The Pigs Are in the Vegetable Garden!

But thats ok. I left the gate open for them.

Queenie is not amused, but in all honesty Queenie is very seldom amused. She is a solemn cow.

Have you ever looked up and realised your day is almost gone and you have not even Thought about dinner. Well Dinner was not my main concern yesterday there was too much to do, but this ability of time to speed up and slow down is definitely most unsettling.

Yesterday it just zoomed past and off it went into the distance, disappearing in a wee poof of cloud.  

And you are left thinking .. what just happened.

Until I put the Shush Sisters into Stalkers Garden. Then things got more exciting.   This garden is designed to be cleaned up by the pigs. 

They eat all the greens, root out all the old vegetables and chomp on those, eat any bugs hanging about in the soil, dig into the dirt and generally get everything ready for next year.  Sheila tends to pick up stalky debris and carry them away which is useful. 

They have a toilet in the adjacent field so they also leave the garden clean and sweet smelling.  I will leave the gate open  for a few days. They say  it will be warm until Friday.  Pigs are very useful little workers on the sustainable farm. They have also been hard at work turning over the turf in the rat house paddock, in the spring John will finish the job with the tiller and we will sow a good mix of grasses and legumes.  As you know each field is re-sown every six years so this work is ongoing for the Shush Sisters.

And even better, now you can feel good about the state of your kitchen gardens, because I have get the pigs in to clean up mine! 

We seem to be in a warm wet weather pattern.

Good morning. I had better quickly post as we are in the midst of a lightening storm with heavy rain and thunder and the electricity is going on and off.  Yikes!

I will pop in again later.

Love, love celi


74 Comments on “The Pigs Are in the Vegetable Garden!

    • Yup, blown over, just enough to need my big dryzabone for the walks to and from the barn.. bother, i just remembered I left the milk in the barn, back in a mo! c

  1. Farm question:
    Are you buying piglets each year and growing till they are ready for um..gulp…. Harvesting.
    Or also trying to make your own little piggies.
    We have friends whose male and female have decided eating and lying around is more fun than making woohoo. Now the two are huge and probably couldn’t even if the mood struck. They are also not up for tinkering around with the turkey baster. x

    • Last season I bought a couple from down the road. (very easy) This season I hope to get Charlotte enciente. I will take her to visit a boar for a month or so.. hopefully he is more energetic that your friend’s! These are heritage pigs so the gilts will be sold and the others will be .. gulp harvested! c

  2. That’s an interesting variety of cow. It’s quite…short! 😛
    Well, shorter than what we have here…

  3. Oh I LOVE those shush sisters. Did I ever tell you I fell in love with a farmer in South Dakota. I was very young and sort of screwed things up but I might easily have ended up my life living there or near his family in Walnut Grove Minnesota (farmers). He first introduced me to pigs. I read your blog because it’s like reading the story of my own might-have-been parallel life. And because, well, I think it’s required reading for everyone! I pass it around liberally… Which is another way of saying, I read your blog because I love it. Thank you.

    • Walnut Grove does sound like a romantic spot though where youa re living now is so beautiful, and thank you so much for loving the blog, you are very welcome.. c

    • I grew up about 20 miles from Walnut Grove, the little town on the prairie childhood home of author Laura Ingalls Wilder. I love the prairie and was just 10 miles from Walnut Grove this past weekend helping family members make horseradish. I’ll be posting about that soon on my Minnesota Prairie Roots blog, a name which honors my roots in the Minnesota prairie.

  4. I am imagining that the pigs are just as happy as you are with their job. Such tasty grubs and bugs and greens!! How fun that they can help you out in such a pleasant way for everyone!

  5. Queenie *is* a stoic little thing, isn’t she? But sweet-tempered?
    (Can’t let those piggies get ALL the attention this morning! 😉 )
    Have a great day!

  6. They sure did miss this week’s forecast, didn’t they? We were supposed to be warm and sunny, with rain to the north. Ha! It’a warm all right but this is rain forest weather.
    You should incorporate. “Shush Sisters Landscaping”. I bet they’d be booked full with appointments. TonTon must’ve been busy. I see his stand-in starred in the daily photo.
    I hope the storms pass and give you some sun today, Celi. 🙂

    • WE have had SO much rain lately, it is brilliant. I can just see our specially built trailer, zooming about the countryside, Charlottes ears blowing in the wind as we go from garden to garden doing the ‘landscaping’! hilarious.. c

  7. So many people think pigs just lie around and do nothing.. but this blog proves they are good farm workers… love this post…

  8. Hi Celi and Chgo John – laughed over the “Shush Sisters Landscaping” – it would be easier to let them do the preliminary garden /landscaping work. ( and avoid poison ivy exposure)
    I actually knew a farmer who had goats he loaned/leased out in the spring to a Girls Scout camp. Brush, vines, and poison ivy grow a lot in this climate (which brings snakes and critters of all sorts). The paths, unit meeting shelters, and individual tents seemed to disappear in the forest growth after summer activity ended. Shortly became a jungle. So before the camp opened goats who would be tied to each tent’s front step for a day or so to create a little clearing in short time. One goat was kept to rotate around the camp munching as needed. But you didn’t want them tied up to a tent during the night…the goats felt they earned the right to sleep on the beds…on top of little girl campers.

      • So true! That’s not a joke – we had to steak them carefully and keep the tent sides rolled up high out of reach! Goats had to be monitored and moved frequently to keep them from running out of preferred plants to munch…and possible boredom!

        • That is hilarious, maybe i should get a goat for the front path, very soon i will not be able to find my way to the verandah with all this rain and warmth! c

  9. I can sympathize with the day being gone. Yesterday I looked up from paperwork and it was 1:30. Yikes! We hadn’t even had dinner yet. I love being able to have the pigs do clean-up and turn over. They are excellent workers – better than some people. The daily view is really changing now. We have also started losing many leaves but it’s still beautiful here. The oaks are starting to change to a deep red.So glad for your rain. I love thunderstorms! Have a great day!

  10. After reading and looking at the images in this post, I want a pig or two. They would make vegetable gardening so much easier. I wonder if there’s a farmer around here that will lend me one. Our old, rather small, barn used to be a sty for pigs. Now it houses the tractor and other gardening tools. Seems to me pigs might be a more efficient use of it. 🙂

  11. I want to borrow the Shush Sisters! With my husband’s health issues over the past year (he’s MUCH better now, thank goodness!), our raised beds went unplanted. So it’s “maybe next year” for us, although a winter crop of greens would be nice if we can get our act together. I would love to know sometime how you learned all about farming. Maybe it’s in the older posts?

    • A good question. I came from the beach not a farm, a lot of farming has to do with common sense and i am a prolific reader and decanter of info.. I am most certainly still learning.. c

  12. Ok..I now have pigs on my list……1. a dairy cow….2. bees……3. pigs…….hmmmm
    Tell me, do they get “stuff” in their nostrils ?? All that “rooting” !
    Love having the blog to wake up to each day !!

    • They do get pretty filthy but with all that huffing and puffing and grunting they seem to keep their nostrils clear! c

  13. A favorite expression in our house – when something is done well – “that will do pig, that will do”. Once a year or so we have a “Babe” night and rewatch the two movies on dvd. We love the segment in “Babe” when the garrulous farmer does a jig to cheer up the ailing Babe. So to the Shush Sisters for the gardening clean up “that will do pigs, that will do”. Virginia

  14. I wonder if the Shush Sisters could do a number on my son’s room.. wait, no, I think he is the pig? So he should do it himself? That sounded harsh, he’s not a pig, but he has piggish tendencies. That’s not right either, because pigs clean up after themselves.. Oh, I give up. xx

  15. I had no idea that piggies were do useful; do they clean house too?
    The view is looking more and more winterish; we’re expecting 22C on Friday.

  16. Going off on a tangent (but that seems to be a speciality of mine!), have you read Time Warped by Claudia Hammond? If not, that is a BRILLIANT book for talking about how we perceive time’s merry little jumps and pauses. 🙂

  17. Oh, I think I could use some piggies! I can’t seem to get to some garden clean up. I have that same problem with time speeding up and slowing down…although lately, there’s not much of the slowing down! 🙂 Good observation…I thought it was just me! Hahahaha!

  18. Those pigs are such good workers. When you put up an image of a chicken and then said you were thinking about dinner I was scared the next image was going to be a chicken in a pot! xx

  19. Ok: perhaps I had that extra glass of dry white [Oz not Kiwi, I’m afraid!] at lunch, but am trying to figure out how the darling Shush Sisters knew to do their ablutions ‘next door’? Huh, did I miss something? Sure happy I missed whatever that horrid cloud [#3 pic] brought, thunderstorms not being my ultimate idea of bliss!

  20. I couldn’t help but notice the little tree to the left in the daily photo has shed most of its leaves already. Those Shush sisters do come in handy. What a great way to work the land.

  21. I see that the leaves are falling, quite suddenly, and that your temperature is matching ours today. It must be a treat to have this extra bit of warmth. I’m impressed at the Shush sisters; they do such good work. I’ve learned so much about pigs since visiting your blog.

  22. How did Queenie’s head get so dirty? Has she been rolling in the mud with the pigs? I bet the Shush sisters are just thrilled to be able to root around in the vegetable garden and do what they like to do. 🙂

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