoothie sounds yummy any time of the day, but there were a lot of foods on there I had no idea would help!

  26. Oh, so late,so late! Isin’t the Duke in flight a glorious sight. It’s so good to see everyone looking well after the heatwave. No Queenie though…….my favourite girl on your farmy.

  27. I love smoothies in the summer and it’s a great way to use up odds and sods of greens. I also use tofu in mine. I love the recipe constantly changing – according to what I have in my fridge or garden.

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