A Poll, to Vote for the Vista

From the Walnut Tree

This poll is for all of you to vote on the view you would most like to see every day for a year. Remember we wil always have the usual assortment of animal and farmy shots, the food and the stories and the gardens.

From the tree house.

This shot will not be cleaned up at all. It will be au natural as these ones are.

From the Verandah

This shot will just be the opening or maybe the closing shot.

From the Oak Tree

It will be the one that shows the same scene every day and the changes in the light and the seasons. But I cannot find one I am sure will be right.

From the Beehives

I mean we don’t want to look at empty corn fields all winter do we .. you would die of boredom looking at fields all winter!

Hmm, I cannot get back across to update the poll. Their internet is woeful this morning, so if you want the beehives maybe you can leave me a note.

I would love to be able to get this....one every day of every year but I would get frostbite trudging over to the North side in the deep winter. We will see this in the normal course of events though.

I once took a shot of a vineyard every Thursday at 4 pm for nine months. The series was quite extraordinary. I built a little box to set my camera in so it was exactly the same height and angle each time. I will do this for this set as well. Now you know I am always open to ideas so go right ahead and tell me anything you think may be useful for this project.

Good morning. What an exciting project. Now go ahead and vote and get your friends to vote and your family to vote, your facebook and wordpress people. Let’s see what the world thinks about taking one shot a day of the tiniest farm with the smallest budget and the sweetest animals.  This poll is only for twenty four hours remember.

Dawn is here. I love the dawn.  OK fingers crossed .. as you know I have never had a poll before so I hope it all works! Every vote will count though and I will let you know tomorrow what you all decided..


57 Comments on “A Poll, to Vote for the Vista

  1. What a lovely problem; you couldn’t go wrong with any of those photos. I don’t feel that any of them truly captured the farmy or your efforts that go into making it so appealing. I think you need more of the actors in the stage set. The animals make it so come to life!

    • I know what you mean ronnie, once the leaves fall off the trees and bushes there will be sightings but i think it is more tracking the weather and light and the plants than the animals, we will have plenty of animal pics too.. c

    • Why not a “Vista of the day shot”?. I voted Treehouse … before the verandah shot appeared … Verandah would be good too! Laura

  2. Gosh, it’s a bit of a tough choice Celi! They would all be good shots to follow across the year! I chose the shot from the Treehouse. I hope that which ever shot wins it will not be too difficult to take each morning…especially when it’s cold and windy!!! That’s the most uncomfortable thought to consider!!! xo

  3. I didn’t see a photo marked “from the veranda”… but I thought the tree house one would give us a good shot of color with the changes, and let us all be amazed at your toughness as the snow piled up. What a fun idea!!

    • I can do tough! And i foolishly forgot to add the verandah, i have gone back and fixed that though.. have a lovely day melissa! c

  4. I love your idea! Thinking ahead to the worst weather days of winter coming I chose from the veranda because I don’t like the thought of sending you out trudging into dangerous conditions just to get a shot for us. I think it maybe needs to be a shot you can step outside in your jammies to get. I know you have to go out to tend the animals every day, so I’d also vote for a shot taken from the barn during the normal course of your daily chores. Fun!

    • The barn shots will happen anyway, but during most of the year it is empty of animals as they are all out in the fields.. so it would not be terribly interesting in the summer.. morning maggie c

      • Now that I see the verandah shot, I am glad I voted for it. Or maybe it should be
        the treehouse…(chuckle) this is tough! The final vote must be yours Dear Lady With The Camera!

  5. I couldn’t help voting for the treehouse (though I hope it’s not tricky to get to in slippery weather) because I like the idea of you looking down and surveying your Kitchen Garden Kingdom from such a vantage point. It seems reflective and pondering.
    I picked a view from a window a couple of years back that I took a photo of every day for a year. It was lovely to watch the subtle shift in seasons and how the crops in the fields changed. There was white of snow, green of growing and yellow of flowering against ever changing skies. It was great fun! I look forward to seeing your pictures from whatever viewpoint you choose. 🙂

      • I used a little digital camera each time. The only changes I made were occasionally supressing the flash or using a little zoom. I look forward to seeing the first pic tomorrow. 🙂

  6. I voted Oak Tree, although any of them would be good…
    Are you sure the treehouse will accessible all winter?
    Great project, I’m going to start the 4o’clock photos on monday, I think…

    • 4 O’clock is a good time, I think that maybe I will take a shot whenever i can. Sometimes there might be something interesting earlier or later in the day! The tree house will not be good in the ice and snow though or wind I guess.. we will have to see. I have to climb a ladder, but it should work for most of the year.. c

  7. Lot’s of fun. but think I need to switch from using my alleged smart phone to a pc to vote…
    morning! brunch time !

    • I agree that the quad will be where the action is in the winter, though frankly the winter will not be the most interesting viewing!! c

  8. The shot from the tree house is great but I am concerned, like the rest, about you climbing up there once the weather gets bad here… Did you get eldest son on his way home? How fast a week can fly by when you don’t want it to…hope he had a safe trip back.

    • Yes Eldest son was sent on his way, and I said to john if they all vote for the tree house then he will have to build me a little house up there for shelter.. !

  9. I voted for the verandah — I think it is good to have a tree in a view if you are looking at the view in all seasons. Now I’ll wait and see how things turn out.

  10. We’re back from our two-plus weeks in Europe and it was great. Although its always nice to sleep in one’s own bed. I’ll be posting about our lovely vaycay soon. I may not have been able to comment from Europe, but I did read when I had free wifi (I refused to pay 8€ for 30 minutes in Lyon!

    • Welcome home .. lovely to see you and i am so looking forward to all the tales of your travels. but first some sleep for you!! c

  11. I voted for the oak tree. Lovely photo normally and the changing of the season will be most visible in that venue. Can’t wait to see which you pick! Great idea, doing this too!

  12. First of all Celi I am just happy to be able to open your blog and become one with the Farmy and all who dwell in this magic place. I voted for “from the tree house”. A lot is going on in this photograph and it will be absorbing to see it change through the seasons. Cheers Virginia

  13. Reblogged this on The Letter J, The Number 9 and commented:
    This is a reblog from The Kitchen’s Garden, my favorite blog. Celi is going to embark on a year-long photo project, where she will take the same picture once a day for a year to show the changes on her little farm through the seasons. Check it out and vote for a spot!

  14. It’s so hard to choose just one, but after going back and forward over the photos umpteen times, I have decided, and voted – the results will be interesting!

  15. Wait! How come From the Beehive is not on the list? And, is there an option of choosing all? 😀 so you can just mix and match.

  16. This one was great to share! I love treehouses, so chose the verandah to get a lovely closeup! It is such a comfortable ‘square to be in’ for me!

  17. I’m finally getting in and voting under the wire…probably just a couple of hours before you start your new day, Celi! 🙂 I didn’t think it was going to be so hard to vote. I almost couldn’t make a decision, but I did. And whatever view you choose, it will be great fun! Debra

  18. I didn’t think we got to vote until November. This was good practice. 🙂

  19. I voted for the tree house because I love foliage and grass, and also I love that intimate view, looking down into the garden.

  20. I voted veranda, Celi. I don’t want you trekking around in mid-Winter trying to get a photo from a box you’ve set up somewhere. Take a pic from your front porch and go back inside and get something warm to drink in the 10 minutes you would have spent walking through snow drifts. 🙂

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